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Rodney White 10k Southern Nationals Limited Modified champ, Ball wins Factory Stocks @ HOT Spwy 9-9-17

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Southern Nationals by C&J Promotions @ Heart o Texas Speedway, 9/7-9/2017

By JM Hallas

Elm Mott, TX.,(Sept. 9Th, 2017) After two already big nights of racing it was time to see who would go home with the $10,000 to win pay day and the unique trophy and who would unfortunately, just go home.

Several spots were still up for grabs joining the 16 drivers already set in the Limited Modified field.(Robert Scrivner, Justin Whitehead, Josh McGaha and Rodney White were A-qualifier winners. Jake Upchurch, Joe Adams, Brandon Watson, Mike Roach, TJ Green, Kevin Sustaire, Jeffrey Abbey, Taylor Florio, Brandon Kenny, Justin Shaw, Jacob Pirkle and Gabe Tucker were the other transfers)

In the Factory Stocks it was another complete program of heats, B-mains and A-main for the nights $1,000 payout. Thursdays Factory Stock A-main saw Justin Whitehead get the win, while Bo Day grabbed Friday nights victory.

Chris White out of Kilgore won the drawing for the new IRP roller auctioned off.

Justin Whitehead takes overall Factory Stock points award.

White Wire to Wire for 10k Payday

Ector's Rodney White backed up his A-qualifier win from Friday night going flag to flag in the 60-lap Southern Nationals A-main. R. White was trailed throughout most of the race by Justin Whitehead until a late caution. Robert Scrivner got the jump on Whitehead to take over the chase of Ball, but couldn't mount a serious challenge after losing rear brakes. R. White took home the big $10,000 pay check winning by a couple lengths.

After a three wide salute to the fans, the 29-car Limited Modified feature took the green flag. R. White was first into turn 1 with Whitehead, Scrivner, Josh McGaha and Mike Roach on his tail. Jeffrey Abbey took an early look on Roach, but fell back line as the top ten sorted out single file. After a spin by Chris Brown, driving JJ Jennings car, McGaha, Scrivner and Whitehead tried to go three wide.

Behind the lead quintet, Brandon Kenny and Abbey swapped sixth. Gabe Tucker, Shane Hoefling and Kale Westover tangled in turn 1 for a lap 12 caution. Kenny lost seventh on the restart to TJ Green, but got the spot back while Jake Upchurch and Jacob Pirkle ran side by side for ninth.

As the leaders ran up on slower traffic, Whitehead and Scrivner went three wide by a lapped car. Scrivners top three run almost ended on lap 23 when Hoefling spun in front of the leaders. Scrivner slid into Hoefling, did a 360, and kept on going suffering only body damage. Kenny and Abbey continued their battle with Kenny retaking sixth.

At the halfway point it was R. White, Whitehead, Scrivner, McGaha and Roach still holding the top five spots and Westover spinning for a yellow. On the restart Kevin Sustaire and Kevin Manning hooked bumpers for a quick caution. Abbey retook the spot from Kenny on the restart while Scrivner began to pressure Whitehead for second.

With ten to go R. White had eked out a small lead on Whitehead, Scrivner and McGaha, but that trio quickly closed the gap back up when Nate Gaines backed into the turn 2 wall for a lap 45 yellow. Abbey spun from his top six spot, then Garrett Gregory broke the front suspension on back to back restarts.

R. White, Whitehead and Scrivner had a slight gap to McGaha, Roach and Green with ten to go. Westover's troubles continued when he got sideways and tagged by Justin White. On the restart Green turned Kenny in turn 4 stacking up the field. Kenny retaliated under caution and was sent to the pits, while Green went to the tail.

A spin by Brandon Ball on lap 54 set up a restart that saw Scrivner jump Whitehead for second. Scrivner tried to catch R. White in the closing laps, but R. White held a car length on Scrivner with two to go. From there R. White in the Smileys, Rockin W Ranch, Amanda White Salon, Lone Star Foods, Douglas Distributing, CJ Designs, Bryan County Agri Products, Emerald, Whitey Race Engines, Team Richardson Chassis kept the advantage to the checkers.


