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Monge, Barnhart, Heeney and Bass take Spartan Speedway Slugfest wins

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Monge, Barnhart, Heeney, and Bass Take Spartan Speedway Slugfest Wins

By Duane Turner


Mason, MI: A Sunday afternoon at Spartan Speedway usually means one thing: destruction. In this case, Slugfest #2 would feature a 30 lap figure 8 event that would see Jimmy Bass take home the checkers. Tony Monge kept his winning streak alive in the Sawyers Chevrolet Michigan Legends, while the Boss Snow Equipment Pony Stock "B" feature winner was Laura Beckner, as Tyler Heeney took the "A" feature. The Lipari Foods Spartan Stock Feature winners included James Gokee Jr in the "C" feature, Marc Long in the "B" feature, and Joey Barnhart taking the 40 lap "A" feature.

The first feature for the evening is the Lipari Foods Spartan Stock C-Feature. Brianna Norfleet qualified on the pole position, and lead the field in to turn one. Outside pole sitter Adam Rhodes quickly took the lead exiting two. Caution would wave for Anthony Williams on the second lap. On the restart Gerald Persails would claim the point with Rhodes close behind. Brian Barden would claim second on the next circuit, followed by Scott Booth in to third. On lap five, Rhodes would sneak back up to second, with Dan Gokee on his bumper. Gokee would grab the runner up position on the next lap. A lap seven restart would see Gokee move to the outside and grab the point. Lonnie York would move in to second on lap 10, and quickly put pressure on Gokee for the lead. On lap 12, York would make contact with Gokee bringing out the caution. At the half way point, James Gokee Jr would make his presence felt by moving in to second. With ten to go, Gokee Jr would move to the inside, and race side by side with Dan Gokee taking the point with five laps to go. At the checkers, James Gokee Jr would take the win, with cousin Dan Gokee in second. Lonnie York would come from the tail to finish third.

Lipari Foods Spartan Stock B-feature had Rick Gokee Sr leading the field to start the 25 lap main event. Martin French would nose ahead to lead lap one, but Gokee Sr would retake the lead on lap 2. Tanner Tallarico would settle in to third. On the third lap, Tallarico would take second, and a caution would follow soon after. On the restart, Tallarico would take the point using the high side, and Tyler Hawkins would take over third behind Gokee Sr. On lap eight, Mike Findlay would move in to third, only to lose it one lap later to Matt Elsey. Lap ten, Findlay would move back in to third, but would pull off the track a lap later. At the half way point, Marc Long would move to the top three, and quickly take the top position. With five to go, Jeff Wolfersberger would move past Tallarico to take second. On the final lap, Elsey would move back in to third, but Long would hang on for the win. Wolfersberger would grab second, and Elsey in third.

The 40 lap Lipari Foods Spartan Stock A-feature would see Kyle Worley grab the opening lap. The field would stay two by two for the first several laps, with Craig Stephens taking the point on lap three. On lap five, Greg Studt would move in to second, with Worley in third. On a lap eight restart, Studt would take the lead, and Joey Barnhart would make a three wide pass to take over second leaving Stephens in third. John Kennedy would take over the third position on lap 11, and a lap later, a caution would wave for contact with Stephens and Dane Long. Stevens would restart at the tail. On the restart, Long would take over third, and quickly move in to second. On lap 15, Long would move to the inside of Barnhart, as the duo raced side by side for the lead. Soon, Kennedy would move to the inside making it three wide for the top position. Barnhart would hold on, with Kennedy in second, and Long being pushed back to fourth as Pat Dent snuck in to third. At the half way point, contact between Kennedy and Dent would send Kennedy up the banking with a flat tire. At lap 30, Dent moved to the outside of Barnhart, and the duo raced side by side over the final ten laps with Barnhart taking the win by 0.003 seconds. Dent would settle for second, with Jim Gallagher in third.

The Sawyers Chevrolet Michigan Legends would see Mitchell Huber jump out to the early lead. John Hilliker would stay close, and take the lead on the second lap. Tony Monge would take over the point on lap four, with Gregory Rudzik moving in to third. Rudzik moved to the low side, and made the pass to second on lap ten, with Hilliker in third. With the laps winding down, Monge kept control to take the win. Hilliker would move back in to second, with Rudzik in third.

