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November 9th race


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OK,heres a funny story.Nothing to do with today or anything,just funny.


Back when Robert Theser was hosting the Modified Nationals at RGS,the track opened on Wendsday for practice,the show was 3 days,qualifing on all 3 days.The track would open up on Wed eveninmg for first practice.Then every day around 10 AM it would open all day for practice.Somehow he put enough chemicals in the track it did not need rewatering.Now lots of us loved this because we could play all day and try stuff.Theser liked it too because he sold the methanol,tires and parts.The track slicked up so much it was a challange not to spin out at pace speed.


The entire track including the pits and everybody there turned black with tire dust like a western has dust.I heard guys say "I put 15 rounds of bite in my car and the driver could not tell! ".During one of the heat races one car caused a caution so track officials could remove the tractor tire under his car he was unaware of.During this 4 day event there were thousands of laps run by hunderds of cars.When qualifing was over and the lineup was set,I heard guys say "I almost had it.I just needed a little more practice!"That was the funny part.


What was curious was after all the laps turned on a totally black track,during the A feature it started taking rubber and turning yellow.Must have been some magic.


This show brought an average of 150 modifieds and later also brought an average of 65+ limited modifieds.Most limiteds were raced by the modified guys,having brought both.The Shootout at South Texas Speedway has all the makings of a show to equal or surpass what was once the second biggest modified event behind Boon.The limited/sport mod population I believe exceeds the modified population 10 years ago.This race will be historical and Im glad to be a tiny part.Please Mother Nature,smile down on us.

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