“Hey, we won!,” exclaimed White. “We were worried about tires going into the race. I haven't had a chance to look at it yet. It still felt like it was holding good. I sure felt pressured, I could hear them back there. The restarts worried me, but it all worked out.”

“This win means everything. That's why we're here. I can't believe we're here the way Thursday went. I can't believe we're sitting here at all.

“It was definitely an eventful race,” said runner up Scrivner. “I'm lucky to finish. I was spinning around there. I don't how the car held up after the contact with (Shane) Hoefling, I thought I was going to die. I really wanted to give him(White) a try, but halfway through I lost my rear brakes. I just took what I got.”

“It threw me on that last restart,” commented third place Whitehead. “They said we weren't going, but then they were gone. It is what it is. I still got a good pay check. It's awesome to finish on the podium. I want to thank Chase(Allen) and Jason(Ingalls) for putting this on.”

Limited Modifieds(60 laps, $10,000 to win)

84 Rodney White, 537 Robert Scrivner, 36j Justin Whitehead, 911 Josh McGaha, sg1 Justin Shaw, 66 Nick Clinkenbeard, 141 Jacob Pirkle, k6 Joe Adams, 71g Keith White, 21 Chris Florio, 21t Taylor Florio, 123 Justin White(auction prov), 5g TJ Green, b75 Brandon Ball, 44 Kale Westover, 148 Garrett Gregory, 37 Jeffrey Abbey, 24 Jake Upchurch, 7 Nate Gaines(auction prov), 21x Mitchell Clement, 8x Kevin Manning(consi prov), 71k Kevin Sustaire, 68x Brandon Watson, 63 Shane Hoefling, 951 Gabe Tucker, 601 Chris Cogburn(track champ prov), 26g Chris Brown(auction prov), 33r Mike Roach---dq(tech),21b Brandon Kenny---dq

Limited Modified Consolation Race(winner option to buy into 10k race)

8x Kevin Manning, 182 Danny Hebert, 13j James McCreary, 42k Chase Breese, 12 Adam Roy, 95 Ronnie Bell, 23 Coty Tupper, 191 Craig Oakes, 16 Rob Bland, 18m Wayne Melton, 14g Garrett Rawls, 90 Dustin Butcher, 171 Jeff Sheppard, 58k Sid Kiphen, 318 Fred Wojtek, 35 Aaron Roy, 33 Blaine Shives, 9x Cleo Adams, 28j Justin Nabors

Limited Modified B-mains(top 4 to A-main, 5-14 to Consolation Race)

B-main #1; 21x Mitchell Clement, 44 Kale Westover, 148 Garrett Gregory, b75 Brandon Ball, 58k Sid Kiphen, 14g Garrett Rawls, 13j James McCreary, 95 Ronnie Bell, 28j Justin Nabors, 18m Wayne Melton, 8x Kevin Manning, 23 Coty Tupper, 35 Aaron Roy, 90k Dustin Butcher, 121 Bobby Ruffin, 9w Shelby Williams, 601 Chris Cogburn, 10x Dustin Robinson, 115 Jack Barfield jr., 31s Cody Smith

B-main #2; 21 Chris Florio, 63 Shane Hoefling, 66 Nick Clinkenbeard, 71g Keith White, 171 Jeff Sheppard, 191 Craig Oakes, 42k Chase Breese, 16 Rob Bland, 9x Cleo Adams, 182 Danny Hebert, 25c Jason Gore, 33 Blaine Shives, 182 Danny Hebert, 12 Adam Roy, 318 Fred Wojtek, 11 Eric Luttrell, 2x Nathan Arms, 41d Darrin Blake, 55r Rusty Head, 007 Acey Light, 8j Jon White jr---dns

Limited Modified LC Heats(top 4 to B-main)

