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Affordable Golf Cars 250 @ Central Tx. Spwy(season finale) 11-12-16

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Affordable Golf Cars 250 @ Central Texas Speedway, 11-12-16
By JM Hallas

Home of Fast Cars and Hot Guitars

Full moon, last night of the season, "Madhouse" style restarts, what could go wrong, right?

Kyle, TX.,(Nov. 12th, 2016) The 3/8 mile, D-shaped, paved oval hosted their last race of the year, the Affordable Golf Cars 250, to cap off the season. The seven local classes, plus the Texas All-Star Limited Modified Series, Lone Star Legacy Series and Dwarf Car Racing Series of Texas were all on hand vying for the final points and/or complete championship runs.

With some of the points chases already decided, others were tighter than yoga pants at the gym on January 2nd. In the Pro Late Models Bayley Currey has an insurmountable lead over David Lewis(-73), with Steven Buchanan and Zach Knowles fighting for third, one point apart. The Pro Modifieds show Brian Moczygemba with only a 16 point lead on Ryan Luza with Jason Marshall, Scooter Bates and Bob Slezinsky rounding out the top five.

Pro Trucks have Adam Haugh coming into the night with a comfortable lead of 36 over Jesse Salazar. Chase Havely and Jake Wright are separated by one in the battle for third while Michelle Reininger holds fifth. Seven in the key number in Super Street Stocks. Trent Beaver has that slim advantage over Robert Barker. Clint Lafont, Hunter Montgomery and Kenny Hurley come in seven markers apart for third.

Scott Nester leads the way in Grand Stocks by a mere five points over Brandon McCall with Sean Folsom third and Bob Caulfield tied with Evan Lambert for fourth. Sport Compacts show Richard Fitch ahead of Jamie Garner by 24 trailed by Shelby Huff, Don Hartwick and Lisha Teague. Levi Dubeau leads comfortably over the Chadwick's, Camryn and Conner, who are only a point apart for family bragging rights in the Bandoleros.

In the other series', Cody Beddoe has the TALMS points chase wrapped up ahead of Stephen Robison, Anthony Monroe, Kenneth Montgomery and Kimsey Davis in the top five. The LSLS is also pretty much locked up with Allen Sampson 42 ahead of James Remore and 48 up on Gabriel Fogg. Alexis Sampson and Colt Mize complete the top five. DCRST show Rusty Young and Drew Simental separated by 15 at the top with Ryan Stoy, James Fitzgerald and Dillon Coyne rounding out the top five.

Currey Cleans House in Late Models
With the 2016 Pro Late Model track title already in his pocket, young gun Bayley Currey capped off the season in convincing fashion. Currey was quick all day and captured the top qualifying spots both the Pro Late Models and Pro Modifieds, then proceeded to lead every lap in the 50-lap feature. At the start Currey was chased by Kyle Sirizzotti then Cory Roper in the mid-stages. Neither had anything for the Driftwood native as he took the checkers by over a half straightaway.

When green flew, Currey from the top, powered off turn two for the lead trailed by Sirizzotti, AJ Wernette, Roper and DL Wilson. Currey and Sirizzotti gapped Roper quickly, but by lap 10 Roper was reeling them in. After a quick yellow for debris, Roper grabbed second from Sirizzotti while Steven Buchanan and Wilson battled for fifth.

Another young gun, Gabriel Fogg was on the move early taking fifth from Wilson then fourth from Wernette at the halfway point. Up front, Roper was closing in on Currey for the lead. A half spin by David Lewis slowed the action on lap 31 and rebunched the field. Wernette choose the outside for the Madhouse restart and briefly got by Roper, who retook the spot a couple laps later.

Fogg also got back by Wernette for third as the lead duo were checking out. With about 15 to go Roper began losing contact with Currey who starting stretching out his advantage. As Currey took the white flag he had built a three-quarter straightaway lead, easily cruising to the win in the Chasco Construction, Premier MInerals, Walker Sport Fishing, Evo-Frac, 290 Wrecker, Robby White Race Engines powered, GARC Chassis.



"It wasn't as easy as it looked," commented Currey. "We were a little free there. (Cory) Roper was able to catch up to us, but luckily we got a caution and were able to cool the right rear(tire) off. We've kind of figured out the set up here. We found something earlier this year that we put on both cars. That's what makes them so both good."