The Boss Snow Equipment Pony Stock B-feature had Chris Buekema take the early lead. Randy Kretzinger Jr would quickly move to the front, and take the point on lap three, but would race faster than his qualifying time sending him to the tail. This would hand the lead over to Wayne Parkhurst Jr, with Buekema in second. Laura Beckner would move in to second on the restart, with Ryan Hollister following in to third. Beckner would use the high-side to take the point on lap ten. With five to go, Hollister made the pass for second on the top-side, and closed in on Beckner. At the finish, Beckner would hold on for the win followed by Hollister, and Parkhurst in the top three.

Troy Andrews would lead the Boss Snow Equipment Pont Stock A-feature to the green flag. John Ward Jr would settle in to second with Brian Boesel in third. On lap three. Boesel would move to the high-side to take over second, and challenge for the lead. On lap five, Boesel would take the point followed by Tyler Heeney who would take the point one lap later. Approaching the half way point, fast timer Lex Jarecki would make his presence felt as he moved in to second, and begin to reel in the leader. With eight laps remaining, Jarecki would catch Heeney, but a caution would wave with just two laps to go. This would line Jarecki on the outside of Heeney for the restart. Heeney would maintain the point, and hold on for the win with Jarecki, and Boesel the top three.

The final event of the evening would feature the enduro figure 8's. 19 cars and trucks would take the green flag with John Davis taking command. Wayne Parkhurst III would take the lead on lap two, but Dominic Shauver would take it on lap three. With 19 cars taking the green, intersection traffic would take place early on lap four. Josh Delong would take advantage and take the point on the fourth circuit by moving from seventh to first in the intersection. On lap 11, Delong would get clipped in the intersection spinning him out, as Dave Marsh would take the lead, but Delong would be close behind. Delong would regain the point on lap 15. On lap 18, Delong got hit again ending his evening, handing the lead back to Marsh. One lap later, Marsh would pull off, handing the lead to Jimmy Bass. Bass would hold on for the win, with Kelly Hollister and Wayne Parkhurst III in the top three.

Event Summery:

Sawyers Chevrolet Michigan Legends

Heat Race #1: 1) 31 Mason Ludwig 2) 71 Lyn Hall 3) 72Lori Hall 4) 11 Rich Michalak

Heat Race #2: 1) 92 Tony Monge 2) 17 Greg Rudzik 3) 8 John Hilliker 4) 50 Gary Joppich 5) 23 Mitchell Huber

Feature: 1) 92 Tony Monge 2) 8 John Hilliker 3) 17 Greg Rudzik 4) 23 Mitchell Huber 5) 50 Gary Joppich 6) 31 Mason Ludwig 7) 11 Rich Michalak 8) 72 Lori Hall 9) 71 Lyn Hall

Lipari Foods Spartan Stocks

Qualifications: 1) 7l Dane Long 13.973 2) 6x Jim Gallagher 13.983 3) 35 John Kennedy 14.077 4) 45 Joey Barnhart 5) 88 Mike Ammerman 14.139 6) 6 Pat Dent 14.241 7) 17 Tim Sharpe Jr 14.294 8) 07 Jordan Harvey 14.339 9) 24 Damon Place 14.432 10) 33 Greg Studt 14.448 11) 15 Kyle Worley 14.507 12) 48 Craig Stephens 14.585 13) 7 Marc Long 14.811 14) 25 Jesse Collinge 14.835 15) x07 Dale Spenser 14.846 16) 44 Tom Freeman Jr 14.855 17) 13 Jason Luce 14.895 18) 63 Matt Elsey 14.902 19) 5w Mike Westphal 14.936 20) 5 Shane Miller 14.966 21) 131 Brian Whipple 15.005 22) 10 Mike Findlay 15.078 23) 31 Jeff Wolfersberger 15.111 24) 87 Tyler Hawkins 15.138 25) 1 Tanner Tallarico 15.168 26) 33 Brian Boesel 15.210 27) 02 Martin French 15.212 28) 31 Rick Gokee Sr 15.228 29) 74 James Gokee Jr 15.371 30) 55 Dan Gokee 15.412 31) 5 Pete Shong 15.500 32) 69 Tom Williams 15.507 33) 38 Scott Booth 15,534 34) 25 Lonnie York 15.581 35) 42 Brian Barden 15.586 36) 80 Gerald Persails 15.637 37) 97 Anthony Williams 15.725 38) 99 Russ Lyttle 15.743 39) 10 Evan Jenks 15.815 40) 05 Andrew Burton 16.160 41) 55 Jimmy Little 16.217 42) 22 Tim Shann 16.418 43) 20 Adam Rhodes 16.498 44) 51 LT Harper 16.576 45) 1 Brianna Norfleet 17.004 46) 57 Maverick Morrow 17.289 47) 11 David Kelley nt 48) 22 Eric Cooley nt 49) 24 Mike Wines nt

