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July 3rd - 4th STXSSS Race # 4

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We will be qualifying 12 positions Friday night through a series of 2 heat races for each drivers. The top 12 in accumulated points will advance straight into Saturday nights A Main.

We have qualifying positions 1 - 12 available for local sponsorships. Pick the spot you would like to sponsor and the amount. We will posts the sponsor, the amount and the position he is sponsoring. Our traveling announcer during our out of car introductions will recognize the driver and his qualifying sponsor for the race. If you sponsor the team that wins the event your sponsors will win you (2) South Texas Nationals Racing Shirts. Sponsors will be first come first serve. You can post on this tread the amount, your name and what position as long as its available. Remember first come first serve. Thank you in advance for your participation and the helping of our drivers. If we fill this up quickly we will then move toward positions 13 - 24 if we get a big participation. (min. $25)

1st Qaulifier - $100.00 - Mattress Firm Corpus Christi

2nd Qaulifier - $______ - Available

3rd Qaulifier - $100.00 - Wrap It Up Designs

4th Qaulifier - $______ - Available

5th Qaulifier - $______ - Available

6th Qaulifier - $______ - Available

7th Qaulifier - $ 100.00 - Sling in Dirt Photos

8th Qaulifier - $______ - Available

9th Qaulifier - $______ - Available

10th Qaulifier - $______ - Available

11th Qaulifier - $______ - Available

12th Qaulifier - $______ - Available

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So far we have had 2 really nice sponsors. Please note our minimum sponsorship would only be $25.00 we dont want to lose a sponsor thinking they must put up a $100.00. Those are our first two sponsors and they just happen to be very generous ones. So just note our min. is $25 on any spot.

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July 3rd and 4th coming quickly and going to be a big weekend. We have plenty of qualifying spot sponsorships available, they range from $25 to whatever you want. Help our drivers out with a sponsorship that is added money on top of their purse winnings.

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