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Schudy Scores POWRi West Win at Port City

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Schudy Scores POWRi West Win at Port City

Lonnie Wheatley, TULSA, Okla. (May 12, 2018) – Springfield, Missouri’s Kory Schudy padded his Lucas Oil POWRi West Midget League presented by Executive Concrete NWA points lead by racing to victory lane in Saturday night’s 25-lap feature atop the 1/8-mile Port City Raceway.

Schudy assumed the point when early leader Jonathan Beason surrendered the lead after a mid-race red flag and then denied Matt Sherrell’s advances over the final rounds to secure the win aboard the Empire Energy/Sprint Lawn Care No. 28 Boss Chassis entry.

While Schudy led the field to the green flag from the pole position, Beason battled into the lead in short order with his sights set on a second consecutive POWRi West Sooner Series win after racing to victory lane at Oklahoma City’s I-44 Riverside Speedway on April 28.

But, Beason’s Hard Eight mount soon started billowing heavy smoke and he was unable to continue after a red flag flew for a multi-car scrum in turn two just past the midway point that included Ace McCarthy, Brendon Wiseley and Kyle Clark.

Schudy took over and fought off Sherrell on another pair of restarts along the way to take the win with Sherrell settling for runner-up honors.

“I thought I might have something for him (Beason) but then the smoke got so heavy that I laid back a little bit,” Schudy said of the early going as he tried to chase down Beason.

Texas shoe Kade Taylor filled out the podium in third after apparent third-place finisher Grady Chandler was light at the scales with Blake Edwards rallying from the tail of the field to finish fourth after accepting a front-row challenge for being the evening’s high point driver.  Hank Davis rounded out the top five.

Schudy, Beason and McCarthy topped heat race action for the 21-car field.

In addition to Lucas Oil and Executive Concrete NWA, additional POWRi West Midget League supporting sponsors include Two-Eight Drilling, American Discount Auto Care, R&M Race Trailer, A1 Machine, Rod End Supply, Pyrotech, Esslinger Engineering and MyChron Tom/AIM.

The POWRi West Midget League returns to action on Saturday and Sunday, May 26-27, at Garden City, Kansas’ Airport Raceway.

Lucas Oil POWRi West Midget League presented by Executive Concrete NWA Results

Port City Raceway (Tulsa, OK) – May 12, 2018

Smith Ti Heat One (8 Laps):  1. 28-Kory Schudy, 2. 15d-Andrew Deal, 3. 17e-Blake Edwards, 4. 7u-Matt Sherrell, 5. 24-Hunter Fischer, 6. 23-Hannah Adair, 7. 10J-Emilio Hoover.

Keizer Wheels Heat Two (8 Laps):  1. 8J-Jonathan Beason, 2. 27b-A.J. Burns, 3. 51-Kade Taylor, 4. 5b-Bobby Brewer, 5. 17z-Zac Moody, 6. 721-Brendon Wiseley, 7. 9$-Kyle Clark.

Saldana Products Heat Three (8 Laps):  1. 28m-Ace McCarthy, 2. 08-Grady Chandler, 3. 42-Hank Davis, 4. 91k-Kevin Bayer, 5. 21-Ty Hulsey, 6. 84s-Shaun Shapel, 7. 84-Phil Shapel.

“A” Main (25 Laps):  1. 28-Kory Schudy (1), 2. 7u-Matt Sherrell (5), 3. 51-Kade Taylor (2), 4. 17e-Blake Edwards (21), 5. 42-Hank Davis (6), 6. 23-Hannah Adair (15), 7. 24-Hunter Fischer (14), 8. 9$-Kyle Clark (19), 9. 84-Phil Shapel (17), 10. 721-Brendon Wiseley (13), 11. 10J-Emilio Hoover (20), 12. 17z-Zac Moody (11), 13. 8J-Jonathan Beason (4), 14. 28m-Ace McCarthy (3), 15. 84s-Shaun Shapel (18), 16. 15d-Andrew Deal (9), 17. 91k-Kevin Bayer (8), 18. 5b-Bobby Brewer (12), 19. 27b-A.J. Burns (10), 20. 08-Grady Chandler (9), 21. 21-Ty Hulsey (16).

BOSS Performance High Point Driver: 17e-Blake Edwards.

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