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Green, Abbey, Martin, Spaulding, Dowell, Sanford Sou Challenge Champs

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22nd Annual Southern Challenge, Ryan Bard Memorial @ Abilene Speedway, 10/13-15


By JM Hallas


Abilene, TX.,(Oct. 15th, 2016) After a big Friday night of racing it was time for Southern Challenge champions to be decided. Over the weekend nearly 220 drivers from 4 states signed in to race on the 1/4 mile, semi-banked. red dirt oval. All of them looking for that big trophy and good payday, for some to finish their season off.


Friday's action saw 4 drivers, in each class, punch their tickets to tonight Big A-main. Monte Bolton(Wolfforth) was the IMCA Modified winner, Gabe Tucker(Carbon) took the IMCA Southern Sportmod checkers. Chad Hertel(Abilene) snagged the I-Stock A-qualifier, Gerald Spaulding(Abilene) scored in the IMCA Hobby Stocks. JP Dowell(Killeen) got the Street Stock win, on a last lap, last corner pass, while the Jr Mini Stock feature went to Blake Clark(Joshua).


Those not making the transfer had another chance to secure their spots through last chance qualifiers and the Big B-main taking the top ten out of each to the back of each Big A-main. Then any of the eligible 'Fast Time Challenge' provisionals would be added.


Green Grabs Modified Moolah

Waco's Kevin Green went home with the $2,000 payday for taking the Imca Modified main event. Green led the first circuit staying along side Monte Bolton on the start. Bolton then got the spot on lap 2 with Green holding on to second. Green kept the pressure on Bolton giving him an occasional look. As they battled this allowed Kevin Sustaire to close the gap on the duo at one point. With five to go Green made his move in traffic to retake the top spot on lap 21. Green inched away from Bolton the final few laps to score the victory.


A grinding crash as the IMCA Modified A-main came to green quickly brought the red flag out. Neal Debord got turned hard into the front stretch wall with Charles Brewer. Kelly Allen, Doug Easterling and Fred Wojtek piling in. All drivers were alright, Wojtek and Allen were able to continue with wounded rides.


Finally the 21-car, 25-lap IMCA Modified feature got the green with Bolton and Green staying side by side. Green got the bumper out front on lap 1, but Bolton, on the bottom was out front on lap 2. Green, Chase Allen, Toby Herring and Kevin Sustaire fell in line. Sustaire quickly took fourth from Herring while Dean Abbey and Chris Elliott got by C. Allen for fifth and sixth.


Abbey picked off another spot getting by Herring, with Iowan, Nick Roberts taking seventh from C. Allen. Green, trying the high side, was able to get some runs on Bolton coming off the corners, but not enough to get along side. Elliott got past Herring for fifth bringing Roberts along to sixth. Elliott then half spun giving up a couple spots.


At halfway it was Bolton, with Green on his tail, Sustaire, Abbey and Roberts in the top five with Greg Dinsmore taking seventh from Herring. Sustaire caught the lead duo with the top three now running within a car lengths of each other and holding a gap back to Abbey and Roberts.


With five to go Green turned up the heat on Bolton again sticking the nose outside off the corners. The duo caught some traffic and Green was able to sneak past for the lead on lap 21, while Roberts got by Abbey for fourth. Once clear, Green was able to inch out from Bolton.


As the final few lap clicked off Green held his margin while Roberts caught Sustaire for third. Roberts was able to get the spot on the final lap as Green in the Harvey Cox Racing, Greens Automatic Transmissions, Lambs Muffler Center, Berta Built Bodies, Performance Machine, Nate Mare Graphics, Stewart Stainless, Simpson Race Products, Friesen crate powered, Shaw by CAM Chassis.




"The whole weekend was awesome." exclaimed Green. The car was fast all weekend and everything just kinda worked out. The car felt good in a qualifier hot laps but I wasn't sure how good I was going to be against everyone else."


"Once we took the green I knew it was going to be a good race. I couldn't quite clear Monte(Bolton) on the start but stayed right on his bumper the whole race, just trying to not make any mistakes. He was running the bottom of 3-4 and I was pretty good around the top and knew that was going to be my shot at getting around him."


"I knew we had to be getting close to the end and we were getting to lap traffic. So I had to go if I was going to get him. I was able to get beside him in 3-4 and clear him down the front straight, then just finish without making any mistakes."


