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Veal, D. Abbey, J. Abbey, Bissonette score Bryan Mize Memorial wins

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2nd Annual Bryan Mize Memorial @ 85 Speedway, 9-24-16
By JM Hallas

Ennis, TX.,(Sept. 24th, 2016) Racing for a cause....

Drivers from all over central and north Texas converged on Ennis' 85 Speedway to celebrate the memory of Bryan Mize, set up guru for Kevin Sustaire, who passed in 2015. Mize, nicknamed the 'Setuperachaun' ran Bryan Mize Chassis Tuning and Fabrication in the north Texas area, helping many local area racers. The race, a vision of Kevin Rogers Promotion, helps support the children of Mize(Tristan and Roddney). Last years race, held at Grayson County Speedway, collected enough money to help pay for his daughters tuition and books at an area community college.

Many of the drivers pledged some or all of their winnings, track photographer Sandy Ramsey offered her profits from any pictures sold that night, plus donations from fans throughout the stands. The 50/50 money alone brought around $750 given to the Mize kids.

On the racing card were the Texas Outlaw Modified Series(TOMS), along with the IMCA Modifieds(running a Fast Shafts qualifier), IMCA Southern Sportmods and the Factory stocks on the semi-banked, 1/4 mile, clay oval. Over 230 cars packed into the newly extended pit area despite the sketchy weather forecast.

Veal Wheels to TOMS Tally
Wesley Veal(Princeton) took home the win in the 25-lap Texas Outlaw Modified Series race. Veal chased down Brandon Watson, who led the mid-stages, and got the spot with ten to. In the closing stages, Veal in his Tempas Truck Repair, Bar-2 Ready Mix, Starnes Trucking, Wornhor Race Engines powered, Hughes Chassis was able to build a good lead to go unchallenged to the checkers.

Jack Sartain got out front as the 24-car TOMS field roared into turn 1. GW Egbert, Watson, Clyde Dunn jr. and Veal fell in line. Skip O'Neal gave Veal an early look for fifth, while Watson was taking second from GW Egbert. Watson then put the heat on Sartain for the lead grabbing the spot on lap 5.

Behind the lead quintet it was O'Neal, Trevor Egbert and Dean Abbey three wide for sixth. Abbey and O'Neal then moved in on Dunn three wide for fifth. After getting past Dunn, Abbey got fifth from O'Neal. Veal was able to pick off third from GW Egbert on lap 9 before GW Egbert gave up a couple more spots.

Coming the halfway it was Watson, Sartain, Veal, Abbey and O'Neal in the top five when Shannon Hartline went around for a caution. On the restart Veal snagged second from Sartain with Abbey following in his tracks for third. Veal, using the top, was able to go around Watson for the top spot on lap 15. In the pack, GW Egbert and Tristan Dycus were side by side for fifth trailed by T. Egbert and Blaine Shives wheel to wheel for seventh.

Dycus secured fifth leaving the Egbert brothers and Shives three wide for sixth as red came out. Donny Shipp and PJ Egbert got together and collected Jeremy Wills who bicycled before coming down in turn 4. A flash fire broke out on Wills car as he was trying to get out. Safety crews were quick to get Wills out and extinguish the flames.

As Veal got away on green, Dycus was three wide with Abbey and Watson for second. Shives was inside Dycus for second until he almost spun in turn 2. Dycus and Abbey went past Shives as he continued. It was then Abbey and Dycus battling for second as laps wound down. As the white flag waved Veal had a comfortable margin on the Dycus-Abbey fight for second as easily to took the victory.

"I didn't really know where to run on the track," said Veal. "I was at the last TOMS race here and it was a rough track. I ended up getting caught up in a wreck and getting torn up pretty bad."

"Brandon(Watson) was gone, running the bottom and I started to run his line. Jack Sartain was running the top but was slowly searching for the bottom. On the restart, I was forced to the top and just went for it. I was just trying to keep my tires under me and stay smooth. My car kept getting faster."

"After the red flag, I was worried about my tires sealing over. I knew if I went hard on the start, they probably would. I just kept it straight. I think I was actually under driving it at the end but it worked out. I've have been struggling this year with learning a different car but I think I'm starting to get it figured out."

"I know that I want to say that Kevin Sustaire and Kevin Rogers did an awesome job with putting on a great show for a true racer in Bryan Mize. It's really is great what they are doing for his kids. I would like to thank my dad and Team Friday for all they do, my wife and kids, and my mom for supporting all of us."

