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White, Egbert, Toyne, Underwood get IMCA wins at Cotton Bowl 6-25-16

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White, Egbert, Toyne, Underwood get IMCA wins at Cotton Bowl 6-25-16


by JM Hallas


Paige, Tx.,(June 25th, 2016) In a season that's seen several rain outs already, Cotton Bowl Speedway dodged the bullet Saturday to get its race in. The continued cloudy conditions did throw a wrench into track prep on the semi-banked, 3/8 mile, clay oval. Not having any sun made the track a bit sketchy for the heats, but crews worked during intermission making it a tacky, hammer down track for the features.

On the slate were all four IMCA classes(Modifieds, Southern Sportmods, Stock Cars and Hobby's) plus the NeSmith Street Stock and CBS Stock Cars.


The event was bittersweet for one IMCA Modified driver and a highlight for the IMCA Stock Car winner. Billy Bachmeyer was running his last IMCA Modified race, leaving to spend time with his family.


Bachmeyer, who gave away souvenir shirts, etc., won his heat but had to settle for a mid-pack finish in the feature.


Duane Toyne, who has raced in Kansas and Texas, on both asphalt and dirt scored his first ever IMCA Stock Car against an always stout field of cars.

White Whips 'Em in Modified Main


The wily veteran and multi-time IMCA Champion, Keith White(Academy) put his experience to work on the super-fast tacky track to pick up the win. White wasted little time falling in behind early leader Jerry Frydrych at the start of the 20-lapper. He then stalked Frydrych, high and low before capitalizing on a restart to grab the spot before halfway. White eased away in the final half as the battle raged for third on back.


As green waved on the field it was three wide going into turn 1. Frydrych was first off turn 2 trailed by White, Mike McCarthy, Bachmeyer and David Goode. White quickly began looking for a way past Frydrych trying different lines and occasionally showing the nose.


McCarthy gave up spots falling out the top five when another past IMCA champ, PJ Egbert got fifth. Goode half spun off turn 2 on lap 6 allowing Egbert, McCarthy and Ronnie Warren to get by for fourth, fifth and sixth, respectively. A lap later Scott Stubbs went all the way around for a caution.


On the restart White chose the outside, got a run coming to green, then dove under Frydrych off turn 2 to get by for the lead. James Cochran slapped the turn 3 wall on lap 9 for the final yellow hankie. White got away clean with Bachmeyer trying outside Frydrych who squeezed him high allowing Egbert to snag third.


At the crossed flags it was White, Frydrych, Egbert, Bachmeyer and Cody Tidwell slotting into fifth. Bachmeyer, trying to make up spots, slid high and fell back to seventh. Up front White was pulling away from Frydrych who had gap back to Egbert, Tidwell, Warren and McCarthy slugging it out for third.


Frydrych almost lost second after contact with a lapped car, but had enough cushion to hold the spot. White in his KSG Motorsports, Fat Daddy's Designs, Tires by Kole, Bell County Electric, Bell County Iron and Recycling, J Irwin, Shale, TCC, Team Velocita, Craftmaster Powder Cating, Dirt Defender, Tubbs Paint and Body, Texas Star Concrete Services, BSB Manufacturing, WCH Racing Engines powered, Phoenix Racing Chassis, easily cruised the final laps for another victory.


"We've been struggling a little bit," replied White. "We've only raced a handful of times this year. That's hurt us a little. We know how to get around that type of heavy track for sure. We started with this Phoenix car last year at Boone(Super Nationals). We won heats there, but didn't go so well in the A-mains. We won a couple races back here the end of the year and a couple at the beginning this year. We just haven't raced as much. I've been taking more time for family things with my kids and their school sports. Anything that I'm doing with my family is awesome. The racing is secondary to my family if i had to chose. I'm fortunate that my comes racing with me."


"I used to think that they(tracks) couldn't open the gates without me. I've realized this year that they can. I'm just going to race when I want to, how I want to and have fun. The bad part is when you're not doing it every week you lose of your focus and that edge it takes, the incentive. One of my biggest supporters has been Billy Bachmeyer. He's retiring after this race and do some of those that I've been doing with his family. He's also has a tractor pull thing that he's going to play with. I'm going to miss him parked beside me every week, and sharing ideas."