Heat 1; b75 Brandon Ball, 44 Kale Westover, 601 Chris Cogburn, 121 Bobby Ruffin, 14 Kelly Lockey, 766 Shane Priddy, 17k Greg Moran, 21s Rookie Smith, 9L David Lege jr., 32 Rodger Pierce, 57 Clint Jones

Heat 2; 63 Shane Hoefling, 71g Keith White, 007 Acey Light, 55r Rusty Head, 12w Gary Fox, 29j Jonathan Powers, 511 Cory Williams, 311 Brian Heard, 47 Justin Hossler, 7x Ted Thomas, 2 Brian Short

Heat 3; 148 Garrett Gregory, 31s Cody Smith, 95 Ronnie Bell, 9w Shelby Williams, b4 Jared Baired, 420 Eric Ciegelski, 11g Eddie Grmala, g2g Kody McDowell, 14h Shane Hebert, 173 Tory Yant, 42w JR Watts

Heat 4; 21 Chris Florio, 25c Jason Gore, 9x Cleo Adams, 191 Craig Oakes, 10d Don Painter, 123 Justin White, 58 Tyler Honeywell, 17 Michael Maraschick, 6x Jarrett Roberts, 91 Kyle Wisdom, p74 Ricky Sessions

Heat 5; 21x Mitchell Clement, 58k Sid Kiphen, 18m Wayne Melton, 23j Mason Jordan, 58r Don Reid, 10h Caleb Hudgeons, 23 Coty Tupper, 12* Bailey Dosser, 39m Dale Melton, j2 Josh Short, 1t Jason Tiner

Heat 6; 182 Danny Hebert, 171 Jeff Sheppard, 11 Eric Luttrell, 318 Fred Wojtek, 1 Tim Linares, 68 James Guyton, 01 Dan Webre jr., 8c Will Carter, 26 Devin Chambers, 367 Bobby Beaty, 4x Wally Beaty

Heat 7; 8x Kevin Manning, 14g Garrett Rawls, 28j Justin Nabors, 10 Dustin Robinson, 18 David Phillips, 63x Frank Groves, 86 Brian Flowers, 30m Albert McCall, 41 Chad Hughes, 9j Daniel Joeffroy, 7h Michael Hanusch

Heat 8; 33 Blaine Shives, 66 Nick Clinkenbeard, 42k Chase Breese, 16 Rob Bland, 4r Kevin Rowland, 7 Nate Gaines, 16d Dustin Donley, 777 James Hanusch, 42 Chase Gillie, 22 Gregory Muirhead, 114 Kevin Ward

Heat 9; 115 Jack Barfield jr., 13j James McCreary, 90k Dustin Butcher, 35 Aaron Roy, 22m Dylan Spear, 89 Chad Cox, 0x Josh Landers, 3x Quentin Noel, 11t Tim Hamilton, 6w DL Wilson, 37h Garrett Higgins---bf

Heat 10; 12 Adam Roy, 2x Nathan Arms, 41d Darrin Blake, 8j Jon White jr., 184 Brian Rye, 13b Bryce Reed, 199 Junior Dosher, 8 Brantley Beaty, 232 Joel Garcia, 26g Chris Brown---dq

Ball Best in Factory Stock Bash

Brad Ball(Highlands) took home the $1,000 payday in the Factory Stock feature going wire to wire. B. Ball was chased the entire race by Brandon Taylor who never could find a way around B. Ball, while at the same time trying to hold off Jamie Herring.

As the 30-lap feature went green, B. Ball was first off turn 2 with the lead pursued by Taylor, Herring, Justin Holt and Jamey Lough. An early spin by Seth Ball set up a series of cautions, one of which saw Lough get turned hard into back stretch wall, almost going over. Lough was alright, but the car was done for the night.

