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Thanksgiving Showdown/Sonic Rush Tour @ San Antonio Raceway 11-29

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Thanksgiving Showdown/IHRA Sonic Rush Tour @ San Antonio Raceway, 11/29/14

By JM Hallas


Marion, TX.,(Nov. 29th, 2014) As the San Antonio Raceway season comes to an end for the year drivers had one more chance to pick up a win and some money to help with rebuilding, upgrades and tear downs over the winter.


Besides the Electronics(Box), Foot Brake(No-box) and Little Pooch today's race was highlighted by the IHRA Sonic Rush Tour. This nationwide tour includes some unique machines giving the fans an added bonus for the season. Appearing were the "Mater" Jet Tow Truck, Jet Tank and Jet Fire Truck, California Smokey, Chevy Nova Jet Funny Car, plus the Chevy Rebellion Wheelstander.


Saturdays weather was a bit different from Friday with highs reaching the mid 70's throughout the day time, but under mostly cloudy skies and cooling to only the 60's. This made for great track conditions for the event.


Michael Keylich, again, rounded up enough cars for quick-car shootout with a $100 entry fee, winner-take-all race. Entry was open to both dragsters, door cars and bikes and quickly blossomed to 24-cars. This made for a healthy chunk of change for the winner.


Dyrenfurth/Ramirez Split Dialing for Dollars

In the 'Dialing for Dollars' time trials it was Austin's Walter Dyrenfurth in his Austin Mobile Mechanics, 69 Pontiac Firebird leading the way after the Foot Brake cars, coming within .0005(5/10,000th). In Electronics, Ricardo Ramirez(Laredo) posted an identical difference in his big block 84 Chevy Camaro.




Zampese/Gonzales Split Quick 24 Shootout

San Antonio's Todd Zampese made his second trip, in two nights, to the big money winner-take-all shootout this time against Jaime Gonzales(Laredo). T. Zampese in his Dragster and Gonzales in his 91 Ford Mustang opted to split the pot.



On his way to the finals T. Zampese bested Jon Hernandez, Michael Keylich, Brandon Mitchan and caught a bye in the semi's. Gonzales took out Rick Schafer, Brett Zampese, J. Winn and Sonny Garza.


Bills Best in Box(Electronics)

David Bills(San Antonio), driving for Scott Ball in the car his daughter Emily moves into next season, went head to head with Greg Meuth in the finals. Meuth, in his Quality Auto Care, big block Chevy powered TNT Chassis, gave up a tenth on the light and that was all Bills needed to take a hole shot win as both drivers nailed their number on the big end. If my math works out right, the margin of victory comes down to .004(4/1,000th) of a second.


David Bills(4.84), 4.844 @ 139.36 defeats Greg Meuth(4.87), 4.870 @ 139.53


Bills, who lost in round 1 to Danny Martinez, made his buy back pay off taking down Chris Keylich, E. League, Jaime Gonzales and former track and national champ, Scott Ball, plus a round 2 bye. Meuth, who red lit to Victor Hinojosa in round 1, then trailed Hinojosa in the rematch, Michael Keylich, Carlos Carrasco sr. and got a semi final bye.


McDonnell Masters Foot Brake(No-box) Finals

The Foot Brake(No-box) finals pitted the past two Foot Brake track champions with Ryan McDonnell(2014) and Brandon Mitchan(2013) meeting. Mitchan, on his 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa got 2/100 on McDonnell leaving the tree, but out ran his number on the top end. McDonnell in the San Antonio Hydro Grafix, 27T Roadster would have been tough to beat running only one thousandth over his dial in.


Ryan McDonnell(5.50), 5.501 @ 116.91 defeats Brandon Mitchan(5.65) 5.631 @ 123.63


Getting to the finals McDonnell beat C. Van Buren, Dennis Soefje, A. White, J. Garza and Anthony Montoya. On the other side Mitchan knocked off Sherman Davis, R. Elizondo, Todd Zampese, Aaron Tschoepe and M. Matthews.


Little Pooch Double to O'Bryant

After splitting last nights Little Pooch purse with Blake Jones, O'Bryant took home all the money scoring the victory over Tommy Johnson. O'Bryant(San Antonio) in the Wild West Club, Wheeler, O'Bryant Automotive, 75 Chevy Monza caught Johnson, in his Mission Auto Parts, 93 Ford Mustang sleeping at the tree getting 8/100th. That was all the veteran needed to take home another win for the weekend.


Leroy O'Bryant(6.78), 6.822 @ 102.04 defeats Tommy Johnson(5.92), 6.022 @ 115.18


O'Bryant got wins over R. Elizondo, Matthew Villarreal and J. Garza while Johnson ousted Perry Taylor and got a round 2 bye.


One more big event is scheduled with the track hosting the Atomic Dog Grudge Race, December 5-6. Regular track shows include Truck, Motorcycle and Import nights, plus Saturday Midnight Madness. For more info on times/dates visit www.sanantonioraceway.com or the tracks facebook page.

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