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White, Helms, Batt, Burnett, Blacklock, Roeben end CBS points with win

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Final Points Night @ Cotton Bowl Speedway, 9/27/14

By JM Hallas


Paige, TX.,(Sept., 27th, 2014) As the 2014 racing season draws to a close, Cotton Bowl Speedway held its final points race for season on the 3/8 mile, semi-banked, dirt oval Saturday night. This was also a last chance for drivers in the IMCA classes to pick up state, regional and national points for the year.


Mother Nature did her best to try to claim the final race night, but skies finally cleared allowing the races to be completed. It was a bit greasy during heat race action, but the track came around for the features making a fast surface for the drivers.


With the CBS Stock Cars rained out last week and scheduled off this weekend that championship has already been decided with Tim Homeyer taking the crown by a mere three points over Robert Danielson. Thomas Bennett was seven behind in third with John Matula and Bryan Meredith rounding out the top five.


The Racesaver 305 Sprints are also done for the points season with Clark Warren winning the championship over Adam Barr.


The IMCA Modified championship is wrapped up going to into the nights action with former IMCA National Champ, in two different classes, Keith White earning another track title. Ben Ketteman, Danny Turner, Mark Warren and another past IMCA Modified National champion, PJ Egbert are in the top five. Theoretically, Warren can move past Turner, but the other positions in the top five are set.


In IMCA Southern Sportmods, Robert Scrivner has enough of a lead(39) to feel comfortable ahead of Terry Tschoerner. Scott Stubbs and Gene Burnett are within six points in the battle for third, while Don Painter holds down the fifth spot.


Jason Batt looks to add another track championship to his resume coming in with a 23 point advantage over CJ Gray in IMCA Stock Cars. Robin Batt has secured the third spot with Eric Jones and Nic Priem rounding out the lead quintet.


Changing to IMCA Hobby Stocks this season, AJ Dancer will take home the title ahead of Matthew Bice, Michelle Brian, Patricia Lucas and Sean Burnett.


CBS Street Stocks are still undecided, but Leland Waddell comes into the final race leading Gary Harris by nineteen and Joey Tschoerner by twenty-nine markers. Nathan Robbins, Sam Blacklock and Tommy Gural have their own little fight for fourth, fifth and sixth.


Troy Roeben claims the Eco-Stock championship leading David Shed by enough to score the track title. Scott Blauen, Brandon Bancroft and Brandy Petty hold the remaining spots in the top five.


White Wraps Up Title with Win

Veteran Keith White(Academy) ended the year adding yet another win to his impressive resume. With the IMCA Modified track title sewn up, White had only one objective, go out and win. Starting mid-pack, White made his way forward and used mid-race restart to get second. White then chased early leader Ben Ketteman waiting for a mistake. His patience paid off on lap 12 when Ketteman slipped high in turn 4 allowing White to dive under him for the lead. Once out front, White was able to check out from the field easily taking the checkers.


Jerry Frydrych led the 19-car IMCA Modified field into turn 1, but it was Ketteman coming off turn 2 to lead the 20 lapper. Robert Liese jr., Robert Stewart, Frydrych and Brad Smith sorted out in the top five. Ketteman began putting distance on Liese and Stewart who had gapped Billy Bachmeyer, White and Smith.


Stewart got second from Liese on lap 6 followed by Bachmeyer to third a lap later. A string of lap 8 cautions started when Doyle Massa had problems, locking up and spinning in turn 1. On the restart Bachmeyer spin from third collecting Chris Swenson, Carson Bednarz, who suffered heavy damage, and a couple others with some minor damage.


After a couple more tries, the race finally stayed green with White ducking under Liese and Stewart for second. Coming to halfway it was Ketteman, White closing in, Stewart, Pat McGuire and Smith in the top five. White caught Ketteman and was pressuring him for the lead. As Ketteman slid up the track, White capitalized on the opening grabbing the top spot.