IMCA Modifieds


1 Keith White, 13 Jerry Frydrych, 707 PJ Egbert, 17 Cody Tidwell, 34w Ronnie Warren, 20, Mike McCarthy, 13g David Goode,38 Billy Bachmeyer, 48 Raymond McSpadden, 202 Scott Stubbs, 81 Ryan Childress, 1j James Cochran, 10e Ronnie Ellis---dns


IMCA Modified heats


Heat 1; 1 Keith White, 34w Ronnie Warren, 10e Ronnie Ellis, 707 PJ Egbert, 1j James Cochran, 81 Ryan Childress, 202 Scott Stubbs


Heat 2; 38 Billy Bachmeyer, 13g David Goode, 13 Jerry Frydrych, 20 Mike McCarthy, 17 Cody Tidwell, 48r Raymond McSpadden


Egbert Ekes Out Sportmod Scramble


The IMCA Southern Sportmod feature shaped out to be a three-car shootout among three of the classes top drivers, Steve Whiteaker jr., JJ Jennings and GW Egbert, after a caution past halfway bunched the field. Slight contact with two to go between Whiteaker and Jennings sent Whiteaker around with both opting to pull off. This handed GW Egbert(Salado), who started tenth, the top spot for the final circuits and the win.


As the 19-car field took the green Nathan Robbins was first off turn 2 with the lead chased by Brandon Prewitt, Jennings, Jeremy Petty and Don Painter. Painter got by Petty for fourth while Whiteaker, making his first IMCA appearance in years, made a huge charge from twelveth to fifth. Whiteaker then picked off Painter for fourth.


Jennings got by Prewitt for second on lap 4 bringing Whiteaker along to third, while GW Egbert began making his move forward. Whiteaker threw a slider on Jennings and Robbins, but overshot the groove. He was able to hold second and go back after Robbins. Whiteaker used the low side of turn 4 to get by Robbins for the lead on lap 7 bringing Jennings along to second.


At the halfway point it was Whiteaker and Jennings easing away, Prewitt, Robbins and GW Egbert in the top five. GW Egbert then moved his way to third, with Chris Birmingham cracking the top five, while the lead duo ran up on traffic. At one point they split a slower car three wide with Whiteaker holding the point. That battle slowed when Birmingham stopped in turn 2 for a lap 14 caution.


On the restart the top three broke ahead with GW Egbert looking under Jennings, but Robbins got turned around collecting Don Krahn in turn 4. Back to green with the top three nose to tail coming to two to go Jennings gave Whiteaker a tap sending him around in turn 4. Jennings was sent to the back for contact, Whiteaker to the back for being stopped on track.


GW Egbert inherited the lead for the lap 18 restart, while both Jennings and Whiteaker opted to pit. The shake up left Painter and Thomas Bennett on the tail of GW Egbert for the restart. Egbert, in the E&E Collision, 121 Towing, Egbert Automotive, JP's Speed Secrets, Pro Image, Farmers Insurance, Leons Wrecker Service, Fred Garvin Machine powered, Cam by Egbert Chassis.


"Basically I got lucky," said GW Egbert. "That's what it boils down to. Stevie(Whiteaker) got to the lead first and was gone. JJ(Jennings) was behind him, we had that restart with about 6 or 7 to go and we started racing. I felt like I could get in(the corner) better, but couldn't come off the corner at all. JJ and I were side by side and I saw him make contact with Stevie, and it was over. There was only two laps to go at that point. I'll take it when I can take it.


"Basically I didn't do anything between the heat and feature, not even add fuel. When it's dry I may grind tires, but I didn't have to do it tonight, that was nice. I like it better when this track is dry. They can have good three and four wide racing. When it's hammer down like that. everyone's fighting for the same real estate. It's too hard on equipment too, but I'll take the win, that's for sure.


"I think Stevie probably would have ended up winning if not for the contact with JJ. He wasn't going to mess up on his own. He's been doing this stuff way too long. Between JJ and I, I really don't know how it would have come out. You never know what's going to happen. I could in better and maybe get the nose ahead, but he could come off better. We'd have all had top threes, that's all I know."


"With all our cars we share a lot of information between us even though they may not be the chassis. They're still full frame cars so spring rates, wedge and all that we can share. That makes it nice and being able to race with my dad and my brother."


IMCA Southern Sportmods

717 GW Egbert, 10d Don Painter, 0k Thomas Bennett, 55 Rusty Head, 661 Johnny Torres, r3w Rick Wolfe, c3 Chris Birmingham, 51 Earl Ingram, 70 George Egbert, 551 Gerald, Henderson, 11t Tom Grotheus, 86 Dillon Tindell, 43g Gene Burnett , 89c Steve Whiteaker jr., 26g JJ Jennings, 25 Brandon Prewitt, 43 Jeremy Petty, 04 Nathan Robbins, 17 Don Krahn, 601 Chris Cogburn---dns