MATCO Tools IMCA Modifieds

5 Kevin Green, 41 Monte Bolton, 23 Nick Roberts, 87 Kevin Sustaire, 26 Dean Abbey, 9 Chris Elliott, 8 Greg Dinsmore, 911 Josh McGaha, 53 Robert Scrivner, 117 Toby Herring, 44 Fred Wojtek, 91 Chase Allen, 85 Neal Flowers, 6 Caleb Stone, 29 Jamie Campbell, 59 Kelly Allen, 15 Joe Gomez, 20 Mike McCarthy, 72 Charles Brewer, 88 Doug Easterling, 31 Neal Debord


IMCA Modified Big B-main(top 10 to Big A-main)

9 Chris Elliott, 23 Nick Roberts, 8 Greg Dinsmore, 44 Fred Wojtek, 85 Neal Flowers, 911 Josh McGaha, 29 Jamie Campbell, 6 Caleb Stone, 20 Mike McCarthy, 88 Doug Easterling, 1 Jake Henderson, 63 Hardy Henderson, 43 Robby Edwards, 136 David Goode, 37 Donald Banker, 82 Rick Green, 12 Robert Barnett, 27 Robbie Daniels, 59 Kelly Allen, 691 Raymond King, 359 Chad Hertel


IMCA Modified Last Chance Qualifiers(top 5 to B-main)
LCQ 1; 23 Nick Robderts, 911 Josh McGaha, 20 Mike McCarthy, 1 Jake Henderson, 129 Jamie Campbell, 123 Mark Patterson, 881 Aaron Browning, 444 Joe Spillman, 54 Brandon Alward, 49 Vince Ogle, 19 Tanner Flanagan, 48 Raymond McSpadden


LCQ 2; 359 Chad Hertel, 27 Robbie Daniels, 82 Rick Green, 37 Donald Banker', 12 Robert Barnett, 24 Cole Bishop, 201 Dean Demming, 10 Levi Ely, 57 Brad Dobbins, 13 Jerry Frydrych, 83 Chad Estes---dns, 4 Lonnell Timmons---dns


LCQ 3; 85 Neal Flowers, 88 Doug Easterling, 43 Robby Edwards, 63 Hardy Henderson, 136 David Goode jr., 18 Zac Melot, 141 Eric Hughes, 47 Chris Clark, 11 Kade Ogle


IMCA Modified heats(top 1 to A, 2nd to B-main)
Heat 1; 15 Joe Gomez, 8 Greg Dinsmore, 881 Aaron Browning, 23 Nick Roberts, 29 Jamie Campbell, 911 Josh McGaha, 19 Tanner Flanagan,123 Mark Patterson

Heat 2; 72 Charles Brewer, 69 Raymond King, 1 Jake Henderson, 49 Vince Ogle, 444 Joe Spillman, 48 Raymond McSpadden, 20 Mike McCarthy, 54 Brandon Alward

Heat 3; 63 Robert Scrivner, 9 Chris Elliott, 359 Chad Hertel, 83 Chad Estes, 13 Jerry Frydrych, 82 Rick Green, 27 Robbie Daniels, 4 Lonnell Timmons

Heat 4; 31 Neal Debord, 59 Kelly Allen, 12 Robert Barnett, 37 Donald Banker, 24 Cole Bishop, 201 Dean Demming, 10 Levi Ely, 57 Brad Dobbins--dns

Heat 5; 26 Dean Abbey, 44 Fred Wojtek, 85 Neal Flowers, 88 Doug Easterling, 141 Eric Hughes, 47 Chris Clark, 11 Kade Ogle

Heat 6; 871 Kevin Sustaire,6 Caleb Stone, 63 Hardy Henderson, 18 Zac Melot, 43 Robby Edwards, 136 David Goode, 90 Tommy Fain


Abbey Aces Sportmod Scramble

Jeffrey Abbey(Comanche) continued his roll in the IMCA Southern Sportmods adding another feather to his cap. The inaugural IMCA Southern Sportmod Super Nationals winner and Southern Region champ battled his way past Gabe Tucker at midway for the lead. Tucker and Justin Shaw gave chase in the latter stages, but it was Abbey holding them both off to secure the win.


