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I-44 Riverside Speedway Results & Recap 8/9


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Sewell Shines in Midget Action | Three Repeat Winners and Two Texans Earn Career Firsts at I-44 Riverside!





Cody Morris


I-44 Riverside Speedway Official Release





Tuesday, August 12th, 2014


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


All Photo Credits: Special Thanks to Kristy McDougal





Just a week after shattering records for attendance in turnout on both sides of the fence in the 15th Annual Mini Sprint Nationals, I-44 Riverside Speedway hosted the Lucas Oil POWRi West Midget Series for the 7th time this season along with Round 16 of the 2014 Champions Cup for the five weekly micro sprint divisions. For the 12th time this season, I-44 Riverside pits boasted over 100 entries as approximately 105 arrived to wheel it around another fast, very well prepped racing surface.





Despite a return to seasonal temperatures in the upper 90s, speedway promoter Mark Banister continued his own streak of 7 high quality racing surfaces in a row.





And this Saturdays race marked the beginning of a new phase of paying back the support in what has been one of the best season in the 16 year history of southwest Oklahoma Citys high banked, 1/5th mile red clay oval.





The two headlining weekly classes, the A Class and Non Wing divisions (same cars, A Class just dons a top wing while the latter obviously runs without the hat) will each have their purses upped from 225 to win and 20 to start, to $250 to win and $25 to start each week, a one way increase as car entry remains just $20.





Both of those classes will also have their purses boosted from the current $1,000 A Feature payouts to nearly $1,500 when their fields feature 25 entries or more, with a payout approaching a $2,000 feature total if those two divisions get 30 competitors or more.





And they came kind of close as the Non Wing division had 18 racers with several weekly regulars sidelined and the A Class division really knocked on the door with 23 contestants.





However, its most pivotal to note that we have already increased those purses for the rest of the season, no matter the size of the field, with 250 to win and 25 to start. With nearly 75 stock 600 teams that in the local west side network alone, we will aim to get these field back up into firm B Feature territory and at figures that show both out thanks to our highly valued racers, as well as our commitment to provide the best open wheel racing every Saturday night. And while we build up the effort to boost the participation in those two headlining divisions, we each of our racers will also do the same in spreading the word and challenging their friends and fellow racers to do the same in these final half six weekly events before the season concludes with the 2nd Annual Twister Nationals on October 10th and 11th.





Our commitment to recognizing an unprecedented era of growth among the West Siders goes far beyond our two fastest classes. We have made the same commitment to the other three divisions as well: our Turf Tire, Junior Sprint, and Restricted divisions.





When any of those classes get 15 cars or more, we will put a 40% increase in the purse. And if they get 20 entries or more - an 80% increase.





And this is exactly where the boost first came into play this past Saturday night, as both the Turf Tire and Junior Sprint divisions featured a season best 16 entries. So both classes had their purses increased considerably to payouts that are inarguably the best in the entire southern plains for any weekly micro sprint program.





These increases were felt all throughout the field, with the winners earning a 10 year best in their respective divisions, but the gains are not just to the podium finishers. In fact, by percentage the gains are largely put to the back half of the field. The Turf and Juniors both pay $20 car entries, and both walked away with a minimum of $30 to start their main event.





This is a plan that has been a year in the making. I-44 Riverside promoter Mark Banister shares to quote We are averaging the best car counts the speedway has seen in at least the last ten years, and at the same time have won more fan support than many dared to dream in before the season (that began without any grandstand seating).





The on going growth in every facet of the speedway has been remarkable, and we will make every effort to continue that growth and feature many of the best race car drivers in the area, while continuing to rally these communities on both sides of the fence, a fence that more are peering through all the time. We dont just have great racers in this community. We have the very best people. Our every effort of the promoting team is to continue to win the support of so many in the local and racing communities, to continue to grow fans of our great racers and our efforts to showcase them, and to consistently win the support of the many racing teams because they are the engine that drives this rapidly growing community. This is a step to thank our racers for their support, and also and especially to invite them out next week for another great crowd of race fans.





