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Please send an email to hurting THR fan


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Hey gang...

While grabbing a few groceries at the Pflugerville H-E-B tonight, the cashier saw my Thunder Hill shirt and said she and her dad hadn't been out yet this year. I asked her why not; apparently, her dad (an avid THR fan, according to her) is having heart problems. (He's also a big NASCAR fan and watches the Cup races religiously, and he's a Mark Martin fan).


She said her dad has had tests done on his heart, but right now doctors can't figure out what the problem is. She said her dad is very frustrated at this point, and he hopes to be out to the track soon.


So, I asked her for her dad's email in hopes that everyone on TSZ would take a couple minutes and send him an encouraging note. Something along the lines of:


Dear Bob,

We hear that you like coming out to Thunder Hill Raceway but haven't been able to make it out yet this year. We're sorry to hear that you're having some health issues at the moment. However, those of us (in the racing world; at THR, whatever applies) are pulling for you to get through this time. We hope to see you out at the track very soon.



(Name, Race Team, etc)


Her dad's email is bob.lyle@att.net


Just a suggestion, write whatever you'd like...but thank you in advance. The girl at H-E-B said her dad would love to hear from some race folks. :D

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You bet--will do!



Tommy--Maybe you can send him a note to tell him to be sure to listen to the show on Sunday?

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sent him a note and a marc roy pic...


You scared me there for a sec...


When I first read your post, I thought it read, "sent him a note and MARC ROY.."



Guess I really AM getting old! Doh!


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