The IMCA Southern Sportmods rolled out three abreast and formed a missing man formation in honor of Ryan Bard. The crowd showed drivers a salute back by showing the #1, which was Bards number. A truly touching moment to say the least


After one aborted start, it was Tucker beating Shaw to lead lap 1. Shaw, Abbey, Kale Westover fell in line with a three wide battle for fifth. Danny Cavanuagh spun from that pack moving Bradley Poor to fifth. Shaw gave Tucker a few looks low, but Tucker began to ease away on the top. Abbey caught Shaw for second right before Logan Robertson spun in front of the leaders for a lap 11 yellow.


On the restart Abbey Abbey got inside Tucker with the two wheel to wheel for the lead. Abbey was able to get out front on lap 12 with the top five Abbey, Tucker, Shaw, Westover and Poor at halfway. After a yellow for a spin by Jim Pierce, Abbey began to check out while Tucker and Shaw slugged it for second. Behind the lead quartet Rodney White took fifth from Poor.


As Tucker and Shaw continued to scrap for second, swapping the spot, Abbey got some breathing room. This gave White the chance to close on both. As the white waved Abbey had several car lengths advantage that he carried to the win in the TM Racing, Abbey Racing, DAE, Tumbleweed BBQ, Swenson Racing Components, Five1seven Designs, Berta Built Bodies, Dynamic Drivelines, KS Engineering, Express Racecars.


"We had a fast car all weekend," replied Abbey. "Friday night we had to come out of a B-main which put us starting 11th in the A-qualifier. We had already passed a few cars when I hooked bumpers with another car bringing out a caution. We started on the tail of the field and made the pass for 4th, the final transfer spot coming to the checkered."


"This put us 2nd row outside of the Big A on Saturday, where we ran 3rd for the first few laps. It wasn't until a restart when we were able to get down in front of Justin Shaw and then proceed to race side by side with Gabe Tucker for a lap or so. We took the lead and didn't look back picking up our 25th win of the season as well as our 3rd big show win this year. However none of this would have been possible without the people that support me week in and week out."


Abilene Powdercoating IMCA Southern Sportmods

37 Jeffrey Abbey, 95 Gabe Tucker, 55 Justin Shaw, 84 Rodney White, 48 Bradley Poor, 144 Kale Westover, 5 TJ Green, 517 Cory Williams, 691 Brandon Smith, 69 Bret Young, 175 James Skinner, 24 Jake Upchurch, 38 Allen Montgomery, 10 Dustin Robinson, 54 Tanner Stasnell, 156 Tyler Webb, 251 Danny Cavanaugh, 14 Jim Pierce, 56 Logan Robertson, 114 Kenneth Graves, 91 Kyle Wisdom

SSM Big B-main(top 10 to Big A-main)
91 Kyle Wisdom, 175 James Skinner, 84 Rodney White, 69 Bret Young, 114 Kenneth Graves, 54 Tanner Stansell, 10 Dustin Robinson, 38 Allen Montgomery, 56 Tyler Webb, 24 Jake Upchurch, 28 Justin Nabors, 845 Brantley Beatty, 511 Clint Humphries, 177 Brandon Ross, 17 Michael Maraschick, 779 James Hanusch, 11 Ty Weatherbee, 87 Johnny Brazell, 777 Lodi Mitchell, 99 Junior Dosher, 481 Tony Sanders


SSM Last Chance Qualifiers(top 5 to B-main)


LCQ 1; 28 Justin Nabors, 69 Bret Young, 177 Brandon Ross, 10 Dustin Robinson, 779 James Hanusch, 318 Scotty Cook, 77 Tony Early, 171 Charles Garza, 157 Russell Flanary, 4 Trevor Foley, 71 Ton Hogan, 15 Ryan Thomas, 31 Brian Heard, 7 Steve Hayes


LCQ 2; 156 Tyler Webb, 17 Michael Maraschick, 87 Johnny Brazell, 38 Allen Montgomery, 11 Ty Weatherby, 88 Calen Mohler, 26 RJ Navarro, 57Thomas Walp, 44 Kendall Rea, 911 Blake Andrus, 101 Clint Pelzel, 125 Terry Owen, 115 Albert Gregware, 823 Kyle Singleton


LCQ 3; 84 Rodney White, 91 Kyle Wisdom, 24 Jake Upchurch, 99 Junior Dosher, 777 Lodi Mitchell, 30 David Sanford, 41 Ricky Ford, 07 Jerry Frydrych, 32 Rodger Pierce, 56 Logan Robertson, 36 Michael Garrard, 6 Eddie Ledbetter, 66 Johnny Torres


SSM Heats(top 1 to A-main, 2nd to B-main)

