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$10,000-to-win STOCK CARS~Shreveport, LA~Jul 30-Aug 1st!

Hook's RPM

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Hotel info copied from the Boothill Speedway FB page:


We have had several asking about special pricing on hotels for the King of the Hill race. Well.....we have some great options for you!!


LaQuinta Inn-318-671-1100
6700 Financial Cr
Shreveport, La 71129
Friday & Saturday-80.10+tax
(must reserve by 7/9/2015)

Howard Johnson-(318) 671-0731
6715 Rasberry Ln
Shreveport, La 71129
Thursday, Friday & Saturday-$62+tax
(must reserve by 7/16/2015)

Hilton Garden Inn-Shreveport-318-686-0148
5971 Financial Plaza
Shreveport, La 71129
Thursday, Friday & Saturday-$84+tax
(must reserve by 7/16/2015)

Fairfield Inn-Shreveport-318-686-0102
6245 Westport Ave.
Shreveport, La 71129
Thursday, Friday & Saturday-$89+tax
(must reserve by 7/20/2015)

Courtyard by Marriott-Shreveport-318-686-0880
6001 Financial Plaza
Shreveport, La 71129
Thursday, Friday & Saturday-$94+tax (Double beds)
Thursday, Friday & Saturday-$89+tax (King with sofa sleeper)
(must reserve by 7/20/2015)

All hotels are located at the Pines Rd exit (exit 10).
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"The Gene Reamer King-of-THE-HILL presented by Spear's Oil & Gas!"

With special thanks to Boggs Oilfield Services and ABC Auto.

Select Energy Services Practice & Time Trial Night! (Thur, July 30th)

Practice from 8 to 9pm. Continuous NASCAR-style practice with recorded time trials from 9 till 10:30pm by Professional Motor Sports Solutions.

$250 Fast Time Award by Kenny's Towing.

Select Energy Services will be cooking jambalaya and hamburgers for everyone with a pit pass. No concessions Thursday night but we will start serving food at 10pm.

Friday, July 31st will be Boggs Oilfield Services Qualifying Night.

Tops in passing points will get a FREE Half-Wrap from Hitman Designs.

98Rocks will be doing live remotes from the track from 5pm to 7pm on Friday night and 6:30 to 8:30 Saturday night.

The $10,000-to-win main event is Saturday night. There will be a huge non-qualifier's draw Saturday night at intermission once the field is set. In addition to one lucky dog draw for the $400 to start, $10K to win A-main and 4 more to get in the $300 to win, $40 to start Texas Fire & Safety Non-Qualifiers Feature, there will be drawings for the following...

-- A set of shocks from Dark Horse Racing Shocks (Dupont Racing)

-- Asphalt Pull-Off Tires & Stock GM Axles from Bootlegger Racecars

-- Cases of oil from Ralo's Lube & Oil

-- 10 fuel jugs filled with 5 gallons of VP Racing Fuels 110 Gasoline from Rascoe Racing

-- Gift certificates from both Day Motorsports and J&J Racing

For the A-main, in addition to $2000 for 2nd...

-- A wrap for the sides of the car from Superior Graphix


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The Limited Modifieds (same as Southern Sport Mods) are the ONLY support class at this one! That's right... just TWO classes racing THIS WEEKEND. Their part of this pays $1000 to win and $100 to start. Heats on Friday, feature on Saturday.

3-day pit pass is available for $80 THIS THURSDAY. Limited Mods/SSMs can practice for an hour Thursday night from around 8 to 9pm. They won't be allowed on the track during the 90-minute Factory Stock Time Trial sessions.

Need to welcome another sponsor aboard!

Yellow Jacket Oilfield Services out of west Texas joins our still growing list of sponsors!


They join Spear's Oil & Gas Consulting, Boggs Oilfield Services, ABC Auto, Select Energy Services, Texas Fire & Safety, Kenny's Towing, Dark Horse Racing Shocks, Bootlegger Racecars, Ralo's Lube & Oil, Rascoe Racing, VP Racing Fuels, Day Motorsports, J&J Racing, Superior Graphix and Hitman Designs for this inaugural "Gene Reamer King-of-THE-HILL Factory Stock Race"!

98Rocks -- the classic rock station out of Shreveport -- will be doing live remotes from the track from 5pm to 7pm on Friday night and 6:30 to 8:30 Saturday night.

Transponder rentals and scoring provided by Professional Motor Sports Solutions. (Same folks that work the Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track)


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I hope so!

More news today...

Just like that, another $1000 has been added to the Factory Stock non-qualifier's drawing for Saturday night!

FOUR $250 CASH awards will also be part of it now thanks to the family of Gene Reamer.

Wow... when these folks sponsor a race, they go all out!



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First $1200 of over $30,000 in cash and awards in just a TWO-class show is on the line THIS THURSDAY NIGHT!

Besides "Who's a contender" and "Who needs to work on it", here's what we'll know after the Thursday night part of the Gene Reamer King-of-THE-HILL presented by Spear's Oil & Gas gets concluded...

