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Sprint Series of Oklahoma and United Rebel Sprint Series, A Little Inf


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Sprint Series of Oklahoma and United Rebel Sprint Series, A Little Info

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – September 12, 2016 - A rainout back on Saturday night, April 16, deflated both series and track officials at Longdale Speedway in Longdale, Oklahoma for the first ever event between the Kansas based URSS and Oklahoma based SSO. Luckily a second event had already been scheduled and this coming Saturday night (September 17) both series will try once again to not only compete against each other but bring exciting sprint car racing to the folks in attendance.

The United Rebel Sprint Series is under the direction of former Colorado sprint car driver Rick Salem and has been in existence since 2006. This is the first year the series drivers will also be competing for IMCA Sprint Car National points where Zach Blurton currently holds down the eighth position in the standings while URSS point leader Luke Cranston nineteenth. Learn more about the “Rebels” of URSS by accessing their website www.unitedrebelsprintseries.com or their facebook page United Rebel Sprint Series (URSS). There you will find up-to-date schedule, results, driver profiles and more.

Current URSS Point Standings: 1) 20 Luke Cranston 1308, 2) 2J Zach Blurton 1262, 3) 50 Jed Werner 1198, 4) 12 Darren Berry 1196, 5) 97 Brian Herbert 1190, 6) 0 Steven Richardson 926, 7) 33k Aaron Ploussard 878, 8) 21r Jeff Radcliffe 872, 9) 83 Austin Mclean 858, 10) 911 Ty Williams 822; Also expected representing URSS: 11 Keefe Hemel, 49 Mike Peters, 9d Lance Davis, 6 Kaden Taylor, 33 Kolby Walters, 3 Ryan Walters

URSS National Feature Winners: Luke Cranston (2), Zach Blurton (2), Brian Herbert (2), Jason Martin (1), Steven Richardson, J.D. Johnson

Nine events have been held for the URSS National point deal with 76 different drivers having competed in at least one event. Five drivers have made all nine events.

After this Saturday night’s combined challenge event with SSO there will be one more national event left on the 2016 schedule, Saturday night, September 24, at Dodge City Raceway Park.

This year is the inaugural season or the Sprint Series of Oklahoma IMCA Racesaver Sprint Car Series and is run by long-time Fairgrounds Speedway (OKC) car owners Jim and Ernie Messmer. Current series point leader Andy Shouse holds down the top spot in IMCA Sprint Car National points. An official website for SSO is probable during the winter months but you can still keep up on all the up-to-date information on the series on their official facebook page Sprint Series of Oklahoma.

Current SSO Point Standings: 1) 27 Andy Shouse 321, 2) 03 Joe Wood, Jr., 3) 28 Brandon Long 258, 4) 88 Shayla Waddell 251, 5) 32x Chris Kelly 230, 6) 48 Jake Martens, 7) 3x Jerry Jumper 195, 8) 50 Cody Whitworth 189, 9) 39 Sterling Hoff 181, 10) 80 Loyd Clevenger 178; Also expected representing SSO: 35k Chad Koch, 29 Blake Dacus, 30 Joseph Miller, 8j James Fabian, 2a Alison Slaton, 19 Justin Fisk, 78 Tanner Cann, 0 Mike Scott
SSO Feature Winners: John Carney II (3), Jake Martens (1), Brandon Long, Michelle Melton, Chad Wilson, Joe Wood, Jr., Andy Shouse

Nine events have been held for the SSO with an estimated 78 different drivers having competed in at least one event.

At least eleven drivers have made all nine events.

After this combined event with the URSS there will be one more event left on the 2016 race schedule and that will take place next Saturday night, September 24, at Oklahoma Sports Park in Ada.

The combined SSO/URSS event at Longdale Speedway will pay $1000 to win and will be the last sprint event slated for the track in 2016. Gates open at 5:00 PM with race time slated for a 7:00 PM start time. Grandstand admission tickets are just $15 for adults, $12 for all seniors and military while ages 12 and under will be admitted free.

Longdale Speedway is located a quarter mile south of town on Hwy 58. More information on the big three-eighths mile track and facility can be found on the tracks official website www.longdalespeedway.net or by accessing their official facebook page: Longdale Speedway. More race information call (580) 886-5375.

Interested in learning more about the IMCA Racesaver Sprint Car Series you can check out their official website www.imca.com.

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