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We are looking for a Shootout Voice

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We are entertaining people who want to announce our series. You dont have to have experience you just need to have the desire and want to. We want our announcer to be able to go to all races for 2014. The position is a minimal paying position and free entry to our races. You will be asked to know some details and gather info to pass along on the majority of our drivers. Its a position that should be alot of fun for the right person. PM us if your interested.

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He would be great for it



I have been contacted and will be having discussions about this soon. Might be worth coming back just to see if I might actually be able to get a decent interview from Wade. Not sure where the word "retired" came from. But I did get a lot of golf played this year on Saturdays.


Of course I still announce Judson and Wagner High school football, UTSA footbal and UTSA mens/Womens basketball so I am quite busy. Plus the daytime job at USAA.


We'll see what happens. Still have racing in the blood.

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Ok its up to everyone that knows Milton to harass, tickle, torture any method neccessary to have him jump on the Shootout Series. :D

Any word? I could always post his number and we can start calling him from 1 AM to 6 AM until he agrees. :lol:


call me between 1-6am and find out what happens.


Hint: 1 of 2 things


I hangup on you, or....


I start talking dirty to you ans cause you to hang up


take your chances......

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lol, in the words of our new announcer, "The Voice" of the Shootout Series!


Milton officially has told me to tell everyone, He's BAAAAAACCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!


Want to be the first to officially tell Milton welcome aboard and really look forward to his addition to the team.

Great news!!

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