Again we have raised the Non Wing and A Class pay to $250 to win the A Feature, with $25 to start, while car entry fees remain at $20.





The A Class and Non Wing Main Event purses will be boosted by 40% when we have 25 competitors and by 80% when 30 or more check in to race on a track surface that is really starting to hit its stride, despite this being the hottest period of the year.





The Restricted, Junior Sprint, and Turf Tire divisions will be boosted by 40% when they have 15 race teams or more, and by 80% when they feature 20 teams or higher.





In a direct message to ALL micro sprint teams of this region, this is an unprecedented step in recent years and one we have taken to encourage participation and long term growth. The fan count has grown phenomenally because racer participation has as well. And with this in mind, we invite all A Class, Non Wing, Turf Tire, Junior Sprint, and Restricted teams in the area to compete in these next two weeks before we take our last break over the Labor Day Holiday Weekend. With your support, this final phase of the season can set a new bar, a new high mark for what these communities can accomplish when they participate and work together to feature some of the very best dirt track racing in the southern plains.





I-44 Riverside would like to formally





And to review another thrilling night of open wheel action - The Rundown is launched for the 20th time this season.





Lucas Oil POWRi West





Broken Arrows Alex Sewell earned his third win in the last four West starts, wiring the field aboard the Action Auto Collision, Esslinger powered #8 Spike.


He was chased by Choctaws Cody Brewer and Tyler Nelson, who made a 13 hour round trip for the third time to support the POWRi West Midget effort centralized in OKC this year.





Sixteen midgets checked in for the 12th POWRi West race of the season, with a 17th sidelined with towing issues en route from West Texas. Seventeen is the high mark for POWRi West Midgets at the 7 shows in the State Capitol this season.






Heat One (8 laps): 1. 8L Jerry Tucker (1); 2. 96 Cody Brewer (3); 3. 17 Travis Scott (5); 4. 73 Jason McDougal (7); 5. 23A Hannah Adair (6); 6. 51 Steven Shebester (4); 7. 14E Eric Fenton (8); 8. 9u Doug McCune (2)





Heat Two (8 laps): 1. 8 Alex Sewell (7); 2. 4m Michelle Decker (5); 3. 83 Johnathon Halford (2); 4. 88 Tyler Nelson (3); 5. 29s Brian Harvey (6); 6. 1 Bobby Brewer (1); 7. DNS: 21H Ty Hulsey, 91B Kevin Bayer





A Feature (25 laps): 1. 8 Alex Sewell (1); 2. 96 Cody Brewer (4); 3. 88 Tyler Nelson (8); 4. 83 Johnathon Halford (7); 5. 73 Jason McDougal (6); 6. 51 Steven Shebester (12); 7. 91B Kevin Bayer (16); 8. 4m Michelle Decker (2); 9. 14E Eric Fenton (11); 10. 21H Ty Hulsey (14); 11. 8L Jerry Tucker (3); 12. 9u Doug McCune (15); 13. 17 Travis Scott (5); 14. 23A Hannah Adair (9); 15. 29s Brian Harvey (10); DNS: 1 Bobby Brewer


Lap Leaders: Alex Sewell 1-25


Stoppages: 2 yellows










Michael Kearnes and Tyler Alexander started front row of the 20 lap Non Wing A Main. Alexander shot from a rocket into an early 6 car length lead over Newcastles Shelby Burk and El Renos Tony Penick.





Arlington, Texan Anton Hernandez started outside row 4 and rapidly advanced on the leaders, entering contention in the 3 spot on the seventh round before battling past Burk two laps later.





Hernandez has wins in his home state of Texas, as well as The Hoosier State (Indiana) in quarter midgets this season while the rising 16 year old climbs the ranks under the tutelage of renowned Texas car owner Rick Bailey.