Texas Outlaw Modified Series
11x Wesley Veal, 14t Tristan Dycus, 91 Dean Abbey, 68 Brandon Watson, 77 Blaine Shives, 78 Trevor Egbert, 47 Jack Sartain, 8 Skip O'Neal, 14x Josh Landers, 717 GW Egbert, 3 Sam Cox, 88xxx Clyde Dunn Jr., 24 Sean Jones, 3c Charlie Smith, 121 Bobby Ruffin, 49 Shannon Hartline, 74 Jasen Hammond, 78b Billy Jack Brutchen, 7x Rory Jordan, 7jr Chad Ewell, 2c Chris Huckeba, 707 PJ Egbert, 25d Donny Shipp, 010 Jeremy Wills


Abbey Aces Modified Main
Former IMCA Southern Sportmod national champion, Dean Abbey(Roanoke) grabbed the win the 20-lap IMCA Modified feature. Abbey got by early leader, Robbie Daniels, who stayed with Abbey and was joined by Josh McGaha. On a late restart, Greg Dinsmore got by Daniels and McGaha, but didn't have any laps to try to challenge Abbey.

Robbie Daniels led the 20-car IMCA Modified feature into turn 1 with a three wide battle second him. As they sorted out it was Abbey, McGaha, Tommy Fain and Matt Martin in pursuit of Daniels. Raymond McSpadden made a move early into the top five with Kevin Green following in his wake. Abbey had just began to challenge Daniels when Martin and Justin McCoy banged doors for a yellow.

On the restart Abbey got a run low and took the point on lap 6 with Green moving up to second and Dinsmore up to fifth. As Abbey and Green got away, McGaha and Daniels were side by side for third with McCoy and Fred Wojtek wheel to wheel for sixth. At the crossed flags it was Abbey and Green with a good margin on McGaha, Daniels and Dinsmore who was watching McGaha and Daniels swap third.

As Green closed in on Abbey, Dinsmore almost tried three wide with McGaha and Daniels. With two to go Green spun in turn in turn 2 giving up the second spot. When green waved Dinsmore again ducked under McGaha and Daniels taking second. That gave Abbey enough lead on the final circuit to get the win in his DAE Enterprise, JL Racing, Abbey Racing, Master Repair by Eddie Montgomery, Berta Built Bodies, J&J Motorsports, Five1Seven Designs, Z4 Cooling Products, Dynamic Drivelines, Stephenville Starter, Wittens Warriors, JL Custom Technologies, Larry Shaw Race Cars.

"We had a great time at the Bryan Mize Memorial," commented D. Abbey. "We really want to remember what this race is about and be there to help and support the cause as much as we can. I want to thank KR and Kevin Sustaire for all of their hard work and all of the volunteers that took time out of their busy schedules to help put this event together."

"I had a great run in both classes in the TOMS I ended up finishing third and in the IMCA mods I was able to pull out the win. I really have to thank my wife, the owner of the 91 TOMS mod, Eddie Montgomery, Jeffrey Abbey, Robert Scrviner and Tanner Branch for all their hard work and making sure the cars were the best they could be. Also I have to thank Tommy Fain for loaning us a carburetor while ours is off being rebuilt. Last but not least I have to thank my sponsors."

IMCA Modifieds
26 Dean Abbey, 8g Greg Dinsmore, 27 Robbie Daniels, 911 Josh McGaha, 76 Archie Witt, 9w PJ Egbert, 44 Fred Wojtek, 60 William Gould, 27s Marvin Skinner, 20 Mike McCarthy, 871 Justin McCoy, 63 Hardy Henderson, 3j Blaine Shives, 48 Raymond McSpadden, 8j Kevin Rutherford, 45t Eric Tomlinson, 5 Kevin Green, 11m Matt Martin, 905 Tommy Fain, 30 Albert McCall


Another Abbey in the Winners Circle
Fresh off his IMCA Super Nationals Southern Sportmod victory, Jeffrey Abbey(Comanche) continued his run scoring the 20-lap Southern Sportmod win. Abbey beat Michael Martin to turn 1 as the green waved then went wire to wire for the win in the TM Racing, Abbey Racing, DAE, Tumbleweed BBQ, Swenson Racing Components, Five1seven Designs, Berta Built Bodies, Dynamic Drivelines, KS Engineering, Express Racecars

At the start of the 20-car IMCA Southern Sportmod feature Abbey led lap 1 with Cody Smith getting by Martin for second followed by Jacob Pirkle and Bo Day. It was three wide for sixth with Jimmy Day, JC Howell and Albert McCall. Pirkle was able to get third from Martin while the Day brothers fought for fifth with Jimmy getting the position from Bo.

Tommy Davis jr joined the three wide battle with McCall and Howell with Howell coming out with the spot. Pirkle was now putting heat on Smith for second. As they battled, Abbey was able to creep ahead. Howell then picked off fifth from J. Day. At halfway it was Abbey, Smith, Pirkle, Martin and Howell in the top five with Abbey continuing to ease away.

