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Hello all, new racer to be


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Just wanted to say hello and start getting to know folks since I will be another truck at HMP later in the year. I've been out a number of times and really enjoyed the truck racing and the few people that I had a chance to speak with. My background is MX, karts, and some SCCA and will be starting as green as green gets.

I hope to pick up my truck in about 3 weeks from up north. I feel I've done my research fairly well and hope getting it technically correct for HMP rules will go fairly smoothly.

It will probably be a while before I'm actually on track because I crashed my motorcycle last weekend and broke both my arms and am having surgery to plate and have a screw put in my left one tomorrow.

I hope I feel well enough to come out Saturday because I have been looking forward to Speedfest for a while and with 20+ trucks pre-entered I know it will be exciting.


Look forward to getting to know you guys and good luck to all this weekend.


C.Scott Chesser

future #131

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wow both arms ....well seeing you cant drive ..look up those 99 guys ..class act ..just pass alittle cash and get some secrets ....lol jk... whatch out for that 44 guy tory .....you will have to smile to much and carry alittLe make up if you have problems with skin tone in pictures ...he loves to flash poeple .in fact ill nick name him as of now ......FLASHER ....hows that tory ............... now you really have to watch out for ozzy ...he looks like santa .and dont mind taking your christmas order early ..just bring food and beer to feed the deer .....speedy recovery for you ...

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Evidently I had have an old LLS username and have been logging in with it/this.


Sorry if I contacted you, or you PM'd me and caused any confusion. I'm really not this flaky.


Update, I pick up my truck in either 2 weeks or 3 weeks in Indy. Its an original ARTS truck with no "changes" to that configuration. I'm hoping that makes tech and registration easier and/or smoother. The bad news is my orthopedic doc was talking anywhere from 8-14 weeks for my arm to heal. But I have me a truck and can't wait. B)


Does HMP use the AMB Tranx 260, or compliant amb timing system? I have one and might as well save the money if I can. I'm sure I can find somewhere else to drop those $$'s.


Also, so I don't bombard the entire forum with mundane newbie questions, if any of you truck guys would be willing to "mentor" me, post up a reply or shoot me a PM. If any of you same guys are in the Spring, Klein, T-ball sort of area and could use some help, I'm willing to do what I can with my good arm.



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