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26th Annual LakeFest Drag Boat Races @ Lake Marble Falls, 8-11-13-17

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26th Annual LakeFest Drag Boat Races @ Lake Marble Falls, 8-11-13-17
By JM Hallas

Marble Falls, TX.,(Aug. Xx, 2017) If it's August and 100 outside it must be time for the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series at the 26th Annual Marble Falls LakeFest. Drivers from all over the United States converge this weekend to run the “liquid quarter mile”(or 1000' as the case may be) in the Pro Classes. In the Sportsman and Bracket Classes, many of the racers are local drivers or from Texas in general.



The baddest of the Pro Classes is Top Fuel Hydro, much like its on-land brothers but no tires and no land. These bad boys slice down the track in three seconds at 260mph. Currently, after 4 races, defending event winner Bryan Sanders(Nitrochondriac) holds the points lead with Kevin Burgess(Locked & Loaded) is a little over 700 behind in points with Round Rock racer, Daryl Erlich(Problem Child) a distant third after missing one race.

Last year Sanders set the LODBRS elapsed time time record during the silver anniversary of Marble Falls LakeFest trucking down the water in 3.385 @ 262.194mph.

Next would be the Top Alcohol Hydro class, these smaller boats running on methanol aren't quite as fast the Top Fuel Hydro's but still reach speeds of 200mph. Mike DeClark(Little White Lie), who took home last years win heads the class trailed by Steve Streeter(Untouchable) 200 back and Rio Vistas, Travis Tutle(Short Fuse) behind by 300.

Top Alcohol Flat Bottom would come next in the speed pecking order. Running flat bottom hulls and similar engine specs to Top Alcohol Hydro these guys travel the course at a little over five second at 160mph. Tony Scarlotta(Shazam) has nearly a 500 point lead on Bill Diez(War Party) with Bill Miller(Party to the Max) 600 points out in third.

The Pro Modified run the full quarter mile on a 7.00 index, meaning the object is to, not only be first to the finish line, but be as close to seven seconds as possible, without going under. The Pro Mods can run most Top Alcohol or Top Fuel engine, but with limitations on the V-drive, hydro-style hulls. Shawn Reed took a break last year and along with driving a NHRA Top Fuel Dragster on occasion, has come back with a vengeance on the Pro Mod field. Reed holds a 600 point margin over multi-time champion, Marty Logan(Livin' tha Dream) and 700 over Casey Beal(Split Decision 3).

The Pro Outlaw Class is the twin of Pro Mod except their races are run on the 1000' utilizing the same engine/hull configurations. With a 200 point lead coming in Tommy Thompson(A Few Dollars More) shows the way over Dave Wallingford(Extratesticole) with Shannon Beall(Split Decision 2) 300 back.

Now we get to more the weekend warriors, in the Sportsman and Bracket Classes. The Sportsman(Pro Eliminator, Quick Eliminator[1000'], Top Eliminator, Modified Eliminator and Stock Eliminator all run a a set index. The Bracket Classes(River Racer, Personal Watercraft 1 & 2 all set their own dial in number.



Gates Open (7:00am)
TEC Open (8:00am)
Round 1 Qualifying Sportsman Session (9:00am)
Round 1 Qualifying Pro Sessions (10:30am)
Round 2 Qualifying Sportsman Session (12:30pm)
Round 2 Qualifying Pro Session (2:00pm)
Show N’ Shine in Johnson Park (5:30-7:00pm)
Red Carpet Chaos in Lakeside Park (7:00-9:00pm)

Gates Open (7:00am)
TEC Open (8:00am)
Round 3 Qualifying Sportsman Session (9:00am)
Round 3 Qualifying Pro Session (10:30am)
Round 4 Qualifying Sportsman Session (12:30pm)
Round 4 Qualifying Pro Session (2:00pm)
Southern Underground in Lakeside Park (6:00-9:00pm)

Gates Open (7:00am)
TEC Open (8:00am)
Round 1 Eliminations – PM, PO (9:00am)
Round 1 Eliminations – TFH, TAH, TAF (9:30am)
Round 1 Eliminations – QE, PE, TE, ME, SE, RR, PWC (10:30am)
Round 2 Eliminations – PM, PO (12:30pm)
Round 2 Eliminations – TFH, TAH, TAF (1:00pm)
Round 2 Eliminations – QE, PE, TE, ME, SE, RR, PWC (1:30pm)
Round 3 Eliminations – PM, PO (2:30pm)
Round 3 Eliminations – PWC, RR, SE, ME, TE, PE, QE (2:45pm)
Final Round Eliminations – All Classes (3:00pm)
Awards Ceremony (TBA)

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