Once back to green Whitehead got by Justin McNeil for fifth while Bo Perry tried to look low on Herring for fourth. By lap 10 the top eight were lined up nose to tail around the top showing B. Ball, Taylor, Herring, Perry and Whitehead in the top five. Whitehead gave Perry a look, but found no way by as the top ten were now lined up.

McNeil and Shane Priddy were side by side for eighth when McNeil spun in turn 4 for a lap 26 caution. Once back to green B. Ball and Taylor got away while Perry snuck past Herring for third. Taylor took a peek on the final lap, but it was Ball in the Swenson Racing Shocks, Best Auto Parts, Tri-Star Welding Supply, Wright Racing, CB Racing Engines, Outlaw Chassis taking the victory.

“The track was good up high,” said Ball. “It laid some rubber down. The way the car ran, it drove itself. You always have to worry about where Justin Whitehead is, this is one of his cars(Outlaw Chassis). This car has been pretty good to us, it's won seven races this year.”

Factory Stocks(30 laps)

78 Brad Ball, 88 Brandon Taylor, 24 Bo Perry, 222 Jamie Herring, 36j Justin Whitehead, o4 Cameron Cook, 77x Shane Priddy, 70 Kenneth Chamberlain, 27 Dalton Faulkner, 2x Ron Palmer, 7 Ricky Sessions, 8L Kelly Lockey, 11 Travis Bowden, 215 TJ Evans, 189 Justin McNeil, 52 John Gober, 78jr Seth Ball, 31 Justin Holt, 39 Jamey Lough, 21 Dwayne Holder

Factory Stock B-mains(top 3 to A-main)

B-main 1; 78jr Seth Ball, 8L Kelly Lockey, 70 Kenneth Chamberlain, 11 Travis Bowden, 10 Phillip Smith, 33d Dylan Moss, 144 Joe O'Bryan, 818 Dennis Bissonette, 01 Jonathan Grobe, 8h Levi Hodges, c1 Shawn Graham, 15 Trey Votaw, 93 Tracy Cundieff, 07 Royce Jones, 20 McKenzie Vandiver, 5h Lance Hanson jr---dns, 21t Tracy Peters---dns, 45k Ray Kemp---dns

B-main 2; 77x Shane Priddy, x2 Ron Palmer, 215 TJ evans, 52 John Gober, 68 Brandon Hood, 55d Terry Dumas, 2k Nicholas Kirby, 99x Scotty Nichols, 73 Jeff Sonntag, 488 Lewis Blackwood, 85 James Thompson, 721 Jason Gore, 8 Tim Homeyer, 1x Chad Cox, 22 Jerry Cowart

Factory Stock heats(top 12 in passing points to A-main)

Heat 1; 39 Jamey Lough, 36j Justin Whitehead, x2x Ron Palmer, 77x Shane Priddy, 78jr Seth Ball, 215 TJ evans, 10 Phillip Smith, 11 Travis Bowden, 93 Tracey Cundieff, 2k Nicholas Kirby, 5h Lance Hanson jr., 818 Dennis Bissonette

Heat 2; 04 Cameron Cook, 7 Ricky Sessions, 222 Jamie Herring, 8L Kelly Lockey, 8h Levi Hodges, 99x Scotty Nichols, 8 Tim Homeyer, 33d Dylan Moss, 68 Brandon Hood, h93 Michael Hail, 1x Chad Cox, 73 Jeff Sonntag

Heat 3; 31 Justin Holt, 24 Bo Perry, 78 Brad Ball, 27 Dalton Faulkner, 15k Trey Votaw, c3 Shawn Graham, 85 James Thompson, 01 Jonathan Grobe, 488 Lewis Blackwood, 45 Ray Kemp jr, 21t Tracy Peters---dq(tech)

Heat 4; 189 Justin McNeil, 136 Alan Lindow, 88 Brandon Taylor, 721 Jason Gore, 55d Terry Dumas, 70 Kenneth Chamberlain, 52 John Gober, 07 Royce Jones, 144 Joe O.Bryan, 22 Jerry Cowart

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