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Lone Star Legacy race results for 4/12/14 and points


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We had eight Lone Star Legacys start the 20-lap feature last night. Cole Runco made up for his last-lap spin two weeks ago to take the checkered in front of a pack of evenly-matched Lone Star Legacy cars.


Was good to see rookie driver Gabriel Fogg come home with a top four finish after having the fastest car in practice.


Official results


1. 19 Cole Runco, 20 laps

2. 01 Allen Sampson, 20

3. 1 Del Harris, 20

4. 10 Gabriel Fogg, 20

5. 32 James Huff, 20

6. 04 Dillon Sampson, 20

7. 24 Colin Bellino, 17

8. 5 Mikey Ridino, 10


Our next event is about a month away, May 17, and will be at one of the most historic tracks in Texas - Corpus Christi Speedway. This will give a couple of teams who will be joining the series this season to get their cars ready to race.


We wish to extend our prayers for Bob Riley, the official Lone Star Legacy parts source and owner-operator of Riley Transmissions in San Marcos, to ask the Good Lord for a speedy recovery after badly mangling a finger last week. We missed Bob at the track this weekend and hope to see him back with us soon.




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Here are the Lone Star Legacy point standings as of 4/12/2014


1. (01) Allen Sampson, 197
2. (19) Cole Runco, 191
3. (10) Gabriel Fogg,185
3. (32) James Huff, 185
5. (04) Dillon Sampson, 173
6. (24) Colin Bellino, 167
7. (1) Del Harris, 94
8. (5) Mikey Ridino, 79



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James, Gabriel felt bad about that last lap pass so we think you should take over the third spot.


Not really - he was pretty excited about it, he got out of the car and said, " I think I got Mr.Huff ! "


That 2 hole is tough spot to be in but Gabriel says he up for the challenge.

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