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Sport Compact Meet-n-Greet, I-37 Speedway by R&M Promotions, 4/7/18

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Sport Compact Meet-n-Greet, I-37 Speedway by R&M Promotions, 4/7/18

By JM Hallas

Pleasanton, Tx.,(April 7th, 2018) After a successful opening night two weeks ago, that saw over 100 car sing in, it was time for round 2 of the 17-race schedule. Tonight's special attraction was a meet-n-greet for all the Sport Compact drivers to sign autographs, hand out hero cards and let the fans on the spectator side get to know or meet their favorite.

The last time out a big field of 17 Sport Compacts took the green with Jamie Garner making a late pass on Brandon McCall who got stuck in traffic then diced through his own traffic for the win. Always a track favorite, GB Carter and his VW Rabbit, “Thumper” had ignition problems and couldn't make the call for the feature.

I don't know who ticked off Mother Nature, who swept the non-points event at the beginning of March, but the roller coaster ride that's called Texas weather has got to cease. Beautiful weather during the week, race day comes and it's a 30 degree temperature drop and windy. Bad hair day for sure. Despite the more winter-like conditions, 111 cars and about a dozen Go-Kart teams braved the elements for a night of racing

Anderson Aces Modified Main

It wasn't the trip they had planned, but Chad Anderson(Fort Calhoun, Nebr.) made the 13 hour drive pay off with a win in the IMCA Modified feature. Anderson and crew had originally scheduled a two-day show in Iowa. When it got canceled they looked for other options since they had already taken off work. Everything north of the Red River suffered the same weather issues so they headed south.

First plans were to run Heart O Texas Spwy.(Waco) Friday, then Kennedale Speedway Park on Saturday. They arrived at the track in Waco only to get rained out. That same storm also forced KSP to call their show. So after a look at a Texas track guide, the map, they headed farther south making their appearance at I-37 Speedway.

Starting toward the back with no points average, Anderson hung out letting the field sort itself, then began his march to the front. Anderson caught Rick Green, Jamie Campbell and Dillon Tindall near halfway making a four-car fight for the lead. Anderson grabbed the point on lap 13, then survived a couple late restarts to pick up the victory.

Bill Pittaway led the field to green and led the first circuit trailed by Green, Rowdy Flanagan, Tindall and Chris Morris. Green got inside Pittaway for the lead on lap 2 bringing Tindall and Flanagan along to second and third. Morris and Campbell put Pittaway, who was slowing, back further on lap 3 before stopping on track for a lap 4 caution.

On the restart Anderson moved into the top five getting by Campbell while Tindall and Morris were wheel to wheel for second. Campbell retook the spot then motored by Flanagan for fourth. Anderson then followed Campbell past Morris for third and fourth.

Up front Tindall was on the high side beginning a challenge on Green. Tindall got along side Green coming to halfway with the lead and Campbell, Anderson and Raymond McSpadden now the top five. Anderson got beside Campbell after getting past Green. Anderson, using the bottom, got the top spot on lap 13, with Campbell taking second a lap later.

A McSpadden spin slowed the action that saw Tindall fail to take off on green. The stack up left him four wide with Green, Jeremy Davenport and Flanagan. Just as Anderson was building a lead on Campbell, Davenport looped it on lap 17 to set up a late restart for the win.

Anderson got a good jump on Campbell coming back to green. Anderson held off Campbell, who couldn't come up with any last lap heroics like he did last race, a couple car lengths back from anderson scoring the win in the Runner Freight, Flat Foot Trucking, Coldfuss Racing & Fabrication, RF Tire, crate powered, Mad Man Chassis.


“We kind of looked it over,” said Anderson who's never turned a lap on the track until hot laps where he nearly wrote off the car when someone spun in front of him. “We race on some tracks like this back home, kind of rough, hammer down, patchy. We had a pretty good idea from the look of it. I waited the first couple laps to see how things would play out. I got beat up a little in traffic at the start, but went for it, missed some wrecks, and took off. It was fun, great track.”

“I was planning for the bottom because I started there. It was kind of patchy so you couldn't just flat foot it around. You had to use some finesse. I tried going early and almost ended our night so I backed off and let things sort out. Then I made my charge. I didn't know if someone found the top before I did and got away. When I got enough open space I let my car do what it needed to do.”

