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Good show put on Saturday night.Dwarfs and Pure Stocks(I hate the term bomber) put on their usual good stuff.I have to admit with 24 TALMS cars starting I thought it was going to be an early and often crash fest.Awesome job of driving by EVERYONE involved.And what a drive by the Mikulencak's ! Marcus looked like he had driving as long as his Dad the way he worked the lapped traffic and handling all the heat put on him.If TALMS gives passing points Lawrence collected a ton of them passing cars in every way possible.TALMS has put together a good group of drivers and should be a great thing for asphalt racing.I also liked the format used.I think fans get more of their monies worth with the heat races as they get to see their favorites more than one race.Never liked the feature only format and never will.Only one glitch to the night that took out two good cars otherwise a great job by CCS.This should generate more interest for the May race!

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