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Hockett/McMillin Memorial Fires Off This Thursday


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Hockett/McMillin Memorial Fires Off This Thursday


TULSA, Okla. (September 19, 2016) Arguably two of Sprint Car racing's biggest ambassadors was Jesse Hockett and Daniel McMillin. Cousins closer than brothers, both were taken from this world much too soon and in the wake of their passing, teams and fans continue to flock to the "ShowMe State" to honor their legacy.


An event that continues to gather some of the best talent in Motorsports, the sixth annual Jesse Hockett/Daniel McMillin Memorial will see its biggest year yet as the event expands to three nights. Running from Thursday, September 22 to Saturday, September 24, the Hockett/McMillin Memorial will headline with the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by the MAVTV Motorsports Network, in conjunction with the Speedway Motors ASCS Warrior Region presented by Impact Signs.

On top of the added day, comes added money as the Saturday finale for the Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour will feature a $10,000 top prize. The two ASCS preliminary A-Features on Thursday and Friday will award $3,000 to the winners.

Joined by the BOSS Chassis WAR Sprint Cars each night, the all open-wheel weekend continues to build upon a dream that Jesse sought for Sprint Car racing in his home state.


Rolling into the weekend, Sam Hafertepe, Jr. leads the way with the Lucas Oil ASCS presented by the MAVTV Motorsports Network with a 253 point advantage over Johnny Herrera.


Sam comes into the three-night affair as the most recent winner in National Tour competition at the "Diamond of Dirt Tracks", having topped the 2016 Speedweek final on June 18, 2016. Herrera looks to back up his 2013 performance in which the Albuquerque, N.M. shoe won the finale of the Hockett/McMillin Memorial.


Blake Hahn enters the weekend third in tour standings with a narrow margin over Wayne Johnson. Separated by 11 points, neither have found Victory Lane at Lucas Oil Speedway. Johnson has come close on two occasions with a pair of podium finishes to his credit.


Rounding out the top-five in Matt Covington, but by only one point over Logan Forler. Both are in search of their first National Tour wins of the 2016 season. Picking up the win this past Saturday with the Speedway Motors ASCS Warrior Region at the Missouri State Fair Speedway, Seth Bergman looks to continue that momentum. Seventh in standings, Seth has the chance to jump into the top-five as he trails Covington by only 14 points. Aaron Reutzel holds eight with Josh Baughman and Kyle Bellm making up the top-ten in tour standings.


For the Speedway Motors ASCS Warrior Region presented by Impact Signs, the race for the top has tightened over the past few races as Jonathan Cornell has suffered some mechanical setbacks. Bringing Evan Martin to a 166 point deficit, the pair are alone at the top as Danny Thoman trails by 381 points. Austin Alumbaugh and Cody Baker make up the top-five.


Thursday, September 22 and Friday, September 23 will open at 5:00 P.M. with Hot Laps at 7:00 P.M. Saturday, September 24 will move up to a 4:00 P.M. open time and 6:45 P.M. (CDT) Hot Laps. For more information on the Lucas Oil Speedway, log onto http://www.lucasoilspeedway.com.


For fans unable to make the trip to the Hockett/McMillin Memorial, live online PPV can be found on http://www.lucasoilracingtv.com. Live audio will also be broadcast at http://www.racinboys.com.

For continued updates on the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series, log onto http://www.ascsracing.com.


The Format:


All drivers will compete on both qualifying nights as combined points from Heat Races, Qualifiers, B-Mains, and A-Mains will set the lineup for Top 8 on Saturday night. Any tie in points will be broken by Friday's passing point totals. ASCS Format will be utilized with draw in for Heat Race starting position and passing points to determine drivers who advance to Qualifiers and B-Mains.


