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Southern Nationals @ Hot Spwy Friday updates 9-8-17


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Factory Stock B-mains(top 3 to A-main)

B-main 1

xxx Shawn Graham

8 Tim Homeyer

721 Jason Gore

07 Royce Jones

45k Ray Kemp jr

25 Michael Gaunet

21 James Holder

99x Scotty Nichols

222 Jamie Herring

22 Jerry Cowart

488 Lewis Blackwell

136 Alan Lindow---bf

88Brandon Taylor

1x Chad Cox

c1 Chris Shaw

68 Brandon Hood---dns

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Limited Modified B-main #1(top 8 to A-qualifier)

4r Kevin Rowland

777 James Hanusch

28j Justun Nabors

8 Brantley Beaty

30m Albert McCall

12 Adam Roy

68x Brandon Watson

13j James McReary

199 Junior Dosher

9w Shelby Williams

22 Gregory Muirhead

10x Dustin Robertson

37h Garrett Higgins

123 Justin White

21s Rookie Smith

6x Jarrett Roberts

601 Chris Cogburn

17k Greg Moran---bf

95 Ronnie Bell

1t Jason Tiner

75 Danner Shipman

66 Nick Clinkenbeard

91 Kyle Wisdom

318 Fred Wojtek


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