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Bomber heat race #1 8/23/14


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Okay, since the cage was in Greg Jr.'s car when I got it, he deserves some of the credit for donating it to the build. The cage was passed down to the Carlucci's many years ago by Nicky Hardcastle. When I first started building the car, Greg Sr. offered it to me and I took him up on it.

Well built cage but it wouldn't exactly fit in the Cutlas. Had to cut it in half and then seam it together. I just followed some of the design's on some of the other Outlaw Cars to make a tough built car. Wasn't concerned to much about the weight, just about the safety of the driver (my sisters only child).

But the offer still stands, if you need a well built bumper or help on a cage, I'll help you out.

Cheers, Dennis

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