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Daniel Smith Finally Gets The Job Done at Salina Speedway


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Daniel Smith Finally Gets The Job Done at Salina Speedway


by Larry Lowrey Jr.





SALINA, Kan. -- If at first you dont succeed, try again. If not again, keep trying!


That must have been Daniel Smiths motto this season at Salina Speedway in the BSB Manufacturing NeSmith Chevrolet Weekly Racing Series Late Model division. Several times this season Daniel has been close but come up short. He has led races only to see them taken away on the last lap by numerous reasons. Friday night at Salina Speedway nothing got in the way of Daniel Smith as he logged his first feature win of the season.


Daniel Smith and Chris Kratzer would battle at the front of the feature early, but Kratzer would slide up high in turn 2 and that left the door wide open for Daniel.


From that point on it was his race to lose and it wouldnt happen on this night as he sped away to the checkered flag uncontested.


Darrick Klima would win the battle for 2nd, 3rd went to Kratzer, the points leader, Delbert Smith, finished 4th and Justin Kinderknecht finished 5th.


BSB Manufacturing NeSmith Chevrolet Weekly Racing Series Late Model Heat Race Winner was Kratzer.


One of the strong runs of the night came from the Belleville Motor Sports IMCA Modified class. It shouldnt have come as a surprise to anyone after the heat races.


After winning his heat race, Mike Petersilie would start 7th in the feature and it wouldnt take him long to roar through the field and gain the top spot.


At the top spot Petersilie wouldnt be denied his 2nd win of the season at Salina Speedway.


Jessie Richter would run a strong 2nd to Petersilie, 3rd would go to Joe Cleveland who had to come from the back after an early caution, it was another strong finish for Corey Burch in 4th and Randy Wilson came home in 5th.


Belleville Motor Sports Heat Race Winners were Petersilie and Richter.


Every week it sounds like a broken record in the AutoHouse Towing Mod Lite Feature, but when you are having the kind of season that Danny Morrison Jr. is having its a good thing.


For the 7th time this season Morrison rolled to another feature win.


The competition is strong at Salina Speedway in the Mod Lites, Morrison is just having one of those great seasons that drivers dream about.


Mike Zrubek would get the early lead in the feature. Zrubek would do a great job hanging on to the lead and looked like a contender for the win, but lapped traffic and Morrison behind him would be a lot to navigate for the win.


In the lapped traffic Zrubek would be held up and it allowed Morrison to sneak by. Zrubek wouldnt give up he would chase Morrison all the way to the checkers but fell just short.


Justin Kinderknecht finished in 3rd, 4th went to Brian Davidson and Brandon Gray rounded out the top 5.


AutoHouse Mod Lite Heat Race Winners were Zrubek and Trey Morgan.


There is another driver having a dream season at Salina Speedway in the Budweiser IMCA Hobby Stock class, Mike Traskowsky.


Every week it looks like Traskowsky is going to be kept out of victory lane, but each time he finds a way to get it done. Friday night the stars aligned for Traskowsky one more time as he picked up win #6 on the season.


Terry Blessing was the man of the hour in the early part of the feature. He got out to the lead and dominated building up a large lead. His lead wouldnt amount to much as a yellow flag would come out and bunch the field up.


On the restart, Traskowsky, would take advantage of the moment and take over the top spot. From the rest of the way on Traskowsky wouldnt not be bothered on the way to another win.


Blessing would hold on for the runner-up spot, Aaron McBride battled his way to a 3rd place finish, 4th was Tommy Shomaker and Kelly Pihl brought home another top 5 finish in 5th.


Budweiser Heat Race Winners were Traskowsky and McBride.


The Coors Light Stock Car class hasnt competed in a while at Salina Speedway.


That layoff might have taken away the momentum that Scott Miller had built up over the last 4 races. Miller came in on the night with a 4 race win streak. The big question is could he do it again?


That answer would be NO! Scott Miller didnt check in to compete on Friday night which meant there would be a new winner in victory lane this week.


Scott Granzella would bring the field to the green flag in the feature. As the green flag dropped, Granzella took out to the early lead.


A hungry pack of drivers were running the leader down lap after lap. Arnold Williams would be the driver to get to Granzella and battle him for the lead, but it would be short lived as mechanical problems would take him out of the hunt with 3 laps to go.


After that battle Granzella would run away with his 1st Stock Car Feature win of the season.


Coming in 2nd was Fred Traskowsky, Duane Toyne would finish in 3rd, 4th went to Tony Steenson and Williams limped home to a top 5 finish.


Coors Light Heat Race Winners were Jeremie Myers and Steenson.


Racing action will be center stage again next Friday night, Aug. 15th at Salina Speedway.


