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Kinderknecht Outduels Forsberg for NCRA Mod Lite Victory!


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Kinderknecht Outduels Forsberg for NCRA Mod Lite Victory!

Park City, Kansas – June 19, 2016 - Justin Kinderknecht and Dustin Forsberg waged a spirited race-long battle for the lead and when the dirt settled it was Kinderknecht bringing home the National Championship Racing Association of Park City, Kansas presented by Precise Racing Products mod lite feature Sunday night at 81 Speedway in Park City.

Both drivers traded the lead several laps before two-time and defending tour champion Kinderknecht finally took home the fifteen lap feature victory, his first on the season. Forsberg would settle for second while Mike Zrubek, Trace Ayers and Brandon Gray rounded out the top five.

The next event for the NCRA mod lite division will be held on Saturday night, July 2, at 81 Speedway in Park City for race number five on the 2016 race season.

NCRA Mod Lites

81 Speedway/Park City, Kansas


16 Cars

1st Heat: 1) Dustin Forsberg (Bel Aire, Ks), 2) Justin Kinderknecht (Salina, Ks), 3) Mike Zrubek (Salina, Ks), 4) Chad
Shartzer (Abilene, Ks), 5) Ryan Secrest (Newton, Ks), 6) Ryan Ayers (Salina, Ks), 7) Andrue Halpain (Salina, Ks), 8) Jeremy Heim (Maize, Ks)

2nd Heat: 1) Brandon Gray (Salina, Ks), 2) Trace Ayers (Salina, Ks), 3) Cody Kretchmar (Wichita, Ks), 4) Drew Hilt (Salina, Ks), 5) Alex Loveless (Salina, Ks), 6) Owen Edwards (ElDorado, Ks), 7) Chris Unruh (Galva, Ks), 8) Eric Cross (Salina, Ks)

A Feature: 1) Justin Kinderknecht (Salina, Ks), 2) Dustin Forsberg (Bel Aire, Ks), 3) Mike Zrubek (Salina, Ks), 4) Trace Ayers (Salina, Ks), 5) Brandon Gray (Salina, Ks), 6) Ryan Ayers (Salina, Ks), 7) Ryan Secrest (Newton, Ks), 8) Cody Kretchmar (Wichita, Ks), 9) Andrue Halpain (Salina, Ks), 10) Chad Shartzer (Abilene, Ks), 11) Drew Hilt (Salina, Ks), 12) Eric Cross (Salina, Ks), 13) Owen Edwards (ElDorado, Ks), 14) Alex Loveless (Salina, Ks), 15) Jeremy Heim (Maize, Ks), 16) Chris Unruh (Galva, Ks

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