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when are you guys gonna have rules out for next year?

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I think it is because we can run bigger tires. Everyone claims the hockey puck g60 are cheaper, I don't know how when most I talk to have to replace one every other time they race on right rear. I know with dirt bosses I have had same tires all year. Right rear is finally worn. To me it is worth an extra 40 bucks a tire to buy them once a season. Never understood all the whining when they have same tire options we did. I think all it is going to do if tires change is hurt our local track even worse because most of the guys there don't race anywhere else and I know of 4 I have heard for sure aern't going to race anymore if it changes. Crazy these last couple years almost all races have been won on small tires and now bigger tires and smaller motors are an advantage. People need to work on setups more, wonder what there excuse will be when they lose with everyone on small tires too???



Stephan: I dont believe because 2 races have been won front front row cars on big tires intimidates the front running g60 cars, thats a very funny statement!

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