Each night, Top 30 in Passing Points from Heat Races will move into Qualifiers. Remainder will fall to the tail of the night's "B" Features. Top 18 will be inverted with the highest point earner from Heat Races starting sixth in the first Qualifier. Qualifiers will be 8 laps each. Passing Points will be utilized with the driver's total points combined with their Heat Race total. The top 16 in combined Passing Points will advance to the A-Feature. Drivers will not redraw for their starting position. Lineup is straight up by the combined Passing Point total. The remainder will fall into B-Features. Number of B-Features is dependent upon the number of cars. 40-50 cars means remaining drivers will drop into two "B" Features. 51-60 will drop into three "B" Features. Lineup will be done by passing point totals with 17th going to the pole of the first "B" Feature, 18th to the pole of the second "B" Feature, etc.


If one B is needed, the top 6 drivers will advance to the A-Feature. If two B's, then the top three, if three B's, then the top two.


Following the completion of Friday's program, event points will be totaled with the Top 8 locked in, straight up, into Saturday's A-Feature. All other drivers will redraw for Heats and Qualifiers on Saturday with the Top 8 in combined Passing Points advancing, straight up, into position's 9-16 in the A-Feature, all other drivers will fall into B-Mains.


Thursday and Friday Race Points will follow the following scale:


Heat Race:
B-Feature: Based on number of B-Features. Starting with the first non-transfer:
A-Feature: Based on ASCS points structure for standard A-Mains:


**ASCS National Driver Point, Regional Attendance, and Promoter's Provisionals will be allowed, but will not award event points for the A-Feature. Points will be calculated from the position earned prior to the Provisional.


Purse structure for each night is as follows:


Thursday and Friday:

A-Feature: 1. $3.000; 2. $1,500; 3. $1,100; 4. $1,000; 5. $800 6. $700; 7. $600; 8. $500; 9. $475; 10. $450; 11. $425; 12. $400 13. $400; 14. $400; 15. $400; 16. $400; 17. $400; 18. $400; 19. $400; 20. $400; 21. $400; 22. $400;
Any non-transferring driver will be paid $100.



A-Feature: 1. $10,000; 2. $5,000; 3. $2,500; 4. $1,500; 5. $1,250; 6. $1,150; 7. $1,100; 8. $1,000; 9. $900; 10. $800; 11. $700; 12. $600; 13. $550; 14. $525; 15. $500; 16. $475; 17. $450; 18. $425; 19. $400; 20. $400; 21. $400; 22. $400;
Any non-transferring driver will be paid $150.


The 6th annual Jesse Hockett/Daniel McMillin Memorial will be filmed for broadcast on MAVTV and will be shown live on http://www.lucasoilracing.tv. Live coverage can also be found at http://www.racinboys.com.


For more information on the Lucas Oil Speedway, log onto http://www.lucasoilspeedway.com. For updates on the Lucas Oil ASCS presented by the MAVTV Motorsports Network, log onto http://www.ascsracing.com.


Event Information:

Tickets for the Hockett/McMillin Memorial can be found online at http://lucasoilspeedway.com/tickets or the day of the race at the Lucas Oil Speedway.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Gates open at 5 pm, Hot Laps at 7:00pm, Racing at 7:45pm
Adults (16 and up) $20
Seniors (62 and up)/Military $17
Youth (6 - 15) $5
Kids (5 and under) FREE
Family Pass $40 (Click Here For More Information)
Pit Pass $35
3-Day Pit Pass-$100


Friday, September 23, 2016

Gates open at 5 pm, Hot Laps at 7:00pm, Racing at 7:45pm
Adults (16 and up) $20
Seniors (62 and up)/Military $17
Youth (6 - 15) $5
Kids (5 and under) FREE
Family Pass $40 (Click Here For More Information)
Pit Pass $35


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Gates open at 4 pm, Hot Laps at 6:00pm, Racing at 6:45pm
Adults (16 and up) $25
Seniors (62 and up)/Military $22
Youth (6 - 15) $10
Kids (5 and under) FREE
Family Pass $50 (Click Here For More Information)
Pit Pass $40


Weekend Camping Spots

Reserved With Electric and Water-$100 (Limited Availability)
Reserved Dry Spots-$50 (Limited Availability)
Dry Camping-FREE


Lucas Oil Speedway Contact Information:

Phone: (417) 282-5984
Website: http://www.lucasoilspeedway.com
Email: info@lucasoilspeedway.com
Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lucas-Oil-Speedway/195983577199?v=wall
Address: 700 E. Highway 54, Wheatland, MO 65779


The Stats: Lucas Oil ASCS Quick List - Lucas Oil Speedway: Wheatland, Mo.


