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Must be right here, on the front page!

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That's right boys and girls, ladies and gents, Chuckie and Ric-y, Myself and SASpeedracer have the front page, lead news story in the IMCA newspaper this month for our coverage and pix of the Texas Nationals.



With the big IMCA paycheck will you be paying off your mortgage and getting a new car? LOL


Congrats on the big time byline!


I know the rest, but who is Ric-y?


Nick Holt

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Thanx everyone.


BRH50, self deprication! LMAO Actually it was to show that there were people getting Texas racing news spread NATIONALLY!!!


Nick, He's the one that shouldn't lose that number? LOL What you don't listen to the Chuckie and Ric-y show on the WWW? BTW, I get a FREE subscription from IMCA.

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