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last week we blew number 6 piston motor junk ..a good man bobby Sanford gave us a motor to run .today we as in jessie Sandoval and I tried to fire it up using the same distributor from the old motor .we did the usual hook ups and timing set up .adjusted the valves .and this darn motor just would not fire just pop and spit .thought 180 out and was so reset the dist and no change ..... sat down scratched my head .pull number one plug poked the old finger into the plug hole and had Jessie spin her over ..found number one plug would fire while piston was just starting its compression stroke .not good right .so I turned dist to align the timing though distributor was correct with number one .. this is where after over 50 years of building motors I was lost for a time dumbfounded to say the least ..no matter how much I turn that dist I could not get the firing and compression to match up I turn that dist 180 and still the same fire to compression separation ..all the time number six was trying to fire up .out of line . hmmm ..changed cap and away she ran .....I would like to know who ever saw this before .cuz now we know why we lost number six piston ..and btw this is the second motor in as many weeks blow up like that emod then the purestock the next .good motors . the emod ran last week and we used the same dist aswell from its blown motor and it ran way out of something on the track .changed dist cap and wires and car ran fine in the feature ..thinking we lost both motors over the same problem freak deal I guess ,,

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