“The win made the long trip worth it. We had intended to a two day show in Iowa and took vacation time. That got canceled, everything else around us got canceled and the closest IMCA stuff was here in Texas. After our original plan, Waco and Kennedale rained out we looked for another IMCA track and three hours south, here we are. It seemed to pan out for us. We had some bad luck blowing out a couple trailer tires, but it's all worth it. It's all fun.”

“As I travel a bit more to race I can kind of judge by seeing the track if it's like another that I have raced back home. Then we use our notes and changes from those tracks. We'll write everything down from here, what we had, what it did. We have a notebook. You can't just 'wing it' anymore. Everyone's so fast in this class. Taking notes and being on top of your game is what it takes to win.”

“We go through the names of people at these tracks and look for guys that show up doing well in the results. Everybody down here has been nice and friendly. I love it down here. They've all been willing to help out. I hope we can do the same if they come up and race with us. I've always liked Texas in football and other sports. I get a lot crap for that in Nebraska though.”

Cash Bred Off Road IMCA Modifieds

8c Chad Anderson, 29 Jamie Campbell, 82 Rick Green, 94 Chris Morris, 3 Jeremy Davenport, 86 Dillon Tindall, 58 Rowdy Flanagan, 48r Raymond McSpadden, 37x Matt Banker, 137 Bill Pittaway, 125 Jason Borlace---dns

IMCA Modified heats

Heat 1; 82 Rick Green, 8c Chad Anderson, 48r Raymond McSpadden, 137 Bill Pittaway, 29 Jamie Campbell, 3 Jeremy Davenport

Heat 2; 86 Dillon Tindall, 94 Chris Morris, 58 Rowdy Flanagan, 37x Matt Banker, 125 Jason Borlace

Torres Tops in Sportmod Scramble

Johnny Torres(San Antonio) picked up the first win of the season with his new Scott Ball Racing, Alamo Hot Rod Parts, Tator Plumbing, Sundowner Performance Diesel & Truck Repair, All In Designs, Long Run Seamless Gutters, Swenson Racing Shocks, Fletchers Race Engines, IRP Chassis going flag to flag while holding off some stiff competition. Torres was chased throughout the 20-lap feature by Robby Minten after getting the lead when Lawrence Mikulencak clipped an infield tire at the start. Torres missed some good racing behind him on his way to the checkers.

As the 20-car field took the green, Torres from the front row, beat L. Mikulencak into turn 1. L. Mikulencak took on an infield tire in turn 2, but kept rolling falling numerous spots. At the end of lap 1 it was Torres, Minten, Cody Leonard, Monty Nichols and Tanner Whitmire in the top five. L. Mikulencak was able to recover and get by Nichols for fifth.

Leonard scraped the front stretch wall knocking the blade off the spoiler for an early debris caution. Once back to green L. Mikulrencak went by Whitmire and Leonard for third after going three wide for the spot. An infield tire on the track slowed the action again on lap 5.The green was brief as Marcus Mikulencak spun in turn 3 with Rusty Head going over the turn 3 hill.

Finally back under green, Torres holding the point, with Whitmire and Leonard side by side for third and Trevor Egbert making his way, from his seventeenth starting spot, to the top five. At the crossed flags it was Torres, Minten, L. Mikulencak, Leonard and Egbert in the top five. Egbert and Leonard then battled side by side with slight contact before Egbert got the spot bringing Whitmire along to fifth.

After a quick caution for a spin by Michael Keylich, L. Mikulencak began pressuring Minten for second. Egbert took advantage of the battle sneaking past L. Mikulencak for third. As Egbert and L. Mikulencak swapped the spot, Whitmire joined the scrap going three wide as the laps wound down. As the white flag waved, Torres had built a little over a half straightaway margin on Minten, a gap he held to the finish line.

“Starting on the front row didn't hurt,” explained Torres. “A little bit of luck perhaps. It's not really my kind of track. I knew it was more like Cody Leonards type of track, on the top, on the gas. When I heard he was second on the raceiver under caution once I was a little concerned. I didn't think anyone could get past me if I stayed on the top. I got too tight a few times.”

“I figured Lawrence(Mikulencak) would jump me on the start. He's a smart, veteran racer. I saw him slow real fast, so I figured he broke. He probably didn't see that track tire. He's getting up in age.” Torres added jokingly.

“This is the third night on this car. It's definitely the best car I've ever driven. It's got a lot of forward bite. If I can just it through the middle of the turns a little better I think I can compete for some(more) wins.”