Racing action gets underway with Hot laps at 7:15 p.m. and heat races shortly after that.


Adult admission is $10, with kids 15 & under FREE with paid adult. All seniors 55 and up are HALF PRICE with ID. All active & retired military are FREE with appropriate ID as well! Pit passes are $25.


Fans wanting to get the 411 on Salina Speedway just need to stay logged in to their home on the world wide web at http://www.racesalinaspeedway.com. As fans visit the site take a look at the 2014 schedule to see what classes are running, great stories and results and sign up for the Text & Email Blasts! You can also like their Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/SalinaSpeedway or Follow on Twitter @SalinaSpeedway1.


Hobby Stocks A Feature

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points

1 9 23 Mike Traskowsky Woodbine , Ks 40.00

2 4 9 Terry Blessing Manhattan , Ks 39.00

3 8 31M Aaron Mcbride Barnard , Ks 38.00

4 3 83 Tommy Shomaker Salina , Ks 37.00

5 6 5K Kelly Pihl Lindsborg , Ks 36.00

6 7 06 Tony Slothower Salina , Ks 35.00

7 10 86 Neil Normandin Salina , Ks 34.00

8 11 T1X Billy Mcbride Salina , Ks 33.00

9 2 22 Dennis Berry Salina , Ks 32.00

10 12 27 Tommy Fose Salina , Ks 31.00

11 1 2 Jason Cleveland Minneapolis , Ks 30.00

12 5 15E Elliott May Lyons , Ks 29.00


Street Stocks A Feature

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points

1 1 91E Scot Granzella Salina , Ks 40.00

2 4 23F Fred Traskowsky Heringrton , Ks 39.00

3 6 48 Duane Toyne Salina , Ks 38.00

4 5 59S Tony Steenson Mentor , Ks 37.00

5 7 07W Arnold Williams Russell , Ks 36.00

6 2 97 Jeremie Myers Junction City, Ks 35.00 DNF

7 10 99 Erik Tipsword Clay Center, Ks 34.00 DNF

8 3 A55 Bob Arnold Salina , Ks 33.00 DNF

9 8 23T Tyler Stucky Moundridge , Ks 32.00 DNS

10 9 719 Steve Streit Salina , Ks 31.00 DNS


Modifieds A Feature

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points

1 7 25P Mike Petersilie Hoisington , Ks 40.00

2 4 8R Jesse Richter Great Bend, Ks 39.00

3 6 2 Joe Cleveland Delphos , Ks 38.00

4 3 747 Corey Burch Junction City, Ks 37.00

5 1 A2 Randy Wilson Wichita , Ks 36.00

6 2 53T Larry Sutton Beloit , Ks 35.00

7 8 14M Danny Morrison Bennington , Ks 34.00

8 12 819 Shannon Johnson Salina , Ks 33.00

9 13 20 Warren Huffman Salina , Ks 32.00

10 5 B6 Brian Knoell Falun , Ks 31.00 DNF

11 9 24 Corey Lagroon Salina , Ks 30.00 DNF

12 11 85 Matthew Schrader Salina , Ks 29.00 DNF

13 10 21 Van Gemmill Ponca City, Ok 28.00 DQ


Mod Lites A Feature

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points

1 10 14M Danny Morrison Bennington , Ks 40.00

2 2 Z23 Mike Zrubek Salina , Ks 39.00

3 9 28G Justin Kinderknecht Salina , Ks 38.00

4 5 B55 Brian Davidson Bennington , Ks 37.00

5 8 48B Brandon Gray Salina , Ks 36.00

6 4 12 Ryan Secrest Newton , Ks 35.00

7 3 2X Trey Morgan Junction City, Ks 34.00

8 6 T1T Earl Kinderknecht Salina , Ks 33.00

9 1 56S Chad Shartzer Abilene , Ks 32.00

10 11 88C Chris Unruh Galva , Ks 31.00

11 13 11 Dano Milleson Chapman , Ks 30.00

12 7 15B Tyler Bradshaw Gypsum , Ks 29.00 DNF

13 12 19 Ryan Ayers Salina , Ks 28.00 DNF


Late Models A Feature

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points

1 3 92S Daniel Smith Wichita , Ks 48.00

2 2 2K Darrick Klima Belleville , Ks 47.00

3 1 55 Chris Kratzer Haysville , Ks 46.00

4 4 92 Delbert Smith Wichita , Ks 45.00

5 6 1JR Justin Kinderknecht Salina , Ks 44.00

6 8 12G Ryan Grit Lindsborg , Ks 43.00

7 5 10J Jill Roberg Salina , Ks 42.00

8 7 70T Terry Malm Lindsborg , Ks 41.00

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