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TALMS making history again!


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Who is your pick to win the first ever TALMS race on dirt?


We already have some big names in dirt racing showing up!


Darrin Blake, Johnny Torres, & James Blaylock.


Guys coming up from the South such as Hunter Flanagan.


Even some drivers coming all the way from west Texas like Stephen Robison and Chad Hughes!


Will we get some dirt mainstays like JJ Jennings, Steven Whiteaker Jr, Lawrence Mikulencak, Howard Willis, Phil Dixon, Jason Ingalls, Cody Leonard, Justin Long, Kenneth Montgomery, Jack Barfield Jr., Dustin Butcher Craig Oakes and Jimmy Byrd come and run?


Don't miss an opportunity to make history for the FIRST dirt race of the Texas Allstar Limited Modified Series on April 16th at Gator Motorplex!

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We have a minimum rear weight rule of 51% as long as you're over that you're good.


Also a maximum left side weight rule of 56%. If you're under that you're good.


And a max track width rule.


None of these should affect dirt cars much.


Also we can not run full roller rockers.

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Expected Entrants to the first ever TALMS race on dirt! April 16th at Gator Motorplex.


7 Stephen Robison

9L David Lege, Jr.

14T Talon Minten

41 Chad Hughes

41 Darrin Blake

58¢ Hunter Flanagan

66 Johnny Torres

-79 Cody Beddoe

88 Jeremy Fiscus

98 Lance Schaffer

115 Jack Barfield Jr.

711 James Blaylock














$100 on down.


Everyone will be on the Towel City Retread.


It's still early lets get this list built up!

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