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The last push of the year.

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What a year this has been. We have two points nights left. October 15th and 29th.


The 15th is breast cancer awareness night. Please wear something pink.


October 29th is Halloween. We are going to have a costume contest. The top three looking zombies will win cash. We also will leave time for the drivers to pass out candy to the kids that are present. Everyone is encouraged to dress as a zombie.


One other note: Champions will be recognized on October 29th in the infield and will be teched accordingly. Lineups will be reversed points.


December 8th, 9th and 10th is the South Texas Shootout. This week is the last week to preregister. The cost is $200 to register. If you preregister I will throw in 2 pit passes for three days.




It has been a pleasure spending this year with you. It has been a great year.


Ken Hobbs

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Given all the rewrites of 2016's schedule maybe it would be better to release it early in 2017.We now know which big events a lot of our drivers attend (not many ) so once those are known a schedule can be made that won't have to be changed or updated every other week.

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