Heat 1; 04 Nathan Robbins, 89c Steve Whiteaker jr, 717 GW Egbert, 10d Don Painter, 0k Thomas Bennett, 86 Dillon Tindell, 43g Gene Burnett


Heat 2; c3 Chris Birmingham, r3w Rick Wolfe, 26 JJ Jennings, 43 Jeremy Petty, 17 Don Krahn, 661 Johnny Torres---dntg, 70 George Egbert---dntg


Heat 3; 51 Earl Ingram, 11t Tom Grothues, 55 Rusty Head, 25 Brandon Prewitt, 551 Gerald Henderson, 601 Chris Cogburn---dns


Toyne Takes Inaugural I-Stock Tally


Despite having wins in Texas and Kansas, on both dirt and pavement, Duane Toyne(Austin) had never found the winners circle in IMCA racing. Tonight was his night. Toyne started outside row 2, but lost ground on the start. He then methodically worked his way back to the front catching early lead Joe O'Bryan in the final laps. Toyne got inside O'Bryan with the two side by side, before inching ahead. O'Bryan tried to crossover on the final lap, but it was Toyne taking the checkers.


The 14-car field stayed door to door the entire first lap with O'Bryan getting the advantage at the line. Falling in behind him were Joey Tschoerner, Joe Spillman, Terry Tschoerner and Peter Delevan. Positions shuffled nearly corner for corner behind O'Bryan early with Spillman, T. Tschoerner and Toyne getting 2nd through fourth while Charles Cosper made his way forward.


Coming to halfway Tracy Tschoerner stopped in turn 3 to bring out a lap 6 yellow. On the restart O'Bryan jumped out while Toyne and Spillman swapped second. Spillman had trouble and faded while Cosper moved up to third. At halfway it was O'Bryan, Toyne, Cosper, Delevan and Lewis Blackwood in the top five.


With five to go Toyne was pressuring O'Bryan for the lead looking low, while Blackwood and Delevan ran side by side for fourth. Coming to two to go, Toyne stuck the nose under O'Bryan with the two side by side at the line. Toyne got the edge into turn 1. O'Bryan tried to crossover and duck under Toyne, but it was Toyne in the Frontline Delivery, Terrys Body Shop, Pistoles Transmission, L&L Chassis taking his first I-Stock victory.


"This is my first IMCA win ever," exclaimed a happy Toyne. "I've won some dirt races back home in Kansas, but it wasn't in IMCA. Joe(O'Bryan) was running a real good consistent line. I felt like I had more bite coming out of the corners. I could catch and get to his bumper. If my car rotated good in the corner I could get back to the gas quicker."


"This car was one I picked that was built in Nebraska. I don't know much of the history on it. It's a fairly older car, built in '09, but it's had all the updates on it and drove like a dream tonight. The motor is from Kansas also. It was built by an independent guy that puts them together now and then. He built this motor for my old Camaro when I was back there."


"It's a co-operative deal for all of us at TBS Racing. Terry is more the mastermind behind it all, we all learn from him. He does a lot of the homework. We do each do our own and put it all together. Coming back down here with this team has helped me a lot as far as set up. When I was back in Kansas a couple years I was mostly on my own. I had some Late Models guys giving me ideas. I brought those things back with me and shared them with Terry and Joey. We try things. If they work, they work. If not, we go back to what did last race."


IMCA Stock Cars


48 Duane Toyne, 14 Joe O'Bryan, 33c Charles Cosper, 65 Lewis Blackwood, 98 Peter Delevan, 14j Jay Simon II, 01t Tracy Tschoerner, 77 Bill Siegman,22c Dale Caswell, 43 Trent Miller, 114 Joey Tschoerner, 17d Dean Preim, 44z Joe Spillman, 01 Terry Tschoerner, 52 AJ Dancer---dns


IMCA Stock Car heats


Heat 1 ; 14 Joe O'Bryan, 114 Joey Tschoerner, 44z Joe Spillman, 43 Trent Miller, 48 Duane Toyne, 22c Dale Caswell, 52 AJ Dancer, 77 Bill Siegman


Heat 2; 14j Jay Simon II, 33c Charles Cosper, 65 Lewis Blackwood, 98 Peter Delevan, 01 Terry Tschoerner, 17d Dean Priem, 01t Tracy Tschoerner-Hendrix


Underwood Undeniable for Hobby Honors


In a race that saw Larry Underwood and Sean Burnett slug it out earlier, it was Underwood taking the win after contact with Burnett that sent him back to fourth. Underwood then had a big advantage in the cautionless 15-lapper easily taking the checkers.