"A lot of the stuff we learn on one car will transfer over to the other even though it's not the same class. There are some difference, but it's little and mostly the same thing. Despite being faster there are times I'll spin the tires or something so I wouldn't say that no one can get by. I done it enough times this year that I've got it figured out."

"When Cory caught up I was running a faster pace than I really wanted to. I was kind of riding before he got around Kyle(Sirizzotti). Once he got by and was running me down I started to run my car harder. That just made it free even worse. I do what I can to save my tires. If someone is breathing down my neck I won't."

"We will be going down for the Snowflake, but not the Snowball. Johnny Walker is going to taking his Modified down there too so we'll be helping him

Pro Late Models
05 Bayley Currey, 04 Cory Roper, 61 Gabriel Fogg, 37 AL Wernette, 93 Kyle Sirizzotti, 45 DL Wilson, 5 Steven Buchanan, 17 David Lewis, 51z Zach Knowles, 9 John Hernandez----dq(disregarding bf)

Pro Late Model Qualifying
05 Bayley Currey, 14.557, 93 Kyle Sirizzotti, 14.639, 04 Cory Roper, 14.775, 37 AJ Wernette, 15.116, 45 DL Wilson, 15.266, 61 Gabriel Fogg, 15.298, 17 David Lewis, 15.516, 5 Steven Buchanan, 15.840, 9 John Hernandez, 17.123

Moczygemba Motors to Pro Modified Main Money
With fourteen cars on hand and a fifteen point advantage Brian Moczygemba(San Antonio) virtually locked up the 2016 track championship when he took the green flag. But he didn't stop there. Moczygemba, who timed in third behind Currey and Zach Knowles, started on the pole after the redraw and went flag to flag to add another checkered flag to his total.

Moczygemba was first into turn 1 as green waved pursued by Knowles, Currey, Jason Marshall and Craig Sellman. Joe Aramendia and Ryan Luza got past Sellman for fifth and sixth as the lead quartet separated themselves apart. Luza was pressuring J. Aramendia when Christopher Hogan spun off turn 2 to the infield for a caution.

Getting back under way was a bit shaky as Sellman got shoved off turn 3 on the first try, with Knowles getting too good of a jump on the next. When green finally waved Knowles and Currey stayed side by side for second as Moczygemba inched away. The yellow was quickly back out when Hogan and Vinnie Aramendia tangled in turn 4.

Another wild restart saw Sellman and Paul White make contact and John Paul Kliewer shoot off turn 2 to the tire wall. Allen Sampson got a piece of the action and pitted with a flat left front. Once back to green it was Knowles and Luza side by side for third. At the crossed flags it was Moczygemba, Currey, Knowles, Luza and Joe Aramendia in the top five.

As the fight up front calmed, White, J. Aramendia and Marshall were slugging it out for fifth. Moczygemba ran up on traffic with about five to go allowing Currey to close the gap. Currey got to within a couple car lengths, but at the checkers it was Moczygemba in the Premier Minerals, Aramendia Plumbing, GT Sirizzotti Excavating, RPM Equipment, BMF Shocks, All In Designs, McGunegill powered, BMF Chassis snagging the win.

"Our car was junk this morning," lamented Moczygemba who spun in practice. " We were bad tight off, then snapping free. I'm glad we got that out of the way in practice. It was not fun. Then we went winless for a good part of the summer. Probably since the last time that you were here. You must be my good luck charm. Where have you been at?"

"I don't think the tenth difference in qualifying times is enough to have someone use the outside. It's not even enough to get inside someone without putting a bumper on someone. I think this is the most competitive class there is in regards to lap times and competition. It would have to take a pretty big mistake to lose a spot with the tenth difference."

"Winning never gets ho-hum. To finish the year off with a win and the championship that way is awesome. It(winning) never gets old."

"All three of our cars are mostly the same base set up, but yes, it's three times the knowledge. We will talk about what we did here that helped or hurt the car. Just the overall knowledge we have in our pit as a whole, without having three cars on track, is very strong though."

"We're off to the Snowball Derby for our last race of the year. We'll go down the first week of December and see what we can do with those guys. While we have about five cars here within a tenth, down there they'll have about 20 all running that close in times."

