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Rio Grande Speedway results 7/17/04

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>91 Bobby Maupin

>07 Adam Schach

>17 Adan Arambula

>98 T.J. Huston

>13 Johny Johnson

>K9 Ed Cox

>09 Brandon Blaylock

>51 Roy Morin

>57 Dale Flanagan

>1 Austin Carter

>99 Clay Huston

>12 Rolando Rodriguez

> The pace for the evening was set for the modifieds when at

>the beginning of the B heat the two leaders got together in 1 and 2 on

>the first lap and narrowed the field to only 4 running cars. The 17

>sufffered severe rear end damage, 00 a flat tire, 1 a flat tire. They

>were all able to make repairs and return for the main event. The main

>event started roughly with the 12 car of Rolando Rodriguez suffering a

>blown motor on the pace laps, followed by pole sitter 09 Brandon

>Blaylock sitting back and causing the 98 of T.J. Huston to jump the

>start. This resulted in a multi car pile up in turn 4 bringing out the

>first caution. Though 12 cars started the main event, only 7 were still

>on the track when the checkered flag fell on 91 Bobby Maupin continuing

>his domination this season.


>Limited Mods:

>29v Luke Vigneault

>50 Chris Cantrel

>57 Jensen Prey

>93 Travis Brandt

>43 Rodney "Cool Rod" Norton

>12 David Marroquin

>07 Adam Schach

>38x Leroy Greek


> The 29v of Luke

>Vigneault dominated the race, leading from the green to the checkered

>and only being challenged in the last two laps by the 50 car of Chris




>4 Tim Heatherly

>37 Brian Nunn

>69 Roy Long

>19 Alan Sweetin

>64 Pam Carter

>1 Jim Heatherly

>6 David Biddy

>57 Robert Miles




>13 Mitchell Johnson

>99 Chris Brandt

>3 Melanie Brandt

> 13 year old Mitchell Johnson piloted the 13

>car to his first main event victory ever.



>17 David Dobbs

>19 Alan Sweetin

>58 Phil Prey

>66 Chris Brandt

>50 Chris Cantrel

>59 Phil Prey Sr.

>8 Travis Brandt

>57 Jensen Prey



>Stock go Karts:

>11 Tori Khort

>49 Aaron Jamison

>69 Leo Lopez

>4 Devin Gonzalez

>10 Hanna Khort

>93 Cody Gordon

>00 Kasey Schach

>46 Austin Braaten


>Open Karts:

>91 Jared Maupin

>14 Patrick Braaten

>18 Billy Walker

>24 Brittany Vigneault

>00 Kevin Schach

>21 A.J. Solis

> 21 Solis led the field to the green flag only to be dropped

>to the rear of the field with a sick motor. 00 Kevin Schach took over

>the lead immediately and led every lap coming up the checkered when in

>the exit of turn 4 lost a chain and was dropped to a 5th place finish.

>For 14 laps the 00, 91, 24 and 14 ran nose to tail without so much as 3

>inches between any two karts. Everyone was rubbing and trying to loosen

>up the kart in front of them but to no avail. Finally on the last lap

>the 24 of Brittany got loose in turn 1 and the 14 of Patrick Braaten was

>able to take over the third place spot. With Schach loosing the chain,

>this moved everyone up a spot for a terrific close finish.

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