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Patton, Porcher, Wolfford take home IHRA Ironmen @ Team Finals

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IHRA Summit Series Division 4 Renegades Team Finals @ San Antonio Raceway, 9/30-10/2
By JM Hallas

Marion, TX.,(Oct. 1st, 2016) After a beautiful Friday that saw the husband-wife duo of Michael and Cassie Pennington get the lions share of the pool for Electronics when they split the money in the finals. Bryan Day scored in the Foot Brake and Conner Rivers in Jr. Dragsters during the Gamblers Race, it was time Team Finals in all three classes.

Team Finals; Each track brings its best racers in the Electronics(Box), Foot Brake(No-box) and Jr. Dragster classes. Each round win earns their respective track one point towards the team championship. Rules are similar to Summit Series bracket races, but they try to not have team members run against one another.

The weather Saturday was entirely different than the previous day with overcast skies now the order of the day versus yesterdays when it was mostly sunny. The southwest wind caught several drivers off guard in round 1, with a slew of break outs, especially in the Foot Brake class from the tail wind. With no sun beating on the track surface temperatures held around 95-100 most of the day.

After seeing two Penningtons(Michael and Cassie) make it to the Electronics finals, Phillip(San Antonio) wasn't going to be outdone by his brother and sister-in-law. Pennington, in another Pennington Brothers, Altered Coupe squared off with Pine Valley Raceway Electronics champion, Hunter Patton(Houston). Patton in his Patton Motorsports, Pro-Formance, Accelerated Graphics & Signs, Dragster was on the tree cutting a .008 light and was able to keep close enough to his number to edge out Pennington, by about 4/1000th if my math is right.


Hunter Patton(4.80) 4.815 @ 140.76 defeats Philip Pennington(5.00) 5.012 @ 134.69

Foot Brake(No-box)
After coming up one spot short in the Friday Gamblers Race, Ronny Speer(Dayton) in his 64 Chevy Corvette once made his way to the Foot Brake finals, this time he paired with Michael Porcher(Conroe). Porcher, the Pine Valley Foot Brake track champ, cut a .007 light on Speer and that was she wrote as Porcher in his C&P Racing, Creel & Associates, Double CW LLC, SS Racing Photos, Chevy S-10 Pick-up scored the win.



Michael Porcher(6.28) 6.302 @ 104.14 defeats Ronny Speer(5.74) 5.760 @ 117.49



Jr. Dragster
In the Jr. Dragster final it was Blaze Wolfford(Mauriceville) up against Chance Turman(Thorndale). Wolfford in her Halfscale Jr Dragster took 3/100th on the tree on Turman in his Turmanator Jr Dragster. Turman ran her down, with both running nearly identical times, but was too quick on the top end breaking out giving Wolfford the victory.


Blaze Wolfford(8.00) 8.015 @ 78.02 defeats Chance Turman(8.02) 8.017 @ 82.00(broke out)

After it was all said and done, for the second year in a row Pine Valley Raceway took home the Team Finals honors. It was neck and neck through the first four rounds with San Antonio Raceway, but by the end of round five Pine Valley had them virtually locked out. The final tally was Pine Valley 56, San Antonio Raceway 51, with Little River Dragway taking the third spot.

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