Hernandez and Alexander began dueling right after the halfway point with Hernandez earning the lap 13 lead just before Tyler Alexander had a scary run in with lapped traffic that resulted in a sharp flip and catching fire upon landing.





Widespread acknowledgements continue to be sent to the I-44 Riverside track workers getting to the car quickly and snuffing out the flames within just a few seconds. Alexander emerged from the wreckage safely and continues to make huge strides forward despite some of the worst luck of any team this season. They are on motor #3 and this was also flip #3. This was also the third race in which T.A. has led laps this season.





Hernandez led Shelby Burk and Anadarkos Ryan Padgett in the restart, but went unchallenged in the final 7 laps to earn his first career win in the state of Oklahoma aboard the Best Deal Services, Fayette Medical Supply, Warnke Machining, RTS Lab, Boswells Consulting, and Air Serve supported #25.





Anton is the third Texan to score at I-44 Riverside this season, joining Sterling Hoff and Danny Davidson. Anton is the first to score for the eastern arm of Texas, however, as Davidson hails from Amarillo and Hoff just south of Wichita Falls. Anton Hernandez is the 44th racer to land I-44 Riverside victory.





Shelby Burk fought off Padgett for a hard fought runner up finish, with Padgett completing the podium run. Mustangs Cody Carter turned in the Hard Charger effort, starting 15th and romping to fourth with Tony Penick also earning a quality top five finish.





Bobby Henning, Tyler Alexander, and Brandon Boggs earned heat race wins over the 18 car field.








Non Wing A Feature (20 laps): 1. 25 Anton Hernandez (8); 2. 50 Shelby Burk (4); 3. 898 Ryan Padgett (10); 4. 007 Cody Carter (15); 5. 88 Tony Penick (5); 6. 2B Brandon Boggs (9); 7. 98 Derrick McBride (11); 8. 28x Brian Martin (3); 9. 02 Bobby Henning (7); 10. 11k Michael Kearnes (1); 11. 56 Landon Lister (18); 12. 58 Philip Fessler (14); 13. 18x Chance Janway (13); 14. 730 Gregg Jones (12); 15. 84 Ruben Morris (16); 16. 11H Ty Hulsey (6); 17. 7x Tony Ogden (17); 18. 11x Tyler Alexander (2)


Lap Leaders: Tyler Alexander 1-12, Anton Hernandez 13-20


Hard Charger: Cody Carter +11










Talon Hoahwah and Bryce Barnett formed the front row for this 20 lap main event that featured the best Junior Sprint in at least a decade (16).





Barnett battled to the early lead before Bridge Creeks Christopher Wells overtook the top spot on the 4th round.





Once in the lead, Wells checked out and wired the remaining laps without a stoppage to score his 7th Junior Sprint victory of the season aboard the HasWells Construction #72.





Chickashas Brant Woods rebounded from an early mishap and blasted from the tail of the field to retrieve a second place finish.





Last weeks 15th Annual Mini Sprint Nationals champion by-way-of Collinsville, Oklahoma, Kale Drake landed the final podium finish.





To widespread acclaim, the top three motors were impounded and sealed, awaiting a tech inspection on each of them. Rules are a great and even better when enforced is the universal cry. The Rundown assumed all are legal until declared otherwise.





Caleras Ryder Laplante advanced a spot to claim fourth with Lawtons Dylan Pendergrass easily earning the Hard Charger nod, blasting from 14th to complete the top finish in the 2D Racing, Legacy Race Cars #22.





Enids Emme Johnson made her first start since her first career win back on July 12th, she started and finished 6th with Kayden Cole placing seventh, Talon Hoahwah scoring another top ten finish with Tuttles Jeramiah Green landing his third top ten finish in just his fourth career feature start. El Renos Jack Hall completed the top ten finish.





Kayden Cole and Chris Wells each put their 72s in heat race victory lane over the 16 car field.