Stewart's top five run ended when he slowed giving up spots to McGuire and Bachmeyer, before pulling off. In the clear, White was stretching out his lead to a full straightaway as the white flag waved. At the checkered it was White in the Belton Iron & Metal, KSG Motorsports, Dirt Defender, Fat Daddys, J. Irwin, Shale, Liquid Nitro, DLS Worldwide, BSB, Craftmaster Powder Coating, Bell County Electrical Supply, TCC, Tubbs Paint & Body, Spillman Excavating, Tires by Cole, Cen-Tex powered, Hughes Chassis snagging another victory.


"The track was fast up around the top, but you couldn't make a mistake," said White. "Ben(Ketteman) got in there a little too hard once, got over the cushion and that was the chance that let me in there. I showed them a good line on those restarts. Sometimes they take it away on the next one and you have to find another way around. This time it worked out for me."


"I really owe it to all the help I have. Joe and Zach Spillman loaned us their back up motor in Boone and I think our worst finish has been second with it and it won the Race of Champions. It's great when friends step up and help you like that. He told me before we left if I needed one that I could use it. I'm glad he did."


"With all the championships I've won I think the IMCA National Championship was probably the most important. You get so much recognition not only for your team, but your home tracks and all the guys you race week in and week out. It shows the level of competition there is in our area. Even winning the Race of Champions up in Boone this year was huge. Everyone has been calling, and the fans at the tracks are always coming up after watching on xsan live stream."


"I think all my experience is a key. Experience on the tracks and working on the racecars. We do a lot of maintenance on our own. These cars don't just sit there. I've been doing it since I was pretty young."


IMCA Modifieds

1 Keith White, 37 Ben Ketteman, 9 Pat McGuire, 38 Billy Bachmeyer, 63 Hardy Henderson, 29 Jamie Campbell, 80d Raymond McSpadden, 89t Danny Turner, 48 Chris Swenson, 13 Jerry Frydrych, 17 Joey Whitehead, 88s Brad Smith, 32 Robert Stewart, 77 Robert Liese jr., 16 Carson Bednarz, 27 Marlin Samford, 13g David Goode sr., 31 Doyle Massa, 47 Corey Samford, 3 Terry Woodall--DNS


IMCA Modifieds heats;

Heat 1; 32 Robert Stewart, 37 Ben Ketteman, 1 Keith White, 13g David Goode sr, 31 Doyle Massa, 80d Raymond McSpadden, 47 Corey Samford


Heat 2; 13 Jerry Frydrych, 16 Carson Bednarz, 38 Billy Bachmeyer, 48 Chris Swenson, 29 Jamie Campbell, 27 Marlin Samford, 89t Danny Turner


Heat 3; 3 Terry Woodall, 77 Robert Liese jr, 88s Brad Smith, 9 Pat McGuire, 63 Hardy Henderson, 17 Joey Whitehead


Helms Hustles to Sportmod Honors

Mickey Helms(Victoria) took home the hardware in the IMCA Southern Sportmod feature making the pass just past halfway while the lead duo slugged it out. Helms made his way up behind Chris Birmingham and Rick Wolfe, who were fighting among themselves. Wolfe tried a slide job on Birmingham that took the momentum from both giving Helms the chance to slip past for the lead. Helms was able to put some distance on the pack the final five laps to secure the win.


As the 14-car, 20-lap IMCA Sportmod feature took the green, Tom Grothues beat the pack to turn 1, but it was Brandon Prewitt with the advantage off turn 2. Birmingham, Wolfe, Gene Burnett and Grothues completed the top five. Birmingham kept the heat on Prewitt getting the point on lap 3, followed by Wolfe and Burnett.


Robert Scrivner, who sewed up the track championship by showing up, made his way past Prewitt for fourth before getting squeezed into the wall, ending his night on lap 6 when he stopped in turn 2. On the restart Burnett tried a high side move, but lost ground falling out of the top five.


At the crossed flags it was Birmingham, Wolfe, Helms, Prewitt and Rusty Head holding the top five spots. On lap 11 Wolfe threw a 'slider' at Birmingham in turn 1 that slowed both. Helms saw the opportunity and jumped on it grabbing the lead off turn 2.


