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sts we need front runner rules quick


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You will never get STS rules on this one it is CC Speedway site.



and you want to race ...lol cc has a front runner class ..and its growing .on added note ....ive heard the concern over the track owning most of the cars .. i had concern too ..but i have looked at it this way .he bought em to start the class ..jesse ran all year ...didnt scare him off .that was positive on both sides ..with out dan buying em and putting who ever wanted to race in em ..there maynot even be a class ..if you show up with your car and other cars show up or call dan and buy the cars he owns .that will slow down that proscess ....all those cars the track owns are for sale from what i know .and were from the first night ...there will be some more owner cars this year ..ps smart mouths or trouble makers need not post ... we need this to stay positive .the nagative time is over .good luck at what ever track you run at ...

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