Junior Sprints (20 laps): 1. 72 Christopher Wells (8); 2. 16 Brant Woods (5); 3. 77 Kale Drake (4); 4. 88R Ryder Laplante (7); 5. 22 Dylan Pendergrass (14); 6. 12E Emme Johnson (6); 7. 72c Kayden Cole (3); 8. 14 Talon Hoahwah (1); 9. 18J Jeramiah Green (12); 10. 37 Jack Hall (10); 11. 33 Noah Babb (11); 12. 05c Jordan Williams (9); 13. 2 Blake Stricken (15); 14. 1 Bryce Barnett (2); 15. 125 Macy Roulain (13); DNS: 28 Connor Thompson


Lap Leaders: Bryce Barnett 1-3, Chris Wells 4-20


Hard Charger: Dylan Pendergrass +9










Justin, Texas Noah Key and Moore, Oklahomas Kaylee Cole formed the front row of the 20 lap Restricted main event, but Key led the opening lap and built upon this lead the entire first half of the race.





Fellow Texas pilot Sarah Walls and Edmond, Oklahomas Alison Slaton gained on Key late and made it a bonafide three way battle for the lead on the final lap, but Key kept cool and earned his first career score in Oklahoma/I-44 Riverside, and in thrilling fashion aboard the Key2Victory, Simpson, GKs Cleaners, and JTR Electric sponsored #14.





This was Noahs first win of the season, also placing him as the 4th Texan to earn victory lane at I-44 Riverside and 45th different winner overall.





Fellow Texan Sarah Walls earned the runner up finish ahead of Alison Slaton. Choctaws Nathan Rainey and Anadarkos Ryan Anderson completing the top five finishing order.









Restricted A Feature (20 laps): 1. 14 Noah Key (1); 2. 12s Sarah Walls (3); 3. 2A Alison Slaton (5); 4. 99 Nathan Rainey (4); 5. 00R Ryan Anderson (10); 6. 72z Zach Wells (7); 7. 72c Kaylee Cole (2); 8. 12 Carson meek (11); 9. 10k Koda Oller (8); DNS: 78 Tanner Conn, 57T Kyle Thompson


Lap Leaders: Noah Key 1-20


Hard Charger: Ryan Anderson +5










The Turf Tire class joins the Junior Sprints in one of the most sensational developments of the past season as each class has tripled to borderline quadrupled their ranks since last years reopening in August.





Sixteen Turf Tires prompted the speedway to boost their purse and offer up $200 to the winner with $30 to start their feature.





Gene Berry and Scott Patraw formed the front row of the CC Round 16 main event with Berry pacing the early lead.





Jeremy Morris swept the Red Dirt Nationals and hasnt been in victory lane since, but at the midway point began pressuring Berry for the lead with Piedmonts Grady Chandler up to third in his Turf Tire debut.





Morris swept by on the 13th lap and didnt look back, earning the Mustang racer his third victory of the season, but first since the two day Red Dirt Nationals opener. Jeremy and brother Jared swap rights to the black #93 - so its the fourth win overall for Team Morris. Great name!





Chandler battled past Berry in the closing laps to snare the runner up finish with Berry settling for the final podium spot. Shorty Burks advanced one spot to claim fourth at the finish line with Brandon Jones moving up two to complete the top five finishing order.





Berry and Morris won heat races over the 16 car field. This class has become a fan favorite, and we hope to get a similar field next week if not bigger! There were about 6 or 7 from Nationals that werent there, come on guys push this to 20 Turfs so we can boost the regular $800 purse by 80%!!!