National Tour Winners by Date: Brian Brown (9/30/2006), Jason Johnson (4/19/2008), Shane Stewart (9/26/2009), Tim Crawley (9/25/2010), Tim Crawley (9/23/2011), Jason Johnson (9/24/2011), Cody Baker (6/23/2012), Brady Bacon (9/28/2012), Jason Johnson (9/29/2012), Jonathan Cornell (6/22/2013), Tony Bruce, Jr. (6/27/2013), Johnny Herrera (6/29/2013), Christopher Bell (6/21/2014), Tim Crawley (9/26/2014), Derek Hagar (9/26/2014), Tony Bruce, Jr. (6/20/2015), Brian Brown (9/25/2015); Brad Loyet (9/26/2015); Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (6/18/2016)

Hockett/McMillin Winners: Jason Johnson (2011 and 2012), Johnny Herrera (2013), Derek Hagar (2014); Brad Loyet (2015)


National Tour A-Feature Starts: Brian Brown -16, Tony Bruce, Jr.-16, Jason Johnson -15, Johnny Herrera -15, Seth Bergman - 15, Brad Loyet -13, Dustin Morgan -13, Jonathan Cornell -13, Kyle Bellm -12, Tim Crawley -11, Wayne Johnson -11, Jeff Swindell -10, Derek Hagar -9, Evan Martin -9, Matt Covington -9, Randy Martin -9, Blake Hahn -8, Jack Dover -8, Josh Fisher -8, Logan Forler -8, Aaron Reutzel -7, Brady Bacon -7, Gary Wright -7, Jay Russell -7, Sam Hafertepe, Jr.-7, Tyler Blank -7, Brandon Hanks -6, Danny Lasoski -6, Shane Stewart -6, Zach Chappell -6, Cody Baker -5, Josh Baughman -5, Sean McClelland -5, Danny Wood -4, Justin Henderson -4, Roger Crockett -4, Aaron Berryhill -3, Austin Alumbaugh -3, Chance Morton -3, Cole Wood -3, Jon Corbin -3, Mark Shirshekan -3, Miranda Arnold -3, Nick Smith -3, R.J. Johnson -3, Travis Rilat -3, Brandon Hahn -2, Darren Long -2, Don Droud, Jr. -2, Dustin Barks -2, Gavin Punch -2, Harli White -2, Ian Madsen -2, J. Kinder-2, Jesse Hockett -2, Jordan Boston -2, Jordan Weaver -2, Kenneth Walker -2, Matt Fox -2, Mike Trent -2, Mitchell Moore -2, Morgan Turpen -2, Randy Hibbs -2, Ray Allen Kulhanek -2. Terry Hinck -2, Toby Brown -2, Tyler Thomas -2, Adam Jones -1, Andy McElhannon -1, Anthony Nicholson -1, Brandon Schure -1, Brian Bell -1, Brian McClelland -1, Bryan Grimes -1, Channin Tankersley -1, Chris Morgan -1, Chris Tarrant -1, Chris Walker -1, Christopher Bell -1, Corey Nelson -1, Dan Smith -1, Danny Thoman -1, Darren Stewart -1, Dusty Zomer -1, Eric Baldaccini -1, Eric Schrock -1, Foster Landon -1, Garry Lee Maier -1, Gary Taylor -1, Gregg Bakker -1, Jake Martens -1, Jarrod Schneiderman -1, Jason Barney -1, Jason Sides -1, Joe Wood, Jr.-1, John Carney II -1, Kade Morton -1, Kathryne Minter -1, Kent Buckley -1, Kerry Madsen -1, Kris Miller -1, Kyle Carpenter -1, Layne Himebaugh -1, Mike Peters -1, Natalie Sather -1, Paul McMahan -1, Raven Culp -1, Ricky Logan -1, Rusty Potter -1, Rusty Quick -1, Scottie McDonald -1, Taylor Walton -1, Terry Gray -1, Tommy Bryant -1, Tracy Nichols -1, Trey Robb -1, Ty Williams -1, Tyler Drueke -1, Wyatt Burks -1,