-- The first two starters in Saturday's $10,000-to-win, $400 to start 50-lap A-main! The two quickest times Thursday night will be guaranteed to start in the 21st and the 22nd starting spots of that A as a minimum.

-- At least 4 drivers that we know can run in the Texas Fire & Safety $300 to win, $40 to start non-qualifier's feature as a minimum this week. The next 4 fastest times are guaranteed at least that.

-- The winner of the $250 Kenny's Towing Quick Time Award! The first official payout of the King-of-THE-HILL weekend! That driver will collect that at Friday night's driver's meeting.

An important night for all the other Factory Stock teams that can make it though. First laps of the biggest paying race in Factory Stock history after all. And should the top 20 times miraculously all transfer from Saturday's Bs to the A, that would put the 21st & 22nd fastest times in the show. Continuing with this 'What if" scenario, if the 23rd through 34th fastest times then transfer to the non-qualifier's feature on Saturday, 35th through 38th would also be guaranteed spots in it. So...

Top 6 times from Thursday are definitely racing a money feature on Saturday and depending on what happens in Saturday's B-mains, up to 38th quick could also be racing a money feature based on their Thursday night quick lap.

-- Gates open at 4pm THIS THURSDAY! $20 pit pass or save $5 by buying a 3-day $80 pit pass good through Saturday.

-- Rent your transponder from Professional Motor Sports Solutions for $25. That's also good through Saturday. Mandatory for Factory Stocks, optional for Limited Modifieds. Lap times through Thursday's practice and Friday's qualifying races will be made available to both classes. Race-receivers are mandatory in both classes.

-- Track packing starts at 7pm.

-- Practice for both classes starts at 8pm and lasts till 9PM. *Note-Limited Modified practice is over at this point. They will run heats on Friday (draw for starting spots like normal) and feature on Saturday. $1000 to win, $100 to start plus a $100 mystery draw position in feature. No other fees required.

-- 90 minute practice and time trial session for FACTORY STOCKS ONLY starts after that. Maximum of 8 cars at a time. Top two times per session will be notified via race-receiver. If those two want to keep those times to count, they must report to tech! If not, time is forfeited. Factory Stocks can make as many runs as they want until time runs out. They just go to the back of the staging line when ready to try again

-- At approximately 10pm, the track will start serving jambalaya and hamburgers to everyone with a pit pass. There will be NO CONCESSION SALES on either side of the track THURSDAY NIGHT. Grandstand is free. Bottled water will be available in the pits.

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Here we go! Practice at 8pm tonight, time trials start at 9.

Not mandatory to be there. The first ten rows of Saturday's A-main have nothing to do with time trials and you simply draw for heats tomorrow (Fri) night. But it's a good start... $250 Kenny's Towing Fast Time award and 2 guaranteed A-main spots on the line!

And... a little late on this part.... *sorry bout that*...

There is a $250 Long Tow Award presented by Joel Couvillion Racing Components if you can bring a legal-for-this-show stock car (Factory Stock) to the track by 8pm FRIDAY and tow it further than anyone else to get there!


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Time trials are over and for all practical purposes, it's like they don't even exist until after the Bs are over on Saturday.

TONIGHT starts a whole new ball game as drivers draw for heat race positions in the first round of heats and then invert that same draw and run a less overall number of heats for the second round to insure you don't run the same cars twice. Then a passing point format is used for both rounds of heats. Add the two scores together and THAT will determine whether you start in B-main or C-main on Saturday. Everyone will at least have to run a B-main. The first 20 starters for the $10K to win come from those Bs. The next two are the two fastest times from Thursday's trials not already in the A. The first 43 times are shown below.

12 more from Bs go to non-qualifier's feature. Everyone else has a shot at being drawn into the A or the non-qualifier's race or getting something in an outstanding non-qualifier's drawing that includes among other things... FOUR $250 cash awards!

So.... come on up!!!


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"King-of-THE-HILL" 50-lap A-main Finish

(full results can be found at http://speednetdirect.com/mobile/mobileresults.php?tid=8199)

1 19C Marcus Caudle
2 45B Richard Blanchard
3 16 Chris Henigan
4 11X Neil Kemp
5 10P Jody Prince
6 11W Tony Anglin
7 56 Scott Hushelpeck
8 30 Joel Couvillion
9 12 Bo Perry
10 3H Rodney Howell
11 42 Lee Carver
12 15 Jimmy Byrd
13 T10 Jamie Shirley
14 4D Thomas Downey
15 XXX Shawn Graham
16 36J Justin Whitehead
17 50 Billy Meazell
18 21 Bubba Jones
19 36 Bryan Mewborn
20 22MAG Dylan Spear
21 J27 Scotty Case
22 7MK Kyle Wilkins
23 20W Joe Wilhelm Jr
24 4 Doug Vick Jr
25 44G Billy Grider
26 45 Ray Kemp Jr

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