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Southern Texas Late Model Series @ Cotton Bowl Speedway 7-1-17 updates

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IMCA Modifieds
45t Eric Tomlinson
9 Pat McGuire
48 Raymond McSpadden
15 Chris Carroll
82 Rick Green
18m Zac Melot
231 Joe Maple
17 Cody Tidwell
89t Danny Turner
86 Dillon Tindall
23x Dale Abstere
53 Robert Scrivner
49r Ryan Slott
29 Jamie Campbell
14 Clayton Lucas
22 Beau Begnaud
88s Brad Smith
48 Chris Swenson---dns

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IMCA Southern Sport Mods
10d Don Painter
41 Chad Hughes
55 Rusty Head
6x Jarrett Roberts
55g Gerald Henderson
7 Bruce Hinson
a11n Mark Salango
43 Jeremy Petty
17s James Skinner
12d Duane Owens
11t Tom Grothues
r3w Rick Wolfe---bf(rough driving)
6 Vince Louden---dns
c3 Chris Birmingham---dns
3x Frank Fruia---dns

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Southern Texas Late Models
15 Tracy Denby jr
717 GW Egbert
1x Robert Scrivner
ZZ Sloppy Hogg
132 Ricky Begnaud
19 KC Fielding
104 Brandon Brzozowski
31 Gary Lowe
17 Jesse McNorton
32x Marcus Berndt
9 Arin Lawrence
22 Todd Jouett
12 Kody Hardage
82 Jared Stepanski
1 Jim Moon
715 JP Dowell
57 Mark Shipman
78 Eddie Hardage
007 Bobby Middleton---dntg

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