Heat 1; 251 Danny Cavanaugh, 175 James Skinner, 28 Justin Nabors, 4 Trevor Foley, 31 Brian Heard, 177 Brandon Ross, 171 Charles Garza, 77 Tony Early, 15 Ryan Thomas, 71 Tom Hogan

Heat 2; 48 Bradley Poor, 114 Kenneth Graves, 10 Dustin Robinson, 69 Bret Young, 132 Billie Bivens, 157 Russell Flanery, 7 Steve Hayes, 779 James Hanusch, 318 Scotty Cook, 13 Bret Bush

Heat 3; 691 Brandon Smith, 54 Tanner Stansell, 156 Tyler Webb, 101 Clint Pelzel, 26 RJ Navarro, 11 Ty Weatherbee, 57 Thomas Walp, 823 Kyle Singleton, 44 Kendall Rea, 911 Blake Andrus

Heat 4; 14 Jim Pierce, 845 Brantley Beatty, 125 Terry Owen, 87 Johnny Brazell, 79 Michael Hanusch, 17 Michael Maraschick, 115 Albert Gregware, 88 Calen Mohler, 38 Allen Montgomery, 151 Joey Young

Heat 5; 5 TJ Green, 481 Tony Sanders, 84 Rodney White, 99 Junior Dosher, 777 Lodi Mitchell, 6 Eddie Ledbetter,36 Michael Garrard, 30 David Sanford, 187 John Webb

Heat 6; 517 Cory Williams, 511 Clint Humphreys, 91 Kyle Wisdom, 24 Jake Upchurch, 66 Johnny Torres, 56 Logan Robertson, 32 Rodger Pierce, 41 Ricky Ford, 07 Jerry Frydrych


Martin Gets the Money in IMCA Stock Cars

Kirk Martin(Weatherford) didn't know it at the time, but his three wide finish with Westin Abbey and Andy Roller was for the win in the I-Stock main. Chad Hertel, who led almost every lap, was first across the finish line, but failed tech inspection giving away the win. Martin, who got his bumper out front for two laps late in the going, picked up the payday by inches ahead of Roller and Abbey after the disqualification.

Hertel jumped out front quickly as the 20-car IMCA Stock car feature took the green pursued by Martin, Brandon Taylor, Abbey and Mike Easterwood. As the top five sorted out it was Roller door to door with Eric Jones for sixth. As Taylor and Abbey jousted for third, Roller took fifth from Easterwood. At the mid-point it was Hertel, Martin, Abbey, Taylor and Roller in the top five.


Hertel was pulling away while Abbey was pressuring Martin for second trying high and low. That battle slowed on lap 17 for an infield tire on the track. On the restart Martin tried high on Hertel but got squeezed and fell back to second. Roller was able to get by Taylor for fourth. Roller then got along side Abbey for third.


Up front it was getting close with Martin again looking for away past Hertel with five to go. Martin got the bumper out front on lap as the two stayed door to door. Hertel edged back out front on lap 23 with Roller and Abbey now there too. As Hertel was coming to the checkers, Martin, Roller and Abbey were three wide coming off turn 4 with Martin awarded the spot.


After post-race tech Hertel's car was DQ'd for illegal trailing arm bushings handing the win to Martin in the Tanglewood Oilfield Services, five1seven Designs, Abilene Racing Rads, WCH Race Engines powered Medieval Chassis.


Showtime Signs & Designs IMCA Stock Cars

69 Kirk Martin, 63 Andy Roller, 12 Westin Abbey, 5 Brandon Taylor, 156 Jason Adcock, 22 Billy Wade, 110 Shelby Williams, 3 Colin Demming, 80 Mike Easterwood, 07 Dennis Bissonette, 16 Damon Hammond, 84 Eric Jones, 64 Cary White, 86 Brian Flowers, 00 Jody York, 2 Brandon Williams, 141 Chad Chance, 14 Joe O' Bryan, 237 Jordan Lathrum, 59 Chad Hertel---dq(tech)


I-Stock Big B-main(top 12 to Big A-main)
16 Damon Hammond, 156 Jason Adcock, 110 Shelby Williams, 07 Dennis Bissonette, 86 Brian Flowers, 22 Billy Wade, 237 Jordam Lathrum, 3 Colin Demming, 64 Cary White, 14 Joe O'Bryan, 2 Brandon Williams, 141 Chad Chance, 44 Joe Spillman, 03 Jack Miles, 20 Mike McCarthy, 4 Danny Brown, 71 Ronnie Christopher, 45 Shane Wojtek, 0 Kelly Brown, 131 Mark Lord