Turf Tire A Feature (20 laps): 1. 93 Jeremy Morris (4); 2. 45 Grady Chandler (8); 3. 98 Gene Berry (1); 4. 1x Shorty Burks (5); 5. 6J Brandon Jones (7); 6. 5m Scott Patraw (2); 7. 33 Brian Penick (3); 8. 28 Jeremy Penick (14); 9. 14v Zach Van Zant (11); 10. 21 Josh Bigger (13); 11. 20x Dusty Devine (10); 12. 01 Jerry Cartwright (16); 13. 1st Junior Vickman (6); 14. 22s Sheldon Johnson (9); 15. 75 Willie Vickman (12); 16. 5 Randy Kohl (15)


Lap Leaders: Gene Berry 1-12, Jeremy Morris 13-20


Hard Charger: Grady Chandler, Jeremy Penick +6










Ryan Padgett and Blaine Denny set the tone for what was sure to be another blazing fast 20 lap A Class main event.





Padgett led the first lap before Philip Fessler got into the turn 3 wall to bring out the yellow, which became a red when Newcastles Derrick McBride flipped out of contention and into the infield.





Back underway, Padgett resumed the lead ahead of Michael Hall and Mini Sprint Nationals A Class Champ Jason McDougal who was hungry while moonlighting for his third A Class success, as the Broken Arrow Factor One Racing standout was on hand to delight in the Boss Chassis/Factor One Racing #73 Midget, as well.





McDougal moved past Hall on the fifth round and set his sights on the leader. Padgett fought Mcdougals charge valiantly, but Jason Mac would not be denied, gaining the lead on the 13th round and going the final seven circuits unchallenged aboard the Factor One Racing #73.





Padgett held on to an extremely worthy runner up finish with Mike Matherly up from seventh to the show position. Moores Chris Lloyd charged from ninth to finish fourth (The Rundown will be surprised if Lloyd doesnt get a W before the end of season as he is fast in every race), with Fletcher, Oklahomas Michael Hall moving up a solo spot to complete the top five finishing order.





Ryan Padgett, Michael Meek, and Jason McDougal aced A Class heats over the 23 car field.









A Class A Feature (20 laps): 1. 73 Jason McDougal (5); 2. 898 Ryan Padgett (1); 3. 17m Mike Matherly (7); 4. 28c Chris Lloyd (9); 5. 95 Michael Hall (6); 6. 83 Jim Woods (11); 7. 2B Brandon Boggs (8); 8. 57D Blaine Denny (2); 9. 36 Lloyd Smith (16); 10. 58 Philip Fessler (13); 11. 57 Mark Fry mire (3); 12. 27D Jared Dunkin (18); 13. 27 David Millwee (14); 14. 75B Mike Becker (22); 15. 91 Kevin Bayer (12); 16. 21 Michael Meek (4); 17, 67s Steve Johnson (19); 18. 50 Dean Drake Jr. (15); 19. 98 Derrick McBride (10); 20. 56 Landon Lister (17); DNS: 60 Bryan Nebgen, 00 Grady Chandler, 78 Tanner Conn


Lap Leaders: Ryan Padgett 1-12, Jason MacDougal 13-20







At 23 cars, just two more would unlock a 40% boost for the class, just seven more opens up an 80% increase for the class. Take a look at A Class point standings and anyone can see how possible this really is to get both the Non Wing (18) and A Class into the Boost.





The two stock classes are where this idea began back before the tornado hit the speedway last year. Our mission is to showcase the best, and fastest micro racing each week with a focus on doing so safely and honorably.





We have taken many steps, whether it be how we changed points, lineups, protocol for stoppages, communication, now the actual purses themselves. There between 60-75 stock 600cc teams just in the west side area alone, this isnt counting teams from outside the area that support these classes on aregular and semi-regular basis. With only six round remaining in the 2014 Champions Cup - we invite all of you to challenge each other just a little and get our B Features back as we are right there on the precipice through the Grind (the summer months of racing).





We will spread the word as much as we can, but most important is your interactions and spreading this word and what it could mean to race for the best payouts in the entire region. And rather than focus on a couple negatives that are firmly in the rear view mirror, note the streak of outrageously savory shows we have staged for 7 races and counting. As good as the speedway can be, its the support from you guys that makes the difference. We have had above average racing since the end of June, but with the support of the many teams within the network of our two headlining classes, there is limitless potential here.