Pro Modifieds
50 Brian Moczygemba, 72 Bayley Currey, 51 Zach Knowles, 15 Ryan Luza, 2 Paul White, 14 Jason Marshall, 79j Joe Aramendia, 38 Craig Sellman, 26 Bob Slezinsky, 79 Vinnie Aramendia, 12 Scooter Bates, 81 Christopher Hogan, 14s Allen Sampson, 22 John Paul Kliewer

Pro Modified Qualifying
72 Bayley Currey 15.149, 51 Zach Knowles, 15.150, 50 Brian Moczygemba, 15.257, 38 Craig Sellman, 15.280, 14 Jason Marshall, 15.294, 15 Ryan Luza, 15.311,, 79j Joe Aramendia, 15.321, 2 Paul White, 15.555, 14s Allen Sampson, 15,581, 22 John Paul Kliewer, 15.590, 26 Bob Slezinsky, 15.759, 81 Christopher Hogan, 15.799, 12 Scooter Bates, 15.833, 79 Vinnie Aramendia, 15.878

Truck Tally to James
The former Austin area native, now living in North Carolina, Colt James makes occasional trips back to central Texas to do some additional racing. In four trips back home he is now three for four in the win column. James battled with early leader Jason Marshall taking over the top spot on lap 8. In the latter stages James was pursued by Mason Teague, who went up in smoke for a late yellow. James, in his crate powered, TRC Chassis was able to ease away from points champ Adam Haugh and Marshall to secure the win.

Two separate spins saw the initial start waved off, but when green waved Marshall jumped out front with James, Jake Wright, Teague and Brandon Leonard on his tail. An early tangle between Chase Havely, Michelle Reininger and Kevin Gould slowed the action. On the restart Wright gave up a spot falling to fourth before finding a hole to get back down.

James put the heat, and bumper on Marshall for the lead and finally got the nose under him on lap 7, and taking the spot on lap 8. Teague followed him through to second with Leonard and Haugh taking fourth and fifth from Wright. At halfway it was James, Teague, with a gap back to Marshall, Leonard and Haugh.

As the laps wound down Teague expired a motor on lap 26 setting up a final four-lap shootout to the checkers. On the restart Haugh took over second as James crept away. At the white flag James had about six truck lengths on Haugh who had Marshall on his bumper. At the checkers it was James tallying another win. The home cooking must be good.

"Great night," replied James. "My dad and granddad worked really hard. We weren't that great in practice and just took some chances on the setup for qualifying and the race. It all worked out. Can't thank my dad enough for building a great truck and David Umscheid for all his help. The top 5 in the race were trucks my dad built. We just try to come out and have fun. We've won 3 of the 4 races that we ran this year. So it was a great year."

Pro Trucks
15 Colt James, 12 Adam Haugh, 42 Jason Marshall, 28 Shawn Paul Lehman, 18 Jesse Salazar, 48 Jake Wright, 05 Brandon Leonard, 5 Kevin Gould, 14 Michelle Reininger, 16 Mason Teague, 96 Robert Barker, 31 Chase Havely

Pro Truck Qualifying
15 Colt James, 15.934, 48 Jake Wright, 15.980, 42 Jason Marshall, 16.009, 05 Brandon Leonard, 16.142, 16 Mason Teague, 16.193, 28 Shawn Paul Lehman, 16.204, 12 Adam Haugh, 16.231, 96 Robert Barker, 16.321, 18 Jesse Salazar, 16.350, 5 Kevin Gould, 16.529, 31 Chase Havely, 16.640, 14 Michelle Reininger, 16.662

Barkers wins Battle, Beaver the War
With only seven points separating the two title contenders Robert Barkers(Boerne) objective was clear, go out and collect all the possible bonus points putting the pressure on Trent Beaver. Barker had the two bonus points slip through his hands in qualifying after Kenny Hurley beat him by 5/100th. His next goal was the two extra points for winning.

The Super Street Stock class is ultra competitive and drivers aren't afraid to trade a little paint making Barker task even more daunting. Barker did what he needed to do, go out and lead every lap, though it wasn't easy. He was challenged by Hurley and Clint Lafont early in the 30-lapper until they made contact. In the final stages in was Brandon Spreen taking up the charge.

In the end Barker got the win, but Beaver, using Madhouse restarts to his advantage, was able get a top four finish and secure the track championship by two markers.