National Tour Winners (13 Winners in 19 races): Jason Johnson 3, Tim Crawley 3, Brian Brown 2, Tony Bruce, Jr. 2, Johnny Herrera, Brad Loyet, Jonathan Cornell, Derek Hagar, Sam Hafertepe, Jr., Brady Bacon, Shane Stewart, Cody Baker, Christopher Bell


Lucas Oil ASCS A-Feature Top-3's: Brian Brown-9, Jason Johnson-5, Tim Crawley-5, Tony Bruce Jr-4, Derek Hagar-4, Brad Loyet-3, Sam Hafertepe Jr-3, Brady Bacon-3, Shane Stewart-3, Jonathan Cornell-2, Kyle Bellm-2, Wayne Johnson-2, Jeff Swindell-2, Johnny Herrera-1, Cody Baker-1, Christopher Bell-1, Matt Covington-1, Randy Martin-1, Danny Lasoski-1, Zach Chappell-1, Sean McClelland-1, Miranda Arnold-1. Josh Baughman-1


Lucas Oil ASCS A-Feature Top-5's: Brian Brown-11, Jason Johnson-9, Tim Crawley-6, Tony Bruce Jr-6, Jeff Swindell-6, Brad Loyet-5, Derek Hagar-4, Shane Stewart-4, Johnny Herrera-4, Sam Hafertepe Jr-3, Brady Bacon-3, Jonathan Cornell-3, Wayne Johnson-3, Danny Lasoski-3, Kyle Bellm-2, Matt Covington-2, Zach Chappell-2, Jack Dover-2, Logan Forler-2, Cody Baker-1, Christopher Bell-1, Randy Martin-1, Sean McClelland-1, Miranda Arnold-1, Josh Baughman-1, Seth Bergman-1, Gary Wright-1, Roger Crockett-1, Danny Wood-1, Aaron Berryhill-1, Ian Madsen-1, Jesse Hockett-1, Jason Sides-1, Channin Tankersley-1


Lucas Oil ASCS A-Feature Top-10's: Brian Brown-12, Jason Johnson-12, Tony Bruce Jr-12, Jonathan Cornell-11, Johnny Herrera-10, Brad Loyet-9, Tim Crawley-8, Jeff Swindell-7, Derek Hagar-7, Jack Dover-7, Shane Stewart-6, Sam Hafertepe Jr-6, Wayne Johnson-6, Dustin Morgan-6, Seth Bergman-5, Gary Wright-5, Kyle Bellm-4, Brady Bacon-3, Danny Lasoski-3, Matt Covington-3, Logan Forler-3, Sean McClelland-3, Roger Crockett-3, Blake Hahn-3, Zach Chappell-2, Cody Baker-2, Ian Madsen-2, Jesse Hockett-2, Evan Martin-2, Brandon Hanks-2, Travis Rilat-2, Christopher Bell-1, Randy Martin-1, Miranda Arnold-1, Josh Baughman-1, Danny Wood-1, Aaron Berryhill-1, Jason Sides-1, Channin Tankersley-1, Josh Fisher-1, Aaron Reutzel-1, Cole Wood-1, Austin Alumbaugh-1, Jon Corbin-1, Tyler Thomas-1, Gavin Punch-1, Darren Long-1, Kenneth Walker-1, Jason Barney-1, Kerry Madsen-1, Darren Stewart-1, John Carney II-1, Paul McMahan-1