Thank you to all that have supported is in the last two weeks, at Mini Sprint Nationals and this past Saturday. Thank you to the excellent fans coming out each week and thanks to the racers and your teams and sponsors for supporting us in a comback after last years comeback.





Huge thanks as well to the speedway staff these past two weeks. We have a lot of great workers in this racing family in our infield, concession, score tower, flag stand, staging, and at the pit gate. For being under-manned in the three races the past two weekends, everyone picked up the slack and worked very hard to make the show continue on without skipping a beat. There is scarcely time to stop to comment on how hard everyone is working at this and how good they are doing, but to all of our track workers, management formally recognized how outstanding all of you have performed.





Lastly, we want to formally thank Tony Pressley and Penick Family Racing for an outstanding contribution they made in helping rescue the tiller. Mark spent much of the season operating with a lot less equipment to prep the track than most tracks, and with our red clay having an operational tiller is a HUGE impact that couldnt possibly be overstated.





PFR didnt want me to mention this as they never expected any public recognition for their contribution and never want there to be any perceived bias for their great help in a very important area. But one can easily see the highly heralded surfaces we are churning out each week and how much better they were than in April and May, and as far as favorites go - none exist. Some have trouble accepting that, and I would be lying if I didnt note that some are more mild mannered and constructive in presenting any issue and also quick to praise when its deserved.





But as with any business, we value each of our customers evenly. We celebrate each and every one of you, regardless of whether you race with us once, twice, or all season. When the gates open and the traffic lights go green, each of you are valued customers that we aim to please. To make these events as fun as possible, because that is why everyone participates and what makes this the greatest community sport in this Great Country of communities.





When those lights come on every racer represents two things and in this order, first is a heart beat that we need to keep safe in every form of the word, always to do everything we can to ensure safety. Racing is an inherently dangerous sport, but our first aim at any moment is for the safety of every patron at the speedway. Second is your number, and our need to always have those in the correct order. We have made huge strides in this area with a lot of hard work in the tower and have increased and communication between tower, infield, flag stand, and staging. In the last two months, each of those facets have increased several times over the communication with each other, and will constantly continue to improve upon that as well. As it already has shown in the results, in the increased quality of our product; it will continue to and we will constantly, forever be working together to make the Saturday nights where we all share our passion for the sport, more and more fun.





We have already introduced several changes to the pit/racing side that have had immediate impact. There are several more changes we are working towards, as well as a series of improvements for the fans as well. We may not introduce programs by the end of the season. But guaranteed we will have them next year. As well as a point fund for all five classes.





At the moment we are working on our next big show, on Saturday, September 6th we are featuring a HUGE card of action featuring the Lucas Oil POWRi West Midget Series, as well as Part Two of the Red River Shootout between our Oklahomans and the Texas Open Wheel Racing Series (TOWR). When we featured this same show on April 12th - we had over 160 entries with a combined total of more than 110 in the A Class, Non Wing, and Restricted classes that are part of the Red River Shootout.





The following week we will feature our second Kids Night, where all youths get in free and we will feature all of your remarkable young racers in the Junior Sprint and Restricted classes throughout the night. Its a night to salute not only Jeramiah Green and his ongoing fight against cancer, but these are fantastic young racers with incredible stories and backgrounds, and we want to invite all out to a great night of racing, a great night to share with or even join this awesome community.





There are many more developments in the remaining three events and we will touch on those in the coming week, this writing has reached an unofficial limit (probably upwards of 5,000 words lol).





Once more, thanks to everyone taking part in in our racing community and each week at the speedway.





Stay tuned to I-44 Riverside Speedway outlets in the coming days for further updates, including updated point standing in the next 24 hours. GoDaddy had some issues that caused our website to go down for about 16 hours, but our good friend Scott Key (proud father of Restricted winner Noah Key) worked out the kinks so please visit the site this evening and tomorrow morning for an updates look at our Champions Cup Point Standings.

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