It didn't take long for the action to start in the feature as a crash at the back of the pack coming to green aborted the start. On the next try Barker and Lafont stayed side by side, but Steve Rojas went around with David Sevilla pitting with a flat. Back under green Hurley got by Lafont for second and was keeping the heat on Barker.

The red flew on lap 4 after a hard crash on the front stretch between Damon Bean and Matthew Villarreal. The two were battling for a spot mid-pack, trading paint and banging doors. As Bean came off turn 4 he was sideways, and out of control. He came down and caught Villarreal in the right rear sending him head-on into the wall at full speed with Bean following him into the concrete. Somehow both drivers walked away, but I'm sure are feeling it today.

Barker held off Hurley and Lafont through several restarts for spins. On lap 15 that second place battle came to a head when the two made contact and spun in turn 3. Greg Rohmer piled into both sending all three cars to the pits. Now Barker had Spreen looking up top on the restart, but held him off with Brian Schneider getting along side Spreen for second.

Behind the leaders, Lafont was quickly making his way back to the front getting past Beaver for fifth with ten to go. A lap 22 caution for debris saw several attempts, bent bumpers and hoods, with spots changing frequently. When the dust settled and the checkers waved, it was Barker in the STX Coatings, Thunder Electric, RNB Services, Rack in Motion, Dilmak Services, All in Designs, Mission Auto Parts, Barker Chassis getting win. Beaver survived for fourth giving him enough points to take home his first ever championship.

Super Street Stocks
17 Robert Barker, 81 Brandon Spreen, 3 Clint Lafont, 14 Trent Beaver, 99 Wayne Wernette, 68 Mike Pollaro, 12 Kelly Reininger, 37 Landon Sowder, 48 Brian Schneider, 57 Mark Shipman, 95s Sterling Tausch, 54 Zach Nesloney, 9 Steve Rojas, 45 Clare Randall, 40 Kenny Hurley, 00 Rick Pollaro, 21 Greg Rohmer, 19 David Sevilla, 33 Matthew Villarreal, 44 Damon Bean

Super Street Stock Qualifying
40 Kenny Hurley, 15.837, 17 Robert Barker, 15.889, 3 Clint Lafont, 15.915, 81 Brandon Spreen, 15.934, 49 Brian Schneider, 16.016, 44 Damon Bean, 16.180, 14 Trent Beaver, 16.221, 33 Matthew Villarreal, 16.238, 69 Mike Pollaro, 16.283, 00 Rick Pollaro, 16.320, 12 Kelly Reininger, 16.385, 19 David Sevilla, 16.585, 37 Landon Sowder, 16.611, 21 Greg Rohmer, 16,645, 95s Sterling Tausch, 16.721, 99 Wayne Wernette, 16.904, 57 Mark Shipman, 16.927, 54 Zach Nesloney, 17.049, 9 Steve Rojas, 17.321, 28 Sam Duncan, 17.454, 45 Clare Randall, 17.718, 56 Bob Caulfield, 19.578

Beddoe Bests in TALMS Bash
With the series championship already in the bag, Cody Beddoe had no pressure coming into the series season finale. The final race, with extra money and contingencies sponsored by D&SS Construction, Bobby Burrows, A Plus Auto, Amsoil, Moonlight Motorsports, B&G Motorsports, Browning Auto Parts and All In Designs, saw 16-cars take the green.

In the 30-lap feature Beddoe held off Anthony Monroe and Steve Whiteaker jr. making his series debut. At the finish it was Beddoe, who also got fast time, taking home the win in his BMF Shocks & Chassis, Aramendia Motorsports, Storm Field Serives, raceontexas.com, (Copper approved)Mark Herring Race Engine powered, BMF Chassis.

Beddoe was off turn 2 with the lead trailed by Whiteaker, who hadn't run an asphalt race since his teens, Monroe, Hunter Flanagan and Rick Pollaro. Chris Birmingham and Marcus Mikulencak, who have both run dirt and pavement, began moving up, getting by Pollaro. A spin by John Witzche brought out an early caution on lap 4.

On the restart Whiteaker tried to stay outside Beddoe fighting for the lead, but gave up second to Monroe. Whiteaker retook the spot on an ensuing restart while Birmingham and M. Mikulencak ran side by side for position. M. Mikulencak and Stephen Robison went off turn 3 into the weeds for a lap 10 yellow. In order to save time officials opted to start counting caution laps.