Lucas Oil ASCS A-Feature History - Lucas Oil Speedway: Wheatland, Mo.:




1-Brian Brown
2-Sean McClelland
3-Randy Martin
4-Jesse Hockett
5-Aaron Berryhill
6-Gavin Punch
7-Gary Wright
8-Darren Stewart
9-Sam Hafertepe Jr
10-Jon Corbin
11-Bryan Grimes
12-Trey Robb
13-Toby Brown
14-Mike Peters
15-Terry Hinck
16-Foster Landon
17-Travis Rilat
18-Tracy Nichols
19-Jason Johnson
20-Eric Schrock
21-Rusty Potter
22-Zach Chappell
23-Matt Fox
24-Nick Smith
25-Kent Buckley




1-Jason Johnson
2-Danny Lasoski
3-Zach Chappell
4-Jason Sides
5-Brian Brown
6-Jack Dover
7-Wayne Johnson
8-Kenneth Walker
9-Travis Rilat
10-Gary Wright
11-Don Droud, Jr.
12-Garry Lee Maier
13-Randy Martin
14-Toby Brown
15-Eric Baldaccini
16-Nick Smith
17-Gary Taylor
18-Kathryne Minter
19-J. Kinder
20-Chris Tarrant
21-Terry Hinck
22-Matt Fox
23-Natalie Sather
24-Jay Russell
25-Josh Fisher




1-Shane Stewart
2-Jason Johnson
3-Brian Brown
4-Gary Wright
5-Danny Wood
6-Kerry Madsen
7-Travis Rilat
8-Paul McMahan
9-Jesse Hockett
10-Jack Dover
11-Josh Fisher
12-Brady Bacon
13-Tim Crawley
14-Tony Bruce, Jr.
15-Sean McClelland
16-Darren Long
17-Don Droud, Jr.
18-Dustin Morgan
19-Kyle Bellm
20-Chris Walker
21-Brian McClelland
22-Randy Martin
23-Mark Shirshekan
24-Aaron Berryhill
25-Kenneth Walker




1-Tim Crawley
2-Shane Stewart
3-Brady Bacon
4-Jonathan Cornell
5-Jason Johnson
6-Tony Bruce Jr
7-Dustin Morgan
8-Sean McClelland
9-Austin Alumbaugh
10-Darren Long
11-Zach Chappell
12-Ricky Logan
13-Dustin Barks
14-J Kinder
15-Josh Fisher
16-Brian Brown
17-Gregg Bakker
18-Matt Covington
19-Danny Wood
20-Tyler Blank
21-Dan Smith
22-Jon Corbin
23-Aaron Berryhill
24-Jack Dover
25-Rusty Quick


9/23/2011 (Hockett/McMillin I)


1-Tim Crawley
2-Brian Brown
3-Jason Johnson
4-Jack Dover
5-Jeff Swindell
6-Dustin Morgan
7-Shane Stewart
8-Cody Baker
9-Jonathan Cornell
10-Kyle Bellm
11-Brad Loyet
12-Johnny Herrera
13-Tony Bruce, Jr.
14-Austin Alumbaugh
15-Randy Martin
16-Aaron Reutzel
17-Mark Shirshekan
18-Seth Bergman
19-Brady Bacon
20-Josh Fisher
21-Mike Trent
22-Gavin Punch
23-Evan Martin
24-Kyle Carpenter


9/24/2011 (Hockett/McMillin I)

Finish -Driver

1-Jason Johnson
2-Tim Crawley
3-Brian Brown
4-Jack Dover
5-Jeff Swindell
6-Dustin Morgan
7-Gary Wright
8-Shane Stewart
9-Tony Bruce Jr
10-Johnny Herrera
11-Matt Covington
12-Seth Bergman
13-Jordan Boston
14-Ray Allen Kulhanek
15-Dustin Barks
16-Brady Bacon
17-Zach Chappell
18-Randy Martin
19-Tyler Drueke
20-Kyle Bellm
21-Ty Williams
22-Mark Shirshekan
23-Nick Smith