Helms got away from the field when Birmingham and Wolfe continued to fight for second and Prewitt, Head and Burnett got tangled in the scrap for fourth. Wolfe finally got the spot from Birmingham, who began to slow, but was had nothing for Helms in the Rock Motors, Mickeys Auto Repair, Last Minute Racing, Rush by Moyer Chassis.


"I worked my way up to third and when the two leaders tangled a bit it opened up a chance for me to go on by" said Helms. "We didn't change anything after the big race at Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track, but I wish we had. It was lugging down bad with the gear we had in it."


"We've been racing all over this season, Goliad, Corpus, here, TMS and Houston once. We're planning on running the Texas Grand in Houston this year too."


IMCA Southern Sportmods

174 Mickey Helms, r3w Rick Wolfe, a11n Mark Salango, 10 Brandon Prewitt, 43g Gene Burnett, 01 Terry Tschoerner, 11t Tom Grothues, 68 Rusty Head, c3 Chris Birmingham, 202 Scott Stubbs, 33j Jordan Whitehead,07a Allen Williams, 53 Robert Scrivner, qwik1 Mark Wagner---DNS


IMCA SSM heats;

Heat 1; 10 Brandon Prewitt, c3 Chris Birmingham, r3w Rick Wolfe, 174 Mickey Helms, 01 Terry Tschoerner, 202 Scott Stubbs, 33j Jordan Whitehead


Heat 2; 43g Gene Burnett, 11t Tom Grothues, a11n Mark Salango, 68 Rusty Head, 53 Robert Scrivner, 07a Allen Williams, qwik1 Mike Wagner


Batt Best of Bunch in I-Stocks

Taking the green flag secured the track championship for Jason Batt(Harker Heights) in the IMCA Stock Cars. Batt wasn't satisfied with that and chased down early leader and points rival, CJ Gray for the win. Batt and Gray made contact in turn 1 with Batt getting spot then holding off Gray for the victory in the Teresa Garvin CPA, Hoffman Fabrication, EQ Heads, Brazos Roofing, Garvin Machine Shop, Victory Chassis.


"I really didn't want to win like that" explained Batt. "I'm ashamed. I went to talk to CJ(Gray) after the race and was ready to take whatever he gave me. I drove it in real deep and didn't expect him to be outside me. I thought I'd just slide by, he'd crossover under me, we'd drag race on the back stretch and I'd have the high line advantage going into (turn) 3. He was alright with it and told me he drove in deep too."


"We've had a good year, but it wouldn't have been possible without help. Fred Garvin has been around all year helping us even at the track when we've had some motor issues. Johnny Widener has done a lot of the work on the cars while Robin and I have been busy with the kids. This wouldn't be possible without everyone's help."


"We got a couple heat race wins in Boone and I think technologically we've closed the gap on the northern guys. I think that's due in part to social media. A few years ago there was not a good way to contact any of them, now Mike Nichols and I message each other all the time. We just have to get car counts up now. Matt(Guillaume) is going to finish top five in National points, he has a good car count at Kennedale, but Boyd isn't as good."


IMCA Stock Car

9 Jason Batt, 23 CJ Gray, 29 Jamie Campbell, 3 Robin Batt, 38 Daniel Shipler


IMCA stock Car heat; 23 CJ Gray, 9 Jason Batt, 29 Jamie Campbell, 3 Robin Batt, 38 Daniel Shipler


Burnett Breaks Through for First Hobby Win

After moving up from Eco-Stocks mid-season, Sean Burnett (Centerville) has been looking for a first win. Tonight was his night as everything came together in the 10-lap IMCA Hobby Stock feature. Burnett got a good run from the pole position to grab the lead in turn 1 and from there he was never challenged. Stacey Robinette tried to stay close, while David Shed and Dominic Balanga battled for third, but it was Burnett in his Victory Chassis scoring his first ever Hobby Stock win.


"It feels absolutely fantastic," exclaimed the first time winner Burnett. "It was all about going slow, slower was faster tonight. The track was a little bit wet, but it turned out good. It just worked out that I got a good jump on the start. I knew the track was wet and I just eased into it and that helped the car hook up a bit better. I was just trying to be consistent and smooth after that and not spin myself out."


