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  1. South Texas shootout

    3,000 to win pures 10/4 way to go!!!!
  2. 2016 Info

    Would a istock be legal to run the Nov race down there
  3. Memorial Day races

    Its EL NINO! just kidding keep your head up Ken!
  4. Compression Testing

    It bottles my mind everybody wants to go by IMCA but when you say to sanction the track everyone says no that's funny right there
  5. A few notes from our first race

    No chuck you know that
  6. A few notes from our first race

    this is the way I see it the batman car would be legal the 17 car would not because the sail panels go all the way back to spoiler jmo!
  7. A few notes from our first race

    He's saying that some people think that imca sport mod bodies don't look good and being the track isn't imca sanctioned they relax the body rules but don't put your sail panels all the way to spoiler and don't use right side sail panel cutout and I'm sure there's more but I'm thinking this is the main one

    nahhh that's just helping us get ready for first night of points lol!!!
  9. Official A Feature Results

    Maybe that's all they start is 20 in amains or I think it was 26 if enough cars show up I think

    It ain't going to rain alot and its going to be dry Friday should be able to race this weekend no problem JMO
  11. For the record

    I did but I'm done with racing for a little bit to get some other things going on
  12. For the record

    just enjoy reading this stuff. some of it gets pretty good and in depth
  13. For the record

    I don't have a dog in this battle but don't think you need to put Trigg rule. just simply put no monoballs allowed. but I do agree it is a gray area. did say any bushing. theres always going to be a 50\50 split some say its a bushing some say its a bearing JMO
  14. Track update 3-10-15

    Raining in corpus as of now and calling for it all week sucks but o well nuthing we can do bout it maybe its a sign saying the track just ain't quite ready lol j/k
  15. Track Conditions

    Calling top shelf you got any results from last night
  16. Track Conditions

    Any results
  17. Go Kart update

    If I'm a betting man id say Jr 1 Jr 2 Jr 3 pro Jr 1 pro Jr 2 pro Jr 3 pro clone etc... Something along that lines and that's pretty awesome I never got to win money but the aka has really grown
  18. Go Kart update

    That's the way to go Ken finally someone that listens I have a kart that's legal for these rules and won multiple championships if anyone interested
  19. Media Outlets

    Just a question is it going to be on xsan or anything would like to watch but due to work obligation's don't think I can make Thurs and Friday night but would love to watch on computer at least wont get off till 7 would love to see in person but work comes first
  20. Just for you guys that don't know yet!!!

    on compression man you should be fine I know mine is and mines built to last years rules to

    we have alot of work to do to my cars completely gutted got to find stock bumbers etc its not lil that at all well be lucky to make one practice...
  23. 2015 rules limited mod's and pure stock

    all my cars I build run up front
  24. 2015 rules limited mod's and pure stock

    I think what the whole deal is is that there is finally going to be some rules to actually go by so now its not just bring your car and race I don't care who wins or how they win as long as I have car count well guess what half your guys that don't have big money to compete have just parked and sit in the stands now that's there actual rules to go by I bet 10/1 half those guys will be back JMO!!! But it all goes back to if you don't like the rules pick another class or don't race period...
  25. 2015 rules limited mod's and pure stock

    this is what were trying to do take the high cost back out of it