Sport Modifieds

66 Johnny Torres, 24r Robby Minten, 78 Trevor Egbert, 87 Lawrence Mikulencak, 101 Tanner Whitmire, 12 Cody Leonard, 77 Cody Beddoe, bd3 Monty Nichols III, bd2 Eddy Ross, 31 Chase Havely, 55 Rusty Head, 11t Tom Grothues, 9 Larry Lewis, 28m Mason Casteneda, 49k Michael Keylich, 2r Robert Boyd, 55m Mike Morris, 155 Gerald Henderson, 03 Marcus Mikulencak, 9 Ray Doyon III, 69c Barry Codling---dns

Swenson Racing Products Sport Modified heats

Heat 1; 87 Lawrence Mikulencak, 24r Robby Minten, 77 Cody Beddoe, 101 Tanner Whitmire, 31 Chase Havely, 2r Robert Boyd, 69c Barry Codling

Heat 2; 66 Johnny Torres, 55 Rusty Head, 95 Larry Lewis, bd2 Eddy Ross, 155 Gerald Henderson, 55m Mike Morris, 49k Michael Keylich

Heat 3; bd3 Monty Nichols III, 12 Cody Leonard, 03 Marcus Mikulencak, 9 Ray Doyon III, 78 Trevor Egbert, 11t Tom Grothues, 28m Mason Casteneda

Votion Two For Two

Trey Votion(San Antonio) was the only driver to leave the track two-for-two at the start of the season. Votion, who had to make repairs after post-race contact with an infield tire last time out, would go flag to flag in the 15-lapper. The former track champion in his Nogalitos Gear, SRC Performance, Mission Race Engines, Kelly Racing Chassis would build a big lead at the finish. **No tractor tires were harmed after the checkers flew.

Votion was first off turn 2 with the lead over Jason Kelly, Quentin Henderson, Rene Mares and Matt Fox. Fox, Mares and Q. Henderson were three wide on lap 1 for third. Bob Henderson was able to get by Q. Henderson for fifth bringing Robby Minten along to sixth. A slowing Jerry Jones brought out a lap 4 yellow.

On the restart B. Henderson took fourth from Fox and then dove in too deep on Mares, turning him around on lap 6. Mares got his spot back, B. Henderson to the tail. When green waved again Cody Leonard and Minten both went past Fox and Mares for third and fourth.

Leonard, using the top, was able to close the distance on J. Kelly for a bit, then settled in while Fox and Minten battled for fourth. On the final circuit, Votion had nearly a half straightaway advantage on J. Kelly and cruised to the win while Minten edged out Fox for fourth in the final turn.

“We'll take this two-for-two start anytime we can get it.” commented Votion. “Can't complain about that. I definitely like starting towards the front. There's less havoc that way. I was trying to see where the car was happy.”

“I don't want anything to do with those tractor tires anymore. It was hurt bad. We had a lot of work, replaced a lot of parts. Pretty much everything on the left front. I don't want to do that again. Luckily there was no frame damage. It was just a lot of work getting it set back up again.”

“You kind of wonder if you've got everything back exactly right. It's pretty close. I've got a couple more modifications I need to make to get the left front back where it was. It worked.”

“Jason(Kelly) and I raced that first lap or two and once I got clear I kept looking. I don't ever hear anyone over my motor so I was looking. I didn't see anybody so I was just running my line and running my race.”

Nogalitos Gear Limited Late Models

99v Trey Votion, 57 Jason Kelly, 5 Cody Leonard, 9 Robby Minten, 53 Matt Fox, 44 Quentin Henderson, 18 Shawn Moore, 86 Bob Henderson, 15 John Owens, 22 Rene Mares, 95 Jerry Jones, 93 Johnny Torres---dns, 84 Patrick Kelly---dns, 13 Howie Marcx---dns

Limited Late Model heats

Heat 1; 57 Jason Kelly, 84 Patrick Kelly, 44 Quentin Henderson, 18 Shane Moore, 13 Howie Marcx, 95 Jerry Jones, 93 Johnny Torres---dntg

Heat 2; 99v Trey Votion, 53 Matt Fox, 22 Rene Mares, 9 Robby Minten, 86 Bob Henderson, 15 John Owens, 5 Cody Leonard---dntg

Jourdanton's Jones Scores Street Slugout

Multi-time and defending track champion, Wade Jones, added another win to his impressive total going wire to wire in the rematch between he and Mike Trigg. Not to be overlooked, Chris Shafer joined the group making for a good three-way fight for the win. Jones and Trigg slugged it out for several laps before Jones took control. Shafer joined the scrap after Trigg looked to have a left front suspension issue, but kept on trucking.

