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Line up for Concord...only 23 cars?


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I can't believe they only have 23 cars for a $15,000 to win race! I guess it could be to close to the Derby and guys don't want to tear up their cars.???



Starting Line-Up for 2nd Annual Asphalt World Championship

1. Freddie Query, Mooresville, A-1 Fire Protection Chevy

2. Preston Peltier, Concord, CRD Engine Development Chevy

3. Chris Dunn, Raleigh, The Heritage Bank Ford

4. Eddie Massengill, Goldsboro, C&C Construction Ford

5. Ted Musgrave Jr, Mooresville, Eagles Nest Racing Products Chevy

6. Ted Christopher, Plainfield, Ct., Northeast Recycling Chevy

7. Jimmy Simpson, Concord, B.W. Larrimore Gutters & Siding Chevy

8. Dean Clattenburg, Dartmouth, N.S., Precision Built Spindles Chevy

9. Dennis Schoenfeld, Concord, Schoenfeld Headers Chevy

10. Matt Hawkins, Canton, Ga., Rexall Southern Electrical Supply, Ford

11. Johnny Clark, Clark's Cars & Parts, Chevy

12. Bobby Gill, Concord, Victor Ford Ford

13. Mark Reedy, Kannapolis, MAL Entertainment Ford

14. Shelton McNair Jr., Plymouth, McNair Oil Ford

15. Alex Yontz, Walnut Cove, Kevin Harvick, Inc., Chevy

16. Terry Brooks, Concord, Mason's Tire Service Chevy

17. Pete Shepherd III, Brampton, Ont. Can., Inside Track News Chevy

18. Danny Propst, Monroe, Frontier Land Surveying Chevy

19. Mark Keeteman, Kannapolis, K-Cars Race Cars Chevy

20. Mike Rowe, Turner, Me., Pullen Heavy Industries Chevy

21. Scott Peeler, Salisbury, Aull Printing & Copy Plus, Chevy

22. Conrad Burr, China Grove, National Peening Chevy

23. Clete Caywood, Easley, S.C., K-Wood Motorsports Chevy

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Sounds like other places besides Texas have(Late Model) racers making excuses NOT to race. 15K to win and only 23 cars is pathetic! :angry: I'm telling you all right now, the writing is on the wall unless something drastic changes things. Y'all can say I'm crazy or an idiot, but in my time I've seen the death of more classes/touring series than you can imagine.

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Freddy Query won. Johnny Clark(PASS champion from Maine) was 2nd,and Ted Christopher from CT was 3rd.

There was only one car in the field that plans on running the Snowball Derby.I really feel like these guys that have the Derby budgeted into their season probably skipped Concord.

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