I-Stock Last Chance Qualifiers(top 6 to B-main)
LCQ 1; 03 Jack Miles, 2 Brandon Williams, 0 Kelly Brown, 71 Ronnie Christopher, 20 Mike McCarthy, 45 Shane Wojtek, 62 JD Davis, 13 Joey White, 444 Luke Lindsey, 169 Hunter Russell

LCQ 2; 131 Mark Lord, 44 Joe Spillman, 3 Colin Demming, 14 Joe O'Bryan, 64 Cary White, 4 Danny Brown, 77 Toby Talk, 122 Jackie Hefti, 42 April Phillips, 33 Bill Poindexter, 11 Bud Ohlinger


I-Stock heats(top 1 to A-main, 2nd-3rd to B-main)
Heat 1; 00 Jody York, 116 Damon Hammond, 141 Chad Chance, 03 Jack Miles, 20 Mike McCarthy, 13 Joey White, 45 Shane Wojtek, 55 Mart Wampler---dns, 31 Jay Cook---dns

Heat 2; 84 Eric Jones, 86 Brian Flowers, 22 Billy Wade, 2 Brandon Williams, 169 Hunter Russell, 71 Ronnie Christopher, 34 Robert Kindle, 444 Luke Lindsey, 62 JD Davis

Heat 3; 80 Mike Easterwood, 07 Dennis Bissonette, 237 Jordan Lathum, 131 Mark Lord, 44 Joe Spliiman, 64 Cary White, 4 Danny Brown, 11 Bud Ohlinger, 83 Chad Estes---dns

Heat 4; 63 Andy Roller, 156 Jason Adcock, 110 Shelby Williams, 14 Joe O'Bryan, 42 April Phillips, 33 Bill Poindexter, 77 Toby Talk, 122 Jacki Hefti, 3 Colin Demming


Spaulding Spectacular in Hobby Stocks

In one of the hotly contested main events, Gerald Spaulding(Abilene) went home with the trophy in the IMCA Hobby Stock feature. Spaulding, Jeremy Oliver and Wesley Warren all took turns with their nose in the wind during the 20-lapper. Spaulding made a late race charge to get the top spot on lap 14. The top three were nose to tail coming into the final laps, but it was Spaulding holding them off to snag the victory.


As the 15-car IMCA Hobby Stock feature took the green Oliver and Spaulding stayed side by side with Oliver leading by a bumper on lap 1. As the top five singled out it was Oliver, Spaulding, Kyle Wilkerson, Warren and Mike Watkins. Behind them Joe Williams got by Kenneth Seay for sixth. Wilkerson and Warren had just started a battle for third when George Ross spun for a caution.


On the restart Warren got a run on Spaulding up top. Once past Warren set his sight on Oliver and drove around him for the lead on lap 11. Spaulding followed Warren past Oliver for second when a debris yellow waved on lap 12. The ensuing restart saw Spaulding get door to door with Warren and snag the top spot on lap 14.


After a couple restarts Spaulding was holding on while Warren and Oliver were side by side. Oliver got the spot as the laps wound down with the top three now nose to tail coming to the white flag. At the checkers it was Spaulding snagging the hard fought victory.


Abilene Racing Rads IMCA Hobby Stocks

15 Gerald Spaulding, 28 Jeremy Oliver, 75 Wesley Warren, 24 Kyle Wilkerson, 10 Chris Graenser , 5 Sam Hodges', 18 Kenneth Seay, 98 Mike Watkins, 32 Joe Williams, 01 Shawn Miles, 99 Michaela Scott, 03 Ashton Hayes, 08 Latrail Dello, 38 George Ross, 713 Alex Bannowsky


IMCA Hobby Stock heat(to A-main by finish)
32 Joe Williams, 75 Wesley Warren, 5 Sam Hodges, 18 Kenneth Seay, 10 Chris Graesner, 99 Michaela Scott, 01 Shawn Miles, 08 Latrail Dello, 03 Ashton Hayes, 38 George Ross, 713 Alex Bannowsky


Dowell Dynamic in Street Stocks

Last night, JP Dowell(Killeen) waited for last lap heroics to take the Street Stock A-qualifier. Tonight Dowell Was dominant in the 20-lap feature going flag to flag for the win. Dowell was chased early by Justin Cass and then by David Hudec in the late stages. Hudec gave Dowell a couple looks after a restart, but it was Dowell creeping ahead in the final laps for the victory.