Jones and Trigg started door to door at the start of the 20-lap feature. That's pretty much the way they stayed the first five laps before Jones finally secured the spot and was able to pull away from Trigg, Shafer, Lynn Fox and Mike Lyon. Just as the lead duo was up on traffic, Douglas Lestourgeon stopped on the back stretch for a yellow.

Back to green Trigg may have caught an infield tire and was slow to get going leaving Shafer an opening to snag second. At halfway it was Jones, Shafer, Trigg, Fox and Jason Campbell in the top five. Trigg used the top to briefly retake second from Shafer. With those two now swapping second, Jones put some distance on them.

At the two to go mark Jones had stretched out his margin to almost a full straightaway. Jones, in the SABFI Transportation, Opiela Mechanical, Mission Auto Parts, Chevy Camaro easily took the checkers while Shafer and Trigg fought it out to the end with Shafer getting the spot. Dakota Heinaman, the defending Pure Stock champ, debuting a new car, was able to sneak past Dennis Taber at the checkers for fifth.

SABFI Transportation Street Stocks

41 Wade Jones, 77 Chris Shafer, 4t Mike Trigg, 14 Lynn Fox, 83 Dakota Heinaman, 23 Dennis Taber jr., 2x Dennis Hilla,18 Shawn Moore, 00 Beau Bukowski, 20c Jason Campbell, 20 Mike Lyon, 2 Wesley Walker, 51 Harold Cope jr.., 27 Douglas Lestourgeon, 69j Jeff Rabedeau---dns

Street Stock heats

Heat 1; 4t Mike Trigg, 83 Dakota Heinaman, 18 Shawn Moore, 14 Lynn Fox, 20 Jason Campbell, 00 Beau Bukowski, 2 Wesley Walker, 69j Jeff Rabedeau

Heat 2; 41 Wade Jones, 77 Chris Shafer, 20 Mike Lyon, 23 Dennis Taber jr., 27 Douglas Lestourgeon, 2x Dennis Hilla, 51 Harold Cope jr---dns

Montanio Takes Pure Stock Payday After Tech

Clint Montanio(New Braunfels) wasn't first across the line in the time shortened Pure Stock feature, but he walked away with the winners check. Montanio, who lead a couple different laps, trailed Allen Torres to the finish line, but Al. Torres failed tech inspection with an aluminum water pump, so Montanio, in the Old Man Icehouse, Longs Machine Shop powered, Chevy Nova. was awarded the win.

Twenty-nine Pure Stocks signed in and were pared down to a 22-car starting field. Caitlin Leonard led the pack off turn 2 at the start pursued by Dustin Hurley, Robert Kelm, Daniel Preston and Al. Torres. After a tangle between Cheryl Gray and Brandy Torres, Kelm got second from Hurley with Montanio, working the top side, looked to go three wide.

Montanio was able to take the spot from Kelm and give Leonard a look for the lead. Montanio got the nose out front on lap 3 with Kelm following to second and William Saunders grabbing fourth from Hurley, before spinning a lap later. Kelm got along side Montanio to get the bumper out front on lap 6, but Montanio took the lead back on lap 7.

While that duo slugged it out, Al. Torres jumped on both taking the point on lap 8. After a series of cautions Al. Torres, Montanio and Preston eased away from Kelm and Leonard. Another yellow, time limit called. Al. Torres got a jump on Montanio and held on to take the original checkers until failed tech.

All in Designs Pure Stocks

09 Clint Montanio, 6 Daniel Preston, 66 Adam Torres, 9c Caitlin Leonard, 48 Robert Kelm, 5 Dillon Gaither, 57 Les Bettis, 98 William Saunders, 15b JW Blocker, 15 William Cavender, 36z George Quintanilla, 11 Noah VanBlarcum, 182 Ben Mikulencak, 40 Dustin Hurley, 21r Eric Ramos, 58 Cheyloh Brodnax, 82 Andrew Garcia, bd1 Cheryl Gray, 9s Jarrett Peyton, 28 Jeremie Ross, 88 Brandy Torres, 94 Allen Torres---dq(tech)

Pure Stock B-main(top 6 to A-main)

