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Brandon Hahn Sidelined at I-30 Speedway


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Brandon Hahn Sidelined at I-30 Speedway




LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (April 16, 2104) - Brandon Hahn had high expectations going into Saturday's Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour event at the I-30 Speedway, but things would not play out as hoped. After initial reports were of mechanical issues, it was later revealed that Brandon was having back problems that hampered his ability to breath.




"I like racing, but I like living more," said Hahn of the situation.




Choosing to skip his Heat Race, Hahn was able to make laps in the B-Feature, but elected to return to the Pits after only a few laps. Seeking medical attention after returning home on Sunday, Hahn explained that he pulled a muscle in his back but was able to get treatment and is feeling much better.




Returning to the driver's seat this coming weekend, Hahn will compete with the American Bank of Oklahoma Sooner Region and Speedway Motors Warrior Region.




"We're going to a track I've never been to before. I just want to make the A-Feature since I'm not racing for points. We're rolling with the Maxim again, but other than that I'm not worrying about too much," said Hahn of Friday's races at the West Siloam Speedway.




"I am looking forward to Saturday at Springfield. I ran really go there last year until I ran off the end of the track but other than that, I really like that place and just hope my back will hold up for me."








April 12 - I-30 Speedway - Little Rock, Ark. - Heat Race DNS; B-Feature 12-DNF (14)









Races: 6; Win - 0; Top5 - 0; Top 10 - 1; Top 15 - 1; Top 20 - 3








Friday, April 18 - West Siloam Speedway - West Siloam Springs, Okla. (ASCS Sooner)

Saturday, April 19 - Springfield Raceway - Springfield, Mo. (ASCS Sooner / Warrior)








Website: http://www.brandonhahnracing.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BrandonHahn29

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