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Sanders, Tutle, Scarlotta, Lamb, Ward secure #1 Pro spots at Lakefest

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26th Annual LakeFest Drag Boat Races @ Lake Marble Falls, 8/11-13/17
By JM Hallas

Marble Falls, TX.,(Aug. 12Th, 2017) With the first day of Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series qualifying completed, Saturday was a last chance for racers in all classes to move up the starting ladder and/or test out any changes made from Friday.


Recapping Friday qualifying; In the Pro classes Scott Compton(Liquid Voodoo)-Top Fuel Hydro, Travis Tutle(Short Fuse)- Top Alcohol Hydro and Tony Scarlotta(Shazam)-Top Alcohol Flats slept well knowing, at least for the night, that they were on top the qualifying sheets.


The Pro Modifieds saw Mike Lamb(Just 1 More) grab the number one spot while the Levi Walker(Got 1 More) took the Pro Outlaw number one spot.


In the Sportsman it was Steve Carter(Ratical Proposition)-Quick Eliminator with a perfect 6.000 run, Ray Males(Blue Thunder)-Pro Eliminator, Bob Winder(Mommas Diamond)-Top Eliminator, Randy Cockrell(Cant Get Right)-Modified Eliminator, Kyle Fawks(Booger Red)-Stock Eliminator, Andrew Decker(N-2-Deep)-River Racer and Hope Helm(Woodys Wild Child)-Personal Watercraft securing the number one spots


In top Fuel Hydro qualifying the fans were thrilled by a side by side three-second passes in the fourth round. Houston's Bryan Sanders(Nitrochodriac) got the bugs worked out jumping to the number one spot with a 3.521 @ 267.82. Along side was Round Rock's Daryl Erlich(Problem Child) finally getting a full pass in going 3.620 @ 262.44.



Top Fuel Hydro
Bryan Sanders(Nitrochondriac) 3.521 @ 267.82
Scott Compton(Liquid VooDoo) 3.546 @ 238.68
Daryl Erlich(Problem Child) 3.620 @ 262.44
Kevin Burgess(Locked and Loaded) 4.179 @ 197.60


Top Alcohol Hydro saw Rio Vista's Travis Tutle(Short Fuse) not only hold on the number one spot, but better his times from Friday.

Top Alcohol Hydro
Travis Tutle(Short Fuse) 4.497 @ 199.79
Steve Streeter(Untouchable) 4.591 @ 199.39
Dale Riggs(Bad Moon Rising) 4.687 @ 185.50
Rick Allen(Little White Lie) 5.284 @ 131.56


California's Tony Scarlotta(Shazam) was able to maintain his number one starting spot in Top Alcohol Flats even while sitting out Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Scarlotta made a heat of the day pass on Saturday afternoon(5.274 @ 160) nearly matching his Friday morning run.

Top Alcohol Flats
Tony Scarlotta(Shazam) 5.207 @ 163.76
Bill Diez(War Party) 5.526 @ 151.91
Bill Miller(Party to the Max) 5.649 @ 144.59
Marcus Kinsey(Bad Company) 5.804 @ 142.95
Spike Gorr(My Way) 6.414 @ 105.15


There was no change at the top of the Pro Modified qualifying sheet with Iowa's Mike Lamb(Just 1 More) keeping the spot with yesterdays 7.004 @ 165.79

Pro Modifieds(7.00)
Mike Lamb(Just 1 More) 7.004 @ 165.79
Casey Beal(Another Split Decision) 7.017 @ 171.52
Marty Logan(Livin' Tha Dream) 7.025 @ 170.36
Shelby Ebert(Cant Touch This) 7.033 @ 180.64
Jimmy Booher(Fistful of Dollars) 7.061 @ 173.12
Robb Burklin(The Pearl) 7.081 @ 162.43
Tim Ortiz(Empty Pockets) 7.170 @ 164.71
Joe McIntyre(Hydro Commando) 7.245 @ 170.38
William Weir(Alkahaulic Behavior) 7.293 @ 154.30
Michael Fullertton(Snap, Crackle & Pop) DNR


Friday's top qualifier Levi Walker got bumped to third in Pro Outlaw qualifying Saturday getting bested by Tommy Thompson and Sonora's Gus Ward(Whisky Tango Foxtrot) who grabbed the number one spot at the end of the day.

Pro Outlaw(5.40)
Gus Ward(Whisky Tango Foxtrot) 5.402 @ 167.58
Tommy Thompson(A Few Dollars More) 5.407 @ 162.97
Levi Walker(Got 1 More) 5.409 @ 162.33
Shannon Beal(Split Decision 2) 5.419 @ 168.89
Rick Blethroade(Wild Thing) 5.420 @ 172.96
Robert Leas(Wildfire) 5.424 @ 172.03
Jim Richards(Alka-hauler) 5.433 @ 170.02
Cole Allen(Desperado) 5.439 @ 173.62
Tyler Speer(Georgia Outlaw) 5.422 @ 168.92
Eric Dement(Real Bad Boy) 5.464 @ 163.48
Mickey Snider(Top Gun) 5.527 @ 163.98
Terry Kain(Razing Kain) 5.716 @ 155.84
Chris Bean(Team Sound Design) 5.774 @ 160.29
Lee Warren(Say When) 7.830 @ 59.06


Quick Eliminator(6.00)
No one could beat perfect so Steve Carter(Ratocal Proposition) kept the number one spot on the charts with Friday's 6.000 @ 146.14.

Pro Eliminator(8.00)
The only boat in Pro Eliminator, Ray Males(Blue Thunder) had no problem keeping his spot unchallenged, 8.176 @ 130.88.

Top Eliminator(9.00)
Robert Winder(Mommas Diamond) had his Friday pass hold for number one with his 9.003 @ 119.85.

Modified Eliminator(10.00)
Hoppy Harris tried to boot Randy Cockrell(Cant Get Right) out the number one spot but came up .004 short to Cockrell's Friday run on 10.002 @ 101.09.

Stock Eliminator(11.00)
CD Word(Rockets Red Glare) knocked off Kyle Fawks the early morning qualifying pass to score the Stock Eliminator top spot with a dead on 11.000 @ 90.64.

River Racer(12.00)
Andrew Decker(N 2 Deep) had a couple racers try to better his run from Friday, but his 12.008 @ 80.24 held up through Saturdays three sessions.

Personal Watercraft 1(dial in)
Woody'd Wild Child, Hope Helm kept her number one qualifying spot from Friday with 12.772(12.77) @ 57.32


Sunday Schedule
Gates Open (7:00am)
TEC Open (8:00am)
Round 1 Eliminations – PM, PO (9:00am)
Round 1 Eliminations – TFH, TAH, TAF (9:30am)
Round 1 Eliminations – QE, PE, TE, ME, SE, RR, PWC (10:30am)
Round 2 Eliminations – PM, PO (12:30pm)
Round 2 Eliminations – TFH, TAH, TAF (1:00pm)
Round 2 Eliminations – QE, PE, TE, ME, SE, RR, PWC (1:30pm)
Round 3 Eliminations – PM, PO (2:30pm)
Round 3 Eliminations – PWC, RR, SE, ME, TE, PE, QE (2:45pm)
Final Round Eliminations – All Classes (3:00pm)
Awards Ceremony (TBA)

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