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Franz Claims NCRA Modified Victory, Hurd Extends Point Lead!


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Franz Claims NCRA Modified Victory, Hurd Extends Point Lead!




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Park City, Kansas – October 12, 2013 - Former five-time tour champion Brian Franz took control of the race after a late race caution to claim his third victory of the season as the National Championship Racing Association of Park City, Kansas presented by Precise Racing Products modified division stopped at 81 Speedway in Park City on Saturday night.


Jason McGehee grabbed the lead at the start of the thirty lap feature with Franz hot on his tail. Both drivers raced side by side for the lead with McGehee credited with the lead each lap.


Lapped traffic came into play on lap twelve before the caution flag fell on lap seventeen when Cecil Diamond stopped at the top of turn four and two laps later the caution fell again for debris.


McGehee held on after the restart with Franz once again hot on his tail. On lap twenty Franz, aboard his familiar #86 MMT Millennium/Precise Racing Products/Kaotic Wraps sponsored, GRT Race Car, would pass McGehee for the lead and it looked as though he would go the rest of the distance unchallenged for the lead. However, the final caution flag would wave on lap 27 when Johnny Whitmore came to a stop at bottom of turn two.


On the final restart it was all Franz as he held on the final three laps to claim the victory. Current tour point leader Marc Hurd got around McGehee late to finish second and extend his point lead with McGehee settling for third. Jon Thompson had another strong run to finish fourth while Adam Schrag rounded out the top five.


Dustin Belcher, who came into the night third in the point standings, took the hard way into the night’s feature finale. After finishing last in his heat race, Belcher worked his way up to a fourth place finish in the “C” feature to transfer into the “B” feature, where he would finish eighth. He then started eighteenth and worked his way up to a seventh place finish.


The four heat races for the 34 car field were won by McGehee, Schrag, Justin Moler and Gary Kilbourn. Bill Siemers claimed the “C” feature while Hurd notched “B” feature honors.


The final event for the 2013 race season will take place this coming Saturday night at 81 Speedway where Hurd will look to claim his second tour championship in a row and third of his career.


NCRA Modifieds


81 Speedway/Park City, Kansas


October 12, 2013


34 Cars


1st Heat: 1) 5* Jason Mcgehee, 2) 22A AJ Brochu, 3) 10 Marc Hurd, 4) 2 Richie Wilson, 5) 00 Rodney Chaffin, 6) D8 Don Hodge, 7) 2W Richard Wilson, 8) 93C Carson Mckeen, 9) 22 Dustin Belcher


2nd Heat: 1) 311 Adam Schrag, 2) 4A Josh Lanterman, 3) 75 Jon Thompson, 4) 5 Johnny Whitmore, 5) 91 Ross Shipman, 6) MC2 Clint Mcfadden, 7) M1 Scott Miller, 8) 88 Jase Wedel, 9) 64 Jimmy Brozek


3rd Heat: 1) 78 Justin Moler, 2) 4 Dan Powers, 3) 86 Brian Franz, 4) 747C Cuyler Calkin, 5) 49 J.r. Sandlian, 6) 77 Patrick Mcmanus, 7) 7J Robbie Simmons, 8) M11 Craig Miller


4th Heat: 1) 84 Gary Kilbourn, 2) 69 Cecil Dymond, 3) OK Kevin Kemp, 4) 51 Lucas Gibbs, 5) 01 Chris Pitts, 6) 11B Bill Siemers, 7) 12J Cory Johnston, 8) 0 Bob Lane


C Feature: 1) 11B Bill Siemers, 2) D8 Don Hodge, 3) 2W Richard Wilson, 4) 22 Dustin Belcher, 5) 49 J.r. Sandlian, 6) 12J Cory Johnston, 7) M1 Scott Miller, 8) 93C Carson Mckeen, 9) 0 Bob Lane, 10) 64 Jimmy Brozek, 11) 26 Jimmie Hobbs, 12) M11 Craig Miller, 13) 88 Jase Wedel, 14) 7J Robbie Simmons


B Feature: 1) 10 Marc Hurd, 2) OK Kevin Kemp, 3) 5 Johnny Whitmore, 4) 2 Richie Wilson, 5) 91 Ross Shipman, 6) 01 Chris Pitts, 7) D8 Don Hodge, 8) 22 Dustin Belcher, 9) 11B Bill Siemers, 20) 00 Rodney Chaffin, 11) 747C Cuyler Calkin, 12) M1 Scott Miller, 13) 51 Lucas Gibbs, 14) 12J Cory Johnston, 15) 93C Carson Mckeen, 16) 64 Jimmy Brozek, 17) 0 Bob Lane, 18) 49 J.r. Sandlian, 19) 2W Richard Wilson, 20) MC2 Clint Mcfadden


A Feature: 1) 86 Brian Franz, 2) 10 Marc Hurd, 3) 5* Jason Mcgehee, 4) 75 Jon Thompson, 5) 311 Adam Schrag, 6) D8 Don Hodge, 7) 22 Dustin Belcher, 8) 22A Aj Brochu, 9) 4 Dan Powers, 10) 10 Kevin Kemp, 11) 4A Josh Lanterman, 12) 91 Ross Shipman, 13) 00 Rodney Chaffin, 14) 11B Bill Siemers, 15) 84 Gary Kilbourn, 16) 2 Richie Wilson, 17) 69 Cecil Dymond, 18) 5 Johnny Whitmore, 19) 01 Chris Pitts, 20) 78 Justin Moler

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