With five to go Abbey had a half straightaway lead on Smith, who had put a little distance on Pirkle. Abbey got a scare on lap 16 when McCall, who had fallen back, spun in turn 4 with the leaders coming through. All avoided contact, but the caution erased Abbeys nice lead. On green Abbey got a jump while Pirkle and Smith swapped second. This gave Abbey a cushion to run the final lap to the checkered flag.

"This is a great event," replied J. Abbey. "I really wish I could have made it to the 1st annual Bryan Mize Memorial. We were fortunate enough to be able to attend this years event but none of this would have been possible without KR, Kevin Sustaire and all the volunteers that put in many hours the past few weeks making this event what it is."

"We had a rough draw which put us in the back of a heat race but we worked our way through the field and finished second in the heat. Our luck of draw turned around for the redraw, pulling the 1 pill out of the bucket. We took the green and never saw anyone, leading all 20 laps to pick up the win. I have to give a big thanks to my older brother Dean, Robert Scrivner, and Tanner Branch for helping out at the track with what ever the car needed."

IMCA Southern Sportmods
37 Jeffrey Abbey, 31 Cody Smith, 141 Jacob Pirkle, 91 Kyle Wisdom, 31m Michael Martin, 171 Jeff Sheppard, 4r Kevin Rowland, 24 Jake Upchurch, 103 JC Howell, 23 Jimmy Day, 4x Bo Day, 78 Billy Jack Brutchen, 17 Tommy Davis jr., 88x RJ Stroman, 14 Michael Newhard, 1w Walter Hamilton, 58 Sid Kiphen, 561 Kevin Simpson, 30 Albert McCall, 38 Allen Montgomery

Bizkit Bakes Factory Stock Field
Stephenville's Dennis Bissonette went flag to flag in the Factory Stock 20-lapper
for the win. Bissonette made a three abreast move on the start to get by Tommy McKinley and Chase Neill for the lead. After a couple early restarts Bissonette had a big advantage until caution with four to go rebunched the field. Bissonette then held off JP Dowell and Josh Landers to get the victory

When green waved on the 20-car Factory Stock feature McKinley beat Neill into turn 1, but it was Bissonette coming from the second row leading back at the line. Neill, McKinley, Tommy Davis jr. and Jimmy Day filled the top five. Billy Vest, Justin Grogg and Josh McGaha tangled on the front stretch bringing out the yellow.

On the restart Bissonette was away with Neill, McKinley and T. Davis three wide. Kevin Manning, Bo Day, Jeff Hauser and McGaha were next to get together. Finally back to green, McKinley was looking high on Bissonette while Chris Davis and Jason Gore made their way to to top six. Dowell then joined that scrap with the trio going at it for fifth.

Gore secured the spot on lap 6 leaving Dowell, C. Davis and Justin McNeil three wide for sixth. As Bissonette eased away from McKinley and T. Davis, McNeil got by Gore and C. Davis for fifth. At the midway point it was Bissonette with good lead over McKinley, T. Davis, Neill and McNeil. Dowell, making a late race charge got by McNeil for fifth then Neill for fourth in two laps.

With five to go Bissonette had cruised out to a half straightaway lead until yellow on lap 16 for a spin by Grogg restacked the pack. Back under green briefly for a multi-car tangle in turns 1-2 and a spin by McKinley in turns 3-4 brought the yellow back out. Once back to green the top three cleared the field while Josh Landers got fifth from Gore.

Dowell took second from T. Davis on lap 18 and the leaders were coming to the white when Bryce Pritchett went around in turn 1 forcing a yellow. Under yellow Pritchett hunted down Vest and got him in turn 4. Vest held back from retaliating as they exchanged greetings and Pritchett tagged him again. Pritchett was black flagged, Vest got out to examine damage and was sent off for exiting his car.

Finally back to racing it was Bissonette and Dowell getting away on the last lap T. Davis went around collecting Neill and Manning while Bissonette in the West Masonry, Dirt Defender, Showtime Signs & Designs, Bobs Custom Paint, ADVI, Stephenville Starter, AMS Race Engines, HOT Chassis held off Dowell to score the victory.

Factory Stocks
85 Dennis Bissonette, 715 JP Dowell, 14x Josh Landers, 189 Justin McNeil, 721 Jason Gore, 21 Josh McGaha , 39 Jamey Lough, 71m Tommy McKinley , 25 Justin Grogg, 9 Kevin Manning, 416 Chase Neill, 171 Tommy Davis jr., 107 Billy Vest, 112m Ryan Powers, 18x Jeff Hauser, 98 Chris Davis, 23 Jimmy Day, 175 Cody Meyers, 4x Bo Day, 010 Bryce Pritchett---dq(rough driving)

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