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Ryan Ayers Claims Exciting NCRA Mod Lite Victory at Salina!


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Ryan Ayers Claims Exciting NCRA Mod Lite Victory at Salina!

Salina, Kansas – June 17, 2016 - Ryan Ayers took the lead on the last lap to claim the National Championship Racing Association of Park City, Kansas presented by Precise Racing Products mod lite victory Friday night at Salina Speedway in Salina, Kansas.

Two-time and defending tour champion Justin Kinderknecht took the lead at the start of the fifteen lap feature with Dustin Forsberg and Chris Unruh giving chase. The three battled for the first ten laps before a race changing caution fell when the leaders caught the back of a slower car fixing to get lapped and spun. The spin collected Kinderknecht and Forsberg sending both to the rear.

The restart saw Unruh inherit the lead, followed by Mike Zrubek and Ryan Ayers as the three battled for the top position. A couple laps later the red flag would be thrown when Don Foster went for a hard roll over in turn one. He was uninjured.

A caution on the attempted restart then set up a green-white-checkered where Unruh, Zrubek and Ayers all waged a torrid battle for the top spot as Kinderknecht would work his way back from restarting at the tail of the field after the lap ten caution. Coming out of turn four on the final lap they were three wide to the finish line with Ryan Ayers taking the victory. Kinderknecht came home second, followed by Trace Ayers, Chris Unruh and Chad Shartzer.

The three heat races for the twenty car field were won by Tyler Bradshaw, Kinderknecht and Forsberg.

The NCRA mod lites will conclude their Father’s Day weekend double-header tonight (Saturday) at 81 Speedway in Park City.

NCRA Mod Lites

Salina Speedway/Salina, Kansas

June 17, 2016

20 Cars

1st Heat: 1) Tyler Bradshaw (Gypsum, Ks), 2) Chris Unruh (Galva, Ks), 3) Brandon Gray (Salina, Ks), 4) Mike Zrubek (Salina, Ks), 5) Ryan Ayers (Salina, Ks), 6) Alex Loveless (Salina, Ks), 7) Andrue Halpain (Salina, Ks)

2nd Heat: 1) Justin Kinderknecht (Salina, Ks), 2) Cody Kretchmar (Wichita, Ks), 3) Ed Griggs (Pleasant Hill, Mo), 4) Bryan Ward (Salina, Ks), 5) Owen Edwards (ElDorado, Ks), 6. Drew Hilt (Salina, Ks), 7. Tony Foster (Wichita, Ks)

3rd Heat: 1) Dustin Forsberg (Bel Aire, Ks), 2) Eric Cross (Salina, Ks), 3) Trace Ayers (Salina, Ks), 4) Travis Alexander (Tonganoxie, Ks), 5) Don Foster (Wichita, Ks), 6) Chad Shartzer (Abilene, Ks)

A Feature: 1) Ryan Ayers (Salina, Ks), 2) Justin Kinderknecht (Salina, Ks), 3) Trace Ayers (Salina, Ks), 4) Chris Unruh (Galva, Ks), 5) Chad Shartzer (Abilene, Ks), 6) Alex Loveless (Salina, Ks), 7) Dustin Forsberg (Bel Aire, Ks), 8) Bryan Ward (Salina, Ks), 9) Mike Zrubek (Salina, Ks), 10) Travis Alexander (Tonganoxie, Ks), 11) Owen Edwards (ElDorado, Ks), 12) Drew Hilt (Salina, Ks), 13) Brandon Gray (Salina, Ks), 14) Cody Kretchmar (Wichita, Ks), 15) Ed Griggs (Pleasant Hill, Mo), 16) Eric Cross (Salina, Ks), 17) Don Foster (Wichita, Ks), 18) Tyler Bradshaw (Gypsum, Ks), 19) Andrue Halpain (Salina, Ks), 20) Tony Foster (Wichita, Ks)

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