1-Cody Baker
2-Brian Brown
3-Kyle Bellm
4-Tony Bruce Jr
5-Zach Chappell
6-Jonathan Cornell
7-Sean McClelland
8-Brad Loyet
9-Josh Fisher
10-Johnny Herrera
11-Gary Wright
12-Tyler Blank
13-Danny Lasoski
14-Jason Johnson
15-Seth Bergman
16-Wayne Johnson
17-Brady Bacon
18-Logan Forler
19-Danny Wood
20-Randy Martin
21-Joe Wood Jr
22 (DNF)-Jon Corbin
23 (DNF)-Mike Trent
24 (DNF)-Dustin Morgan


9/28/2012 (Hockett/McMillin II)


1-Brady Bacon
2-Tony Bruce, Jr.
3-Brian Brown
4-Shane Stewart
5-Wayne Johnson
6-Jonathan Cornell
7-Jason Johnson
8-Brandon Hanks
9-Johnny Herrera
10-Jack Dover
11-Dustin Morgan
12-Justin Henderson
13-Miranda Arnold
14-Logan Forler
15-Layne Himebaugh
16-Tyler Blank
17-Brad Loyet
18-Kyle Bellm
19-R.J. Johnson
20-Gary Wright
21-Seth Bergman
22-Derek Hagar


9/29/2012 (Hockett/McMillin II)


1-Jason Johnson
2-Shane Stewart
3-Brady Bacon
4-Brian Brown
5-Logan Forler
6-Tony Bruce, Jr.
7-Wayne Johnson
8-Gary Wright
9-Jonathan Cornell
10-Derek Hagar
11-Brandon Schure
12-Brad Loyet
13-Jeff Swindell
14-Johnny Herrera
15-Justin Henderson
16-Seth Bergman
17-Jake Martens
18-Jordan Boston
19-R.J. Johnson
20-Tyler Blank
21-Jay Russell
22-Dustin Morgan




1-Jonathan Cornell
2-Miranda Arnold
3-Jeff Swindell
4-Jason Johnson
5-Brad Loyet
6-Logan Forler
7-Dustin Morgan
8-Cole Wood
9-Johnny Herrera
10-Tony Bruce, Jr.
11-Jay Russell
12-Brian Brown
13-Seth Bergman
14-Kyle Bellm
15-Evan Martin
16-Tyler Blank
17-Cody Baker
18-Mitchell Moore
19-Brandon Hahn
20-Wyatt Burks
21-Brandon Hanks
22-Randy Hibbs


9/27/2013 (Hockett/McMillin III)


1-Tony Bruce, Jr
2-Brian Brown
3-Derek Hagar
4-Roger Crockett
5-Jason Johnson
6-Brad Loyet
7-Evan Martin
8-Seth Bergman
9-Tim Crawley
10-Blake Hahn
11-Danny Lasoski
12-Jeff Swindell
13-Cole Wood
14-Dustin Morgan
15-Logan Forler
16-Johnny Herrera
17-Jarrod Schneiderman
18-Sean McClelland
19-R.J. Johnson
20-Jay Russell
21-Randy Martin
22-Justin Henderson


9/29/2013 (Hockett/McMillin III)


1-Johnny Herrera
2-Brian Brown
3-Tony Bruce, Jr.
4-Jason Johnson
5-Danny Lasoski
6-Jeff Swindell
7-Brad Loyet
8-Dustin Morgan
9-Roger Crockett
10-Derek Hagar
11-Logan Forler
12-Seth Bergman
13-Kyle Bellm
14-Evan Martin
15-Jay Russell
16-Brandon Hahn
17-Cole Wood
18-Josh Fisher
19-Randy Martin
20-Justin Henderson
21-Tim Crawley
22-Wayne Johnson
23-Brian Bell