The restart, now at halfway, saw Monroe, Pollaro and Birmingham trying to go three wide into the corner for third. Veteran, Lawrence Mikulencak saw this as opening and blasted by all three as they slid up the track. Whiteaker was able to cut into Beddoes lead when they hit traffic, but it was Beddoe by several car lengths at the finish.

"I don't think that Stevie(Whiteaker) is going to get his drivers suit back," joked Beddoe. "I picked a lot of speed with drivers suit on. Really, we have a good shock package from John Heil that helps us get around here. I traded him my race truck for this car and it's done very well so far."

"I knew that Steve was going to be tough to beat. He's a good driver on any track. I was just hoping using the inside I could keep my advantage. I didn't want to let him by. I was driving as hard as I could."

"Starting on the inside is a big advantage here. You can get it done on the outside, but you have to do it just right. It takes experience and laps to be able to do that and have your car just right. Our times were so close in qualifying and practice that being on the inside was key. If he'd have gotten by me, he would have been hard to get past too."

Texas All-Star Limited Modifieds
30 Cody Beddoe, 89 Steve Whiteaker jr., 87 Lawrence Mikulencak, 82 Anthony Monroe, 96 Rick Pollaro, 6 Vince Louden, c3 Chris Birmingham, 9 Marcus Mikulencak, 58 Hunter Flanagan, 11 Gary Box, 7 Stephen Robison, 79 Bruce Beddoe, 14 Sam Chapa, 24 Jim Blevins, 97 John Witzche, 25 Tyler Box

TALMS Qualifying
30 Cody Beddoe, 15.924, 89 Steve Whiteaker jr., 15.971, 9m Marcus Mikulencak, 16.149, 58 Hunter Flanagan, 16.393, 82 Anthony Monroe, 16.563, 96 Rick Pollaro, 16.577, c3 Chris Birmingham, 16.595, 97 John Witzche, 16,746, 25 Tyler Box, 16.795, 11 Gary Box, 16.830, 79 Bruce Beddoe, 16.904, 7 Stephen Robison, 16.972, 24 Jim Blevins jr., 17.865, 14 Sam Chapa, 18,722, 87 Lawrence Mikulencak, dnt

Grand Stocks
Upon walking out of the track after the races the certainty of the Grand Stocks points championship still was a bit foggy. Brandon McCall did what he needed to do by winning the 20-lap feature. Scott Nester hammered the wall late in the race that ended being called on time limits. Nester returned and salvaged a fifth place finish which would have given McCall the title with the bonus points for a win.

But, in tech, the third place car of Ross Wolpin failed inspection moving Nester up to fourth. The points would now end in a tie. (IF)Going by season wins, the title would still go to McCall who had four wins throughout the year, with only two for Nester.

The race itself, did I mention a full moon and season finale? It took three tries to get the race under green with Clint Montonio getting the lead ahead of Casey Simons, Wolpin, Bob Caulfield and McCall. McCall made his way to the front taking the point on lap 7 after Montonio slowed and Simons went around collecting Dakota Hurley.

After a couple more cautions, and bruised egos, Nester pounded the front stretch wall breaking the right front suspension. During the caution officials called for a green, white, checker finish. Nester pitted and came back just in front of the leaders as they rolled through turn 2 before coming back to green.

The final two laps saw a ton of bent sheet metal, dirt driving and more hurt feelings than the presidential election results. Five of the top eight saw their position change on the last lap, while Nester motored past the carnage to the top five finish with McCall out front of the whole mess scoring the win.

14 Brandon McCall, 26 Evan Lambert, 40 Dakota Hurley, 71 Scott Nester, 19x Brent Karulak, 56 Bob Caulfield, 29 Casey Simons, 81 Michael Weaver, 15 Frank Sowell, 46 Lee Vincent--bf, 92 N/A, 13 Clint Montonio, 38 Sonny Kinneman, 53 Treyler Caulfield, 39 Red Kinneman, 46x Ross Wolpin---dq(tech)

Sport Compacts
With only 18 Sport Compacts taking the green it was mathmatically impossible for Jamie Garner to catch Richard Fitch for the track title. After a big melee on the initial start Todd Roberts-McVay grabbed the early lead. Shelby Huff quickly made his way up to get under Roberts-McVay for the top spot on lap 4 followed by Bryan Meredith into second.