"As a rookie I'll always take advice on running these cars. My brother, Gene helps me out there. I started the year in Eco-Stocks and was having so much fun and I wanted to go faster so I found a car. I really don't have any sponsors, it's just my wife, who lets me do this, and I. We usually do our own motors, but this one came with the car when I bought it. It's been a pretty good car so far."


IMCA Hobby Stock

57 Sean Burnett, 43 Stacey Robinette, 09 David Shed, 72 Dominic Balanga


IMCA Hobby Stock heat; 57 Sean Burnett, 43 Stacey Robinette, 09 David Shed, 72 Dominic Balanga


The 15-lap, 14-car CBS Street Stock feature saw Nathan Robbins lead into turn 1, but Joe Tschoerner got the run off turn 2. In turn 3, Robbins got turned by points leader Leland Waddell, who was sent to the rear, for a complete restart. The second start saw Tracy Tschoerner grab the top spot chased by J. Tschoerner, Sam Blacklock, Tommy Gural and Jeff O'Neill.


Blacklock got by J. Tschoerner for second and was looking low on T. Tschoerner, while Waddell quickly worked back to fifth. Jay Simon had trouble tagging the wall in turn 1 for a lap 3 yellow. On the restart, Blacklock made contact with T. Tschoerner while fighting for the lead ending her night with a flat, while in turns 3-4 Shawn Kline and Jeff Whitehead tangled for a caution. Blacklock was sent to the tail under caution for contact.


The restart saw J. Tschoerner now out front trailed by Waddell, Gural, Johnny Ramirez and O'Neill. J. Tschoerner slipped and got freight-trained by Waddell, Gural, Ramirez and Blacklock. With Waddell now on point looking for the win and title, Blacklock made his way back from the tail getting second from Gural.


As Blacklock reeled in Waddell and held off Gural, the lead trio pulled away from Ramirez, Kline and J. Tschoerner. Blacklock caught Waddell coming to two to go, looking high in turn 4. Blacklock(Hempsted) got the lead as the white flag waved and kept Waddell in his wake as the checkers flew. Waddell's second place finish was enough to lock up the track title over Gary Harris.


CBS Street Stocks

97 Sam Blacklock, 28 Leland Waddell, 9 Tommy Gural, 122 Johnny Ramirez, 998 Jeff Whitehead, 22 Gary Harris, 7 Brian Kubiak, 14 Joe Tschoerner, 11x Shawn Kline, 03w Jeff O'Neill, 01t Tracy Tschoerner, 14j Jay Simon II, 2d Darrell Cox, 04 Nathan Robbins, 01 Terry Tschoerner---DNS


CBS Street Stock heats;

Heat 1; 97 Sam Blacklock, 01t Tracy Tschoerner, 01 Terry Tschoerner, 7 Brian Kubiak, 11 Shawn Kline(-1 position for passing in infield), 22 Gary Harris, 998 Jeff Whitehead, 122 Johnny Ramirez


Heat 2; 04 Nathan Robbins,14 Joe Tschoerner, 9 Tommy Gural, 28 Leland Waddell, 03w Jeff O'Neill, 2d Darrell Cox, 14j Jay Simon II


At the start of the 12-lap Eco-Stock feature it looked like Troy Roeben(Katy) would run away to end his championship winning season with a win. But we know racing luck isn't always going to go your way. Roeben bounced off the back stretch wall not once, but twice, giving Daniel Zajac the chance. Zajac was able to sneak by to lead lap 9, but Roeben got back by in traffic to grab the checkers.



44 Troy Roeben, 42 Daniel Zajac, ob1 Brandy Petty, 61a Alexa Shed, 1 Cambri Kubosh, 5 Andrew Bennett, 22 Scott Bluaen


Eco-Stock heat; 1 Cambri Kubosh, 42 Daniel Zajac, 22 Scott Blauen, 0b1 Brandy Petty, 44 Troy Roeben, 61a Alexa Shed, 5 Andrew Bennett


Two more races are scheduled in October before the big end of year special, CBS Showdown in November. The rained out Sprint Series of Texas has been moved to October 4th, with the CBS Street Stock Shootout on October 11th. For more info visit www.cottonbowlspeedway.com

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