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Ron Maroney brings home field advantage to Arizona Nitro Jam

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Arizona racer Ron Maroney brings home field advantage to Arizona Nitro Jam


Wild and dangerous Fuel Altered division a highlight attraction at huge Nitro Jam weekend




TUCSON, Ariz. (March 14, 2011) – For any driver, a chance to race at the national level in front of thousands of fans at your home track is always a dream come true.




And for Arizona-based racer Ron Maroney, that dream will finally become a reality the weekend of March 25-26 as Maroney and his “Super Nanook” Fuel Altered team roll into town as one of the feature classes at the inaugural Arizona Nitro Jam at Southwestern International Raceway next weekend in Tucson.




Maroney, a native of Chandler, Ariz., has raced at tracks all across the United States, but none more than the track he calls the best in the state at Southwestern International Raceway. And after 26 years of racing, Maroney couldn’t be more excited to be a part of Nitro Jam’s inaugural event in the state of Arizona at the track he calls home as the Nitro Jam series brings an absolutely huge show to the desert March 25-26 in Tucson.



“SIR is the best track in Arizona and it is the track I like to call home. And it will certainly feel good to return home to compete in front of these incredible fans later this month,” Maroney said. “Southwestern International Raceway will be rocking when Nitro Jam brings in the most diverse nitro show in the country at the inaugural event in Arizona, including our crazy Fuel Altered class. Fans haven’t seen anything until they see a Fuel Altered wiggle and wobble down the track at speeds over 200 miles per hour.”




Indeed, Maroney sits behind the wheel of one of the most unique and out-of-control classes in all of motorsports. Once banned by the organized drag racing community years ago, these insane nostalgia cars provide a glimpse of what racing was like in years past while still producing considerable horsepower, essentially pushing each car to its limits.




In fact, because of the incredibly short wheelbase of these Nostalgia Fuel Altered machines, the newest addition to the Nitro Jam lineup provides some of the most intense runs of any class due to the poor handling and high horsepower.




And, of course, any class that requires the driver to wear a gasmask because of the overwhelming nitromethane fumes billowing from the 3,000 horsepower beast known as a Nostalgia Fuel Altered motor is sure to be a fan favorite.




“If there is one thing that can be said about a Fuel Altered it is this – they sure do put on a show,” Maroney said. “I often tell people that I rarely drive the car, I just hold on for six seconds. It is an adrenaline rush like you wouldn’t believe accelerating from zero to 230 miles per hour in the blink of an eye. You have to see it to believe it.”



Maroney is a second generation Fuel Altered racer, taking over the family business a few years ago after decades helping crew his father’s car. After getting behind the wheel for the first time himself in 1985, Maroney now pilots the legendary “Super Nanook” machine, a car that Maroney grew up idolizing.




“I actually own my own car called ‘Blind Faith’ which I drive a few times throughout the year. I got to know the ‘Super Nanook’ team after many years on the match racing scene and I told those guys that if they ever needed a driver to occasionally fill-in I am their guy,” Maroney said. “Then at the beginning of last year they asked if I wanted to pilot the car fulltime and I simply couldn’t pass that up.




“I grew up watching the ‘Super Nanook’ car dominate the drag racing scene and now to get a chance to kick everyone else’s butt in the same car is great. It really is a dream come true.”




Now Maroney and the legendary “Super Nanook” team will travel to Southwestern International Raceway just a few miles from their home base to take part in the inaugural Nitro Jam event in Arizona.




And "Super Nanook" won’t be the only legendary machine on hand for the huge weekend of racing.




Joining Maroney will be another Fuel Altered known for its days dominating the competition, the incredible “Rat Trap” driven by Ron Hope. The pair will also be joined by the wild looking “Pure Hell” machine driven by Las Vegas native Jason Richey and points leader and current class record holder Chris Bennett in the “Pure Heaven” car.



Maroney is currently second in the Nostalgia Fuel Altered standings with one victory, sitting 36 points behind leader Chris Bennett.




The Fuel Altered division will join three other nitro classes including 320 mph Top Fuel Dragsters, the biggest Prostalgia Nitro Funny Car race of the season and 220 mph Nitro Harley action. Additional race elements will include side-by-side 300 mph jet dragsters, the “Cool Bus” wheelstanding school bus and the battle of the monster trucks as the legendary Grave Digger takes on the 30,000 horsepower Shockwave jet semi.




Don’t miss a minute of this historic event as Nitro Jam comes to Southwestern International Raceway for the first time March 25-26 in Tucson.




Tickets start at just $25 if purchased in advance and parking and an all-access pit pass is free with admission. Visit www.nitrojam.com for more details and get your tickets today!

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