58 Cheyloh Brodnax, 5 Dillon Gaither, 82 Andrew Garcia, 21r Eric Ramos, 182 Ben Mikulencak, 11 Noah VanBlarcum, 30 Riley Heil, 44k Katrine Keylich, 7x Janel Duncan, 53 Treyler Caulfield, 92r Robby Keylich, 23t Sean Terry---dns, w28 Joe Martin---dns

Pure Stock heats(top 4 to A-main)

Heat 1; 9c Caitlin Leonard, 94 Allen Torres, 66 Adam Torres, 57b Les Bettis, 58 Cheyloh Brodnax, 5 Dillon Gaither, 182 Ben Mikulencak, 82 Andrew Garcia

Heat 2; 40 Dustin Hurley, 09 Clint Montanio, 9s Jarrett Peyton, 15 William Cavender, 21r Eric Ramos, 44k Kathrine Keylich, 92b Robby Keylich

Heat 3; 6 Daniel Preston, 15b JW Blocker, bd1 Cheryl Gray, 36z George Quintanilla, 53 Treylor Caulfield, 30 Riley Heil, 11 Noah VanBlarcum

Heat 4; 48 Robert Kelm, 98 William Saunders, 88 Brandy Torres, 28 Jeremie Ross, 7x Janel Duncan, w28 Joe Martin, 23t Sean Terry---dns

Carter Captures Compact Cash

After suffering the dreaded DNS in his last outing, GB Carter(Harlingen) came back with a vengeance leading every lap in the scheduled 20-lap Sport Compact feature. Carter redrew the pole during the meet-n-greet and quickly took command. The race was halted by a red flag when Ronnie Sparks got turned into the front stretch wall and ended up on his lid. He was able to walk away, but was done for the night.

Carter led the 20-car field into turn 1 chased by Kirk Ball, Ronnie Schoenfeldt, Jamie Garner and Casey Lowe. Gordon Dowdy made an early move getting around Garner and Lowe for third. Trevor Bettis was also on the march and just as the crossed flags were being shown it was Carter, Ball, Garner, Bettis and Kasey Krauss in the top five. Debris on the track brought out the caution going back to lap 9.

On that restart, in the pack, Ryan Frautschi got into Sparks turning him into the wall. Sparks turned over on his roof and spun around before stopping. Coming to the red, Lowe somehow found the wall at the exit of turn 4. Officials called a time limit for a green, white, checker finish. Once back to green Carter hopped away from a side by side battle between Ball and Bettis. Carter, in his Don Wilde Racecraft, Discount Tire, VW Rabbit “Thumper” taking the win unchallenged

Brown Chevrolet Sport Compacts

77 GB Carter, 38 Kirk Ball, 57 Trevor Bettis, 63 Gordon Dowdy, 23 Kasey Krauss, 14 Brandon McCall, 13t Trey Freideck, 39 Charles Earnhardt III, 121 Roy Easler, 65 Caleb Dowdy, 15 Devon Surritt, 69 Levi Hernandez, 8 Lauren Crow, 17 Casey Lowe, 4 Ronnie Sparks, 01 Ryan Frautschi, 33 Jamie Garner, 16 Ronnie Schoenfeldt, 74 Breighton Owens, 24 Felipe Ruiz, 16x Bobby Velaquez---dns

Sport Compact heats

Heat 1; 77 GB Carter, 17 Casey Lowe, 23 Kasey Krauss, 14 Brandon McCall, 39 Charles Earnhardt III, 01 Ryan Frautschi, 16x Bobby Velaquez

Heat 2; 38 Kirk Ball, 33 Jamie Garner, 65 Caleb Dowdy, 13t Trey Friedeck, 4 Ronnie Sparks, 6p Levi Hernandez, 121 Roy Easler

Heat 3; 63 Gordon Dowdy, 16 Ronnie Schoenfeldt, 57 Trevor Bettis, 8 Lauren Crow, 15 Devon Surritt, 74 Breighton Owens, 24 Felipe Ruiz

Russ Parker Construction Go-Kart feature results

Senior Division

Faye Bettis, Ryker Hernandez, Hanna Miller

Junior Division

Peyton Jones, Ruby Bettis, Holden Terry

Youth Division

Hayes Bettis, Blaine Markgraf, Landon Terry

After a week off I-37 Speedway returns to action on April 21th with the Dwraf Car Racing Series of Texas making its debut for the year after getting rained out in March.

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