Alyson Dorken make a big charge to the front getting Kris Wilson, Roberts-McVay and Chris Wetz for third. Eric Wilson was following her tracks into the lead pack. Dorken got along side Huff going three wide past a lapped car. The two stayed tied at the door handles again going three wide in traffic, Dorken had just got nose out front when yellow waved for K. Wilson.

E. Wilson choose the outside of Huff for the restart that saw Huff get away clean. E. Wilson and Garner were both able to get down in front of Dorken for second and third. Huff was able to hang on the final few circuits and take the checkers for the win.

11 Shelby Huff, 76 Eric Wilson, 33 Jamie Garner, 43 Alyson Dorken, 07 Richard Fitch, 30 Bryan Meredith, 71 Chris Wetz, 12 Todd Roberts-McVay, 63 Gordon Dowdy, 14 Paul Schnieder, 7 Kris Wilson, 25 Robert Fox, 5 Jene Bond, 2x Russell Vickery, 26 Stephanie Monroe, 1 Lisha Teague, 47 Don Hartwick, 42 Daniel Zajac

Lone Star Legacy Series
The LSLS feature came down to a battle between youth and exhuberance versus old age and experience. Del Harris jumped out front on green trailed by Dillon Sampson, James Remore, Alexis Sampson and Gabriel Fogg. Series points champion, Allen Sampson did a full 360 and kept on going losing ground to the lead quintet.

D. Sampson got by Harris for the lead quickly, but Harris stayed on his bumper. Late in the 25-lapper D. Sampson had his motor sour giving the lead back to Harris who would pull away. D. Sampson had enough advantage to hold on to second while Alexis Sampson, Fogg and A. Sampson got by Remore to complete the top five.

1 Del Harris, 04 Dillon Sampson, 23 Alexis Sampson,10 Gabriel Fogg, 01 Allen Sampson, 7 James Remore, 15 Colt Mize, 32 James Huff, 51 Rocky Mize, 18 Joshua Berendson

Dwarf Car Racing Series of Texas
In the DCRST feature the only hope for Drew Simental was win and hope Rusty Young had issues. Simental tried his best running as high as second at one point. R. Young got caught up in an early restart melee, but able to continue. Matt Goulais started on the pole and was out front at first holding off Zac Zearfoss, who would get involved in a tangle late in the race.

Simental used the high side on a restart to make his way up to second and challenge Goulais in the final stages. On a late race restart Gary Buchanan got into Zearfoss sending them both around and then to the back for the caution. On the final green, white, checker restart Simental went too high and got off the back stretch, losing several spots.

Arden Vikre got by Rodney Rodriguez for the third spot and moved to second when Simental lost spots. Goulais was first across the line for the apparent win, but after tech, which Goulais failed, it was the crafty old veteran Vikre awarded the victory. R. Young was able to score a top five finish, coupled with Simentals third, securing the championship for R. Young.

72 Arden Vikre, 4 Rodney Rodriguez, 37 Drew Simental, 27 Butch Havelka, 88 Rusty Young, 41 Dwain Groff, 85 Chris Silvas sr., 42 Tyler Folkerts, 99 Gary Buchanan, 25 Dylan Budnik, 49 David Bonner, 53 Zac Zearfoss, 94 Larry Caravin, 6 James Fitzgerald, 20 Ryan Stoy, 84 Sammy Silvas, 46 Ivan Winningham, 15 Ty Paxson, 3 Hayden Becker, 12 Dillon Coyne, 18 Jerry Young, 86 Chris Silvas jr, 44 Bradley Hall, 5 Jim Kritikos, 39 Matt Goulais---dq(tech)

DCRST heat winners; 5 Jim Kritikos, 39 Matt Goulais, Dillon Coyne

With the points championship wrapped up, and a family medical emergency out of state, Levi Dubeau was forced to miss the final night of racing. Both the Chadwicks opted to sit out as well, meaning a new winner from the three new drivers. Parker Riggle got out front early, but brake issues sent him off track. Riley Allen pulled off under the caution leaving Peyton Michal the sole survivor for the win.

62 Peyton Michal, 4 Parker Riggle, 25 Riley Allen

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