1-Christopher Bell
2-Tim Crawley
3-Brad Loyet
4-Matt Covington
5-Johnny Herrera
6-Jonathan Cornell
7-Jason Johnson
8-Brandon Hanks
9-Seth Bergman
10-Dustin Morgan
11-Aaron Reutzel
12-Tyler Blank
13-Jeff Swindell
14-Danny Wood
15-Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
16-Zach Chappell
17-Tony Bruce, Jr.
18-Blake Hahn
19-Josh Fisher
20-Harli White
21-Randy Hibbs
22-Josh Baughman


9/26/2014 (Hockett/McMillin IV)


1-Tim Crawley
2-Wayne Johnson
3-Sam Hafertepe Jr
4-Johnny Herrera
5-Jeff Swindell
6-Brad Loyet
7-Jack Dover
8-Roger Crockett
9-Jonathan Cornell
10-Tony Bruce Jr
11-Jason Johnson
12-Derek Hagar
13-Brian Brown
14-Harli White
15-Josh Baughman
16-Kyle Bellm
17-Seth Bergman
18-Blake Hahn
19-Dustin Morgan
20-Matt Covington
21-Adam Jones
22-Aaron Reutzel
23-Danny Lasoski
24-Danny Thoman


9/27/2014 (Hockett/McMillin IV)


1-Derek Hagar
2-Jeff Swindell
3-Sam Hafertepe Jr
4-Tony Bruce Jr
5-Johnny Herrera
6-Jason Johnson
7-Brian Brown
8-Tim Crawley
9-Jack Dover
10-Seth Bergman
11-Roger Crockett
12-Evan Martin
13-Dustin Morgan
14-Anthony Nicholson
15-Dusty Zomer
16-Brad Loyet
17-Jonathan Cornell
18-Blake Hahn
19-Matt Covington
20-Tyler Blank
21-Miranda Arnold
22-Wayne Johnson
23-Taylor Walton




1-Tony Bruce Jr
2-Kyle Bellm
3-Wayne Johnson
4-Seth Bergman
5-Jeff Swindell
6-Derek Hagar
7-Aaron Reutzel
8-Matt Covington
9-Blake Hahn
10-Jonathan Cornell
11-Johnny Herrera
12-Tyler Thomas
13-Logan Forler
14-Brandon Hanks
15-Andy McElhannon
16-Kade Morton
17-Evan Martin
18-Chance Morton
19-Jordan Weaver
20-Kris Miller
21-Jay Russell
22-Austin Alumbaugh


9/25/2015 (Hockett/McMillin V)


1-Brian Brown
2-Derek Hagar
3-Josh Baughman
4-Brad Loyet
5-Ian Madsen
6-Sam Hafertepe Jr
7-Kyle Bellm
8-Evan Martin
9-Jonathan Cornell
10-Johnny Herrera
11-Tony Bruce Jr
12-Tim Crawley
13-Blake Hahn
14-Seth Bergman
15-Aaron Reutzel
16-Chris Morgan
17 (DNF)-Matt Covington
18 (DNF)-Wayne Johnson
19 (DNF)-Mitchell Moore
20 (DNF)-Morgan Turpen
21 (DNF)-Cody Baker
22 (DNF)-Corey Nelson
23 (DNF)-Terry Gray
24 (DNF)-Josh Fisher


9/26/2015 (Hockett/McMillin V)


1-Brad Loyet
2-Derek Hagar
3-Matt Covington
4-Tim Crawley
5-Danny Lasoski
6-Ian Madsen
7-Johnny Herrera
8-Tony Bruce Jr
9-Sam Hafertepe Jr
10-Wayne Johnson
11-Aaron Reutzel
12-Kyle Bellm
13-Jonathan Cornell
14-Josh Baughman
15-Jordan Weaver
16-Randy Martin
17-Evan Martin
18-Blake Hahn
19-Brandon Hanks
20-Chance Morton
21 (DNF)-Morgan Turpen
22 (DNF)-Seth Bergman
23 (DNF)-Brian Brown
24 (DNF)-Scottie McDonald




