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Practice at HMP


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Howdy Legacy guy's and gal's!


Who would be interested in participating in a group practice at HMP? As most of you already know they are having two races this year. They are inviting two support classes who can bring the most cars with a minimum of 15. I know there are at least 15 Legacies out there but getting all to show up is a different story. So in the meantime I believe getting as many cars out for a practice could help with the tracks decision on who to invite for the two races. Here are the tracks practice dates, Legacies practice on Sunday's.


May 21st

June 25th

August 27th

September 10th


The first race is on July 8th and the second on October 7th I believe.

Practice fee is double what CTS was but you will not have to work around the karts like at CTS. I know showing up for a practice doesn't guarantee a spot on the two race dates but it also wouldn't hurt to show support for the Legacies and HMP. Post what dates work for you and lets get as many cars together to knock the dust off and show we are ready to support Texas pavement racing.




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