Underwood jumped out front on green with Burnett, Douglas Wiggins, Alexa Shed and Casey Brunson in pursuit. A. Shed and Brunson swapped the spot until Damian Snyder and Stacey Robinette joined that battle. Up front the lead fight was heating up with Burnett getting the nose under Underwood into the corners, but Underwood having the forward drive off. At the midway point Burnett got a good enough run to get along side Underwood and make the pass in turn 1.


Underwood charged back getting into Burnett in turn 4 sending him through the infield, losing several spots. This left Underwood with a big lead over Wiggins and Snyder fighting for second now. As Wiggins and Snyder slugged it out, Burnett saw an opportunity to get by Snyder for third. As the white flag waved Underwood was running unchallenged up front and snagging the win.


IMCA Hobby Stocks

8 Larry Underwood, 94 Douglas Wiggins, 57 Sean Burnett, 44 Damian Snyder, 43 Stacey Robinette, 04 Alexa Shed, 10 Casey Brunson, 09 David Shed, 7 Michael Crisler

IMCA Hobby Stock heat


Heat 1; 8 Larry Underwood, 57 Sean Burnett, 84 Douglas Wiggins, 43 Stacey Robinette, 04 Alexa Shed, 10 Casey Brunson, 44 Damian Snyder, 09 David Shad, 7 Michael Crisler


Josh Chevalier and Rob Slott showed they were the class of the NeSmith Street Stock feature. Slott got the lead on lap 1 as they ran door to door, but Chevalier got the edge on lap 2. The duo hooked up and quickly pulled away from the field. At halfway they held a big margin over Jeff Schultea, Heath Stewart and Anthony Gordon, debuting his new Mustang bodied car.


Slott had a chance to retake the lead when a slower car impeded Chevalier, but couldn't get by. Slott gave it the ol' college try on the final lap using the high side. Slott got along side Chevalier on the back stretch, but Chevalier held him off in turns 3-4 to take the win in the Houston Tree Service, Nicos Bar & Grill, spider-wraps.com, MTS Inspection, Chevy Camaro.


NeSmith Street Stock


55 Josh Chevalier, 48r Rob Slott, 97 Jeff Schultea, 2 Heath Stewart, 22m Anthony Gordon, 9 Tommy Gural, 30 Bryan Meredith, 1, Tim Ellis, 00 Matthew Hawken, 3 Bruce Hinson

NeSmith Street Stock heat


Heat 1; 48r Rob Slott, 55 Josh Chevalier, 97 Jeff Schultea, 2 Heath Stewart, 17 Tim Ellis, 9 Tommy Gural, 30 Bryan Meredith, 22m Anthony Gordon', 3 Bruce Hinson, 00 Matthew Hawken


At the start of the 15-lap CBS Stock Car feature Bryan Mayeux grabbed the early lead beating Jimmy Carroll into turn 1. Danny Bennett made a big run to get second on lap 1 with Michael Rogers, Carroll and Jason Dismuke falling in line. Steve Sims then picked off Dismuke and Carroll for fourth while D. Bennett was challenging Mayeux for the lead.


D. Bennett got under Mayeux to lead lap 4 while Andrew Bennett and Brady Alberson, making his Cotton Bowl debut joined Rogers and Sims. At halfway it was D, Bennett, Mayeux, Rogers, Sims and A. Bennett in the top five. The battle for third came to a head on lap 10 when A. Bennett got into Sims sending him into Rogers and collecting Tim Smith. Sims was unable to continue, A. Bennett given the black flag.

On the restart D. Bennett and Mayeux eased ahead while Alberson, Casey Crane and Drake Pruitt were three wide for third. As they sorted out it was Crane and Pruitt side by for third with Crane getting the spot. Alberson used the opening to get by Pruitt for fourth. Out front D. Bennett was motoring away for the victory.


CBS Stock Cars

r4j Danny Bennett, 0* Bryan Mayeux, 2x Casey Crane, 241 Brady Alberson, 56 Drake Pruitt, 213 Tim Smith, 22 Mike Nuby, 77d Jason Dismuke, 48x Jimmy Carroll, 52 Dan Kohler, 77 Jarod Lietchman, 10x Michael Rogers, 58 Steve Sims, 00 Andrew Bennett--DQ


CBS Stock Car heats


Heat 1; 10x Michael Rogers, 58 Steve Sims, 213 Tim Smith, 52 Dan Kohler, 48x Jimmy Carroll, 56 Drake Pruitt, 77d Jason Dismuke,


Heat 2; 00 Andrew Bennett, 0* Bryan Mayeux, 241 Brady Alberson, r4j Danny Bennett, 77d Jason Dismuke, 2x Casey Crane, 77 Jarod Leitchman, 22 Mike Nuby

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