As the 20-lap Street Stock feature tried to start a big stack up in turn 2 slowed the caution filled event early. On the next start Dowell jumped out to a lead followed by Cass, Hudec, Delmar Slone and Jamie Herring. Slone and Hudec fought for third with Willie Tryon on Herring side by side for fifth. After holding Slone off, Hudec got past Cass for second.


That second place fight continued through a couple yellow and at halfway it was Dowell, Hudec, Cass Slone and Jonathin Wright in the top five. Hudec tried to get the nose inside Dowell for the lead while Tryon, Wright and LP O'Neal were three wide for fifth. As the leaders were about to take the white flag, debris brought another caution.


Dowell got a good jump as green waved for the final two laps while Hudec and Cass battled for second. At the checkers it was Dowell in the JP Speed Secrets, Ellis Air System, Don Wilde Race Craft, Heart o' Texas Speedway, Jamie Herring Custom Homes, All Pro Clutch & Driveline, Dirt Defender, Day Motorsports, VP Racing Fuel, Destroyer Chassis with the win.


"We've had a blast racing the Factory Stock the last couple months." said Dowell. "I haven't been in a car like this in a very long time. A friend of mine sold me his old car and wanted me to team up with him and go run some of the bigger shows at the end of the year. So far I'm glad I did. This car is fast and fun to drive but like everything else I have, it is for sale."


Stephenville Starter Street Stocks

715 JP Dowell, 24 David Hudec, 56 Justin Cass, 98 Jonathon Wright, 184 Delmar Slone, 21 Willie Tryon, 48 LP O'Neal, 65 Trace Faulks , 0 Randy Madry, 2 Phil Beasley, 54 Melvin Kemp, 114 Kevin Ward, 16 Lee Riley, 26 Robert Yearian, 222 Jamie Herring, 03 Michael Ledbetter, 010 Bryce Pritchett, 031 Billy Lindsey, 10 Trevor Graenser, 28 Travis Jordan, 83 William NcNeely


Street Stock Last Chance Qualifier(top 4 to A-main)

031 Billy Lindsey, 0 Randy Madry, 28 Travis Jordan, 03 Michael Ledbetter, 4 Leah Brown, 50 Chris Newton, 177 Richard Hanneman, 18 Tim Homeyer, 110 Ronnie Ellis, 161 Jerry Riley, 60 John Rister, 92 Richard Myers, 91 Gary O'Neal, 55 N/A


Street Stock Heats(top 3 to A-main)
Heat 1; 10 Trevor Graenser, 010 Bryce Pritchett, 65 Trace Faulks, 50 Chris Newton, 031 Billy Lindsey, 0 Randy Madry, 28 Travis Jordan

Heat 2; 21 Willie Tryon, 48 LP O'Neal, 2 Phil Beasley, 177 Richard Hanneman, 83 William McNeely, 03 Michael Ledbetter, 91 Gary O'Neal

Heat 3; 98 Jonathon Wright, 26 Robert Yearian, 16 Lee Riley, 18 Tim Homeyer, 110 Ronnie Ellis jr., 60 John Rister, 4 Leah Brown

Heat 4; 54 Melvin Kemp, 222 Jamie Herring, 114 Kevin Ward, 92 Richard Myers, 161 Jerry Riley, 55 N/A, 99 Trevor Lutz


Sanford Snags Jr. Mini Stock Spoils

Ryan Sanford(Hawley) rebounded from an early mishap to find himself in the winners circle. Sanford and Clint Brown made contact battling for the lead with Brown going around, and both going to the tail. Sanford worked his way back to third and benefited when, then leader Blake Clark spun, and collected Richard Gregory from second. This put Sanford on the point for the restart. Sanford and Austin Moreland then ran door to door for several laps until Moreland spun leaving Sanford unchallenged to the checkers.


Young Guns Jr. Mini Stocks
30 Ryan Sanford, 15 Warren Stremmel, 99 Avery Scott, 56 Rodney Gregory, 54 Austin Moreland, 4 Ramiro Arrazola, 121 Clayton Richie, 03 Clint Brown, 88 Blake Clark, 72 Richard Gregory, 2 N/A

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