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2017 Sprint Car Bandits Series first-look schedule released

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2017 Sprint Car Bandits Series First-Look Schedule Released


Mesquite, TX (12/8/16) - On the heels of a highly successful inaugural season, the Sprint Car Bandits Series (SCB) is proud to release its first-look schedule for the 2017 racing season, which welcomes three new series tracks to the roster.


SCB promoter Steve Lang comments: "We still have additional tracks buttoning up their schedules and tweaking dates, but we wanted to get out our first-look schedule now so fans and race teams can start making plans."


Lang continues: "Regarding rules for the upcoming season, we were super pleased with the level of competition and race-ability of the SCB cars, so there are not going to be any significant changes for 2017. Those rules also led to much lower operating costs for teams, which is equally important."


Note that in 2017 all SCB competitors signing in will draw for heat race starting positions, regardless of engine CID. Feature lineups will still be determined by heat race passing points.


If your track is interested in booking a event with the SCB series, please contact Steve Lang directly at: SteveLang14@gmail.com or by calling 469-474-8234. There are currently a few remaining race dates still available.


Businesses seeking effective marketing programs through the SCB series are available for all sizes of budgets, again, just contact Steve for complete details. We will be making our 2017 sponsor announcements as the off-season continues.


2017 Sprint Car Bandits Series Schedule - as of 12/08/16:


3-31-17 Heart-o-Texas Speedway, Waco TX (Friday)
4-1-17 Superbowl Speedway, Greenville, TX (Saturday)
4-22-17 LoneStar Speedway Kilgore, TX (Saturday)
4-29-17 Wichita Speedway, Wichita Falls, TX (Saturday)
5-12-17 TBA
5-13-17 Superbowl Speedway, Greenville, TX (Saturday)
5-20-17 TBA
6-10-17 Superbowl Speedway, Greenville, TX (Saturday)
6-24-17 TBA
7-1-17 Texarkana 67 Speedway, Texarkana, AR (Saturday)
8-25-17 Wichita Speedway, Wichita Falls, TX (Friday)
8-26-17 Superbowl Speedway, Greenville, TX (Saturday)
9-30-17 LoneStar Speedway Kilgore, TX (Saturday)


For those of you unfamiliar with the Sprint Car Bandits series, it is dedicated to help bringing back some of the old-time fun of sprint car racing, yet incorporating some much-needed basic adjustments that help the teams stay on track with their budget - and fans not having to pay excessively high ticket prices to enjoy watching them. A great mix of young and veteran drivers competed with the Sprint Car Bandits in 2016. And the buzz with race teams is that there will be a growing number of SCB teams in 2017. 42 teams competed in the series in 2016.


The SCB series has a unique rules package that allows teams to use their current equipment (especially in the engine compartment), yet curbing nightly tire expense...which helps equalize the competition, with teams of varying budget sizes.


Between the lower operating cost of the SCB series and the injection of series sponsor funds into nightly purses, it allowed more area race tracks to book events - which all translated into DFW region fans getting to see quality, high-speed sprint car races at a lower grandstand ticket price. When you combine those components with lower nightly competitor operating purses, it all equals one thing: the Sprint Car Bandits series!


If you are a driver considering racing the SCB series, we would highly recommend asking one of our 2016 drivers for their comments. Fan comments have been consistent with driver comments, and have been extremely supportive.

Series tracks have also been pleased with the lower booking costs and solid competitor purses. In 2016 the SCB series brought sponsor money to every single event through its solid series sponsors. This enabled the tracks to 'sell' a larger event to the fans and race teams - without any of them having to 'pay' more for it. The plan for 2017 is one in the same.


From everyone with the Sprint Car Bandits series, we wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Holiday Season and the best-ever New Year. Click www.SprintCarBandits.com for the latest in Series news, as well as additional race dates and sponsor announcements.

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