1-Sam Hafertepe Jr
2-Brad Loyet
3-Jonathan Cornell
4-Logan Forler
5-Channin Tankersley
6-Jason Barney
7-Tyler Thomas
8-John Carney II
9-Seth Bergman
10-Blake Hahn
11-Wayne Johnson
12-Cody Baker
13-Jay Russell
14-Josh Baughman
15-Chance Morton
16-Johnny Herrera
17-Matt Covington
18-Raven Culp
19-Brandon Hanks
20-Ray Allen Kulhanek
21-Tommy Bryant
22-Evan Martin
23-Aaron Reutzel
24-Kyle Bellm


2016 ASCS National Driver Standings (Top 10): 1. Sam Hafertepe, Jr. 3,841; 2. Johnny Herrera 3,588; 3. Blake Hahn 3,390; 4. Wayne Johnson 3,379; 5. Matt Covington 3,256; 6. Logan Forler 3,255; 7. Seth Bergman 3,242; 8. Aaron Reutzel 3,092; 9. Josh Baughman 2,407; 10. Kyle Bellm 2,321;


2016 ASCS National Winner(s): Sam Hafertepe, Jr. 7 (5/13 - Texas Motor Speedway; 6/12 - Rt. 66 Motor Speedway; 6/18 - Lucas Oil Speedway; 6/25 - Skagit Speedway; 7/1 - Grays Harbor Raceway; 7/2 - Grays Harbor Raceway; 8/20 - St. Francois County Raceway); Johnny Herrera 4 (3/17-Heart O' Texas Speedway; 6/3-Hartford Speedway; 7/22 - Black Hills Speedway; 7/23 - Black Hills Speedway); Blake Hahn 3 (7/8 - Gallatin Speedway; 7/9 - Gallatin Speedway; 7/28 - Park Jefferson Speedway); Brian Brown 2 (5/5 - Lakeside Speedway; 8/21 - Missouri State Fair Speedway); Brad Loyet 2 (6/15 - Lawton Speedway; 6/17 - Mo. State Fair Speedway); Bryan Clauson 2 (6/16 - Creek County Speedway; 7/31 - Badlands Motor Speedway); Aaron Reutzel 2 (5/14 - Texas Motor Speedway; 9/4 - Jackson Motorplex); Wayne Johnson 1 (3/19 - Devil's Bowl Speedway); Brandon Hanks 1 (3/25-Cotton Bowl Speedway); Josh Baughman 1 (3/26 - Bronco Raceway Park); Marc Duperron 1 (6/24 - Skagit Speedway); Jamie Ball 1 (8/4 - Knoxville Raceway); Jamie Veal 1 (8/5 - Knoxville Raceway); Sammy Swindell 1 (8/6 - Knoxville Raceway); Ian Madsen 1 (9/2 - Jackson Motorplex);


ASCS National Drivers Online:

Josh Baughman: http://www.joshbaughman.com
Kyle Bellm: http://www.kylebellm.com
Seth Bergman: http://www.sethbergmanracing.com
Matt Covington: http://www.mattcovingtonracing.com
Sam Hafertepe, Jr.: http://www.sam15.com
Blake Hahn: http://www.blakehahnracing.com
Johnny Herrera: http://www.johnnyherreraracing.com
Wayne Johnson: https://www.facebook.com/WayneJohnsonRacing?fref=ts
Logan Forler: https://twitter.com/ForlerRacing
Brad Loyet: http://www.loyetmotorsports.com
Aaron Reutzel: http://www.aaronreutzelracing.com
Steven Russell: https://www.facebook.com/steven.russell.71066?fref=ts


ASCS Online:

American Sprint Car Series: http://www.ascsracing.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lucasoilascs
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/lucasoilascs (@lucasoilascs)
Audio Broadcast: http://www.racinboys.com
Live Scoring (Where Applicable): http://www.ascsracing.com/live and the Race Monitor App

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