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Nygaard Nips Graf for UMSS Season Opening Victory!


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Nygaard Nips Graf for UMSS Season Opening Victory!

(credit Greg Parent for contributing to this story) New Richmond, Wisconsin – April 22, 2017 - The 2017 race season for the National Championship Racing Association Upper Midwest Sprint Car Series kicked off on Saturday night at Cedar Lake Speedway in New Richmond, Wisconsin and it was Wade Nygaard nipping race-long leader Chris Graf at the line to pick up the victory.

Nygaard and Graf started on the front row for the twenty-five-lap feature with Graf taking the lead as the green flag fell. The Glenco resident quickly opened up a half-stretch lead over Nygaard and by the races midway point, was fixing to put the third-place driver of Chase Viebrock when the leader bobbled, allowing Nygaard to close his deficit.
Nygaard stayed glued to the leaders rear bumper and entering turns three and four, pulled even with Graf and edged the 2013 UMSS champion at the line by .019 seconds to claim his first career series victory and Rock Auto victory lane.

Following the Grand Forks, North Dakota driver and Graf at the finish line were Viebrock, Brandon Geldner and Jeff Pellersels.

The two, eight lap heat races for the eleven-car field were won by Nygaard and Graff while Victoria and Nygaard won the two, eight lap challenge races.

Next up for the NCRA Upper Midwest Sprint Car Series will be held on Saturday night, May 6, at Fairmond Raceway in Fairmond, Minnesota in a co-sanctioned event with the Midwest Sprint Touring Series (MSTS).

To learn more about the NCRA UMSS, visit their website www.umsprints.com and their official facebook page: Upper Midwest Sprint Series.

More information on the Park City, Kansas based National Championship Racing Association, check out their newly revamped website www.racencra.com and their facebook page: NCRA Racing Series.

NCRA Upper Midwest Sprint Car Series

Cedar Lake Speedway/New Richmond, Wisconsin

April 22, 2017

11 Cars

1st Heat (6 Laps): 1) 20G-Chris Graf[1]; 2) 77-Kevin Bradwell[2]; 3) 50-Chase Viebrock[4]; 4) 75-Brandon Geldner[3]; 5) 14K-Victoria Knutson[5]; 6) (DNF) 10-Trevor Serbus[6].

2nd Heat (6 Laps): 1) 9N-Wade Nygaard[4]; 2) 9-Jared Goerges[5]; 3) 22-Jeff Pellersels[3]; 4) 7M-Bob McVitty[1]; 5) 91A-Reed Allex[2].

Challenge Race 1 (8 Laps): 1) 14K-Victoria Knutson[1]; 2) 20G-Chris Graf[5]; 3) 50-Chase Viebrock[3]; 4) 9-Jared Goerges[4]; 5) 7M-Bob McVitty[2]; (DNS) 10-Trevor Serbus.

Challenge Race 2 (8 Laps): 1) 9N-Wade Nygaard[5]; 2) 75-Brandon Geldner[2]; 3) 22-Jeff Pellersels[3]; 4) 77-Kevin Bradwell[4]; 5) 91A-Reed Allex[1].

GRP Motorsports A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1) 9N-Wade Nygaard[1]; 2) 20G-Chris Graf[2]; 3) 50-Chase Viebrock[4]; 4) 75-Brandon Geldner[8]; 5) 22-Jeff Pellersels[6]; 6) 14K-Victoria Knutson[5]; 7) 9-Jared Goerges[3]; 8) 91A-Reed Allex[10]; 9) 77-Kevin Bradwell[7]; 10) 7M-Bob McVitty[9]; 11) (DNF) 10-Trevor Serbus[11].

Lap Leaders: Graf 1-19; Nygaard 20.

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