C-Feature: 1) 74 James Gokee Jr 2) 55 Dan Gokee 3) 25 Lonnie York 4) 69 Tom Williams 5) 97 Anthony Williams 6) 55 Jimmy Little 7) 1 Brianna Norfleet 8) 20 Adam Rhodes 9) 80 Gerald Persails 10) 38 Scott Booth 11) 5 Pete Shong 12) 42 Brian Barden 13) 22 Tim Shann 14) 99 Russ Lyttle 15) 57 Maverick Morrow 16) 05 Andrew Burton

B-Feature: 1) 7 Mark Long 2) 31 Jeff Wolfersberger 3) 63 Matt Elsey 4) 1 Tanner Tallarico 5) 13 Jason Luce 6) 07x Dale Spenser 7) 33 Brian Boesel 8) 25 Jesse Collinge 9) 44 Tom Freeman Jr 10) 02 Martin French 11) 31 Rick Gokee Sr 12) 10 Mike Findlay 13) 5 Shane Miller 14) 5w Mike Westphal 15) 87 Tyler Hawkins 16) 131 Brian Whipple

A-Feature: 1) 45 Joey Barnhart 2) 6 Pat Dent 3) 6x Jim Gallagher 4) 33 Greg Studt 5) 17 Tim Sharpe Jr 6) 15 Kyle Worley 7) 7l Dane Long 8) 48 Craig Stephens 9) 35 John Kennedy 10) 07 Jordan Harvey 11) 24 Damon Place 12) 88 Mike Ammerman

Boss Snow Equipment Pony Stocks

Qualifications: 1) 7 Lex Jarecki 16.159 2) 18 Tyler Heeney 16.281 3) 21 Ryan Gordon 16.390 4) 11 Brian Beckner 16.439 5) 47 Wayne Beckner Jr 16.443 6) 17 DJ Marciniak 16.485 7) 27 John Ward Jr 16.519 8) 33 Brian Boesel 16.615 9) 1 Troy Andrews 16.706 10) 9 Laura Beckner 16.843 11) 5 Ryan Hollister 16.900 12) 13 Wayne Parkhurst II 17.075 13) 57 Randy Kretzinger Jr 17.194 14) 7h Shawn Hornus 17.324 15) 44 Jarin Larner 17.411 16) 28 Chris Buekema 17.432 17) 15 Jerry King 17.455 18) x15 Shelby Gokee 18.217

B-Feature: 1) 9 Laura Beckner 2) Ryan Hollister 3) 13 Wayne Parkhurst II 4) 15 Jerry King 5) 44 Jarin Larner 6) x15 Shelby Gokee 7) 7h Shawn Hornus 8) 28 Chris Buekema 9) 57 Randy Kretzinger Jr

A-Feature 1) 18 Tyler Heeney 2) 7 Lex Jarecki 3) 33 Brian Boesel 4) 21 Ryan Gordon 5) 27 John Ward Jr 6) 47 Wayne Beckner Jr 7) 11 Brian Beckner 8) 17 DJ Marciniak 9) 1 Troy Andrews

Enduro Figure 8's

1) 116 Jimmy Bass 2) 66x Kelly Hollister 3) 13 Wayne Parkhurst III 4) 24 Tim Hurrell 5) 36 Jared Smith 6) 75 Wayne Parkhurst Sr 7) 88 Mike Locke 8) 621 Mike Gauthian 9) 36 Dave Marsh 10) 067 Josh DeLong 11) 57 Maverick Morrow 12) 948 Justin Pepitone 13) 91 Dominic Shauver 14) 89 Daryl Rosell 15) 541 Randy Clayton Jr 16) 17 John Davis 17) 25 Matthew Sairls 18) 76 Ray Hetherington 19) 8 Kevin Cochran Jr
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