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Vaught, Phillips, Jones take TWDTC Titles @ TMS Dirt Track 3/5/11

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Texas World Dirt Track Championships @ Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track, 3/4-5/2011

By J M Hallas


Fort Worth, Tx,(March 5th, 2011) Texas Motor Speedway's Dirt Track capped off this years Texas World Dirt Track Championship, with the SUPR Late Models highlighting the show that included final events for the Modifieds and Limited Modifieds. Drivers competing in the Late Model portion of the show from Colorado, Alabama and Iowa raised the state total to ten for the weekend.


The Late Models would run a complete program for the $3000 to win payday, while the Modifieds an Limited Modified finished qualifying with Last Chance Qualifiers, and two Lucky Dog draws from pre-registered drivers to fill their fields for the $3000 and $2000 to win features, respectively.



Vaught Victorious in SUPR Late Model Main

They call Missouri the “Show Me” state and that's exactly what the Crane, Mo. native, Will Vaught, did to the Late Model field. After surrendering the early lead to Chris Brown, Vaught retook the top spot and proceeded to run away from the competition. A late caution was as close as anyone got as Vaught easily rebuilt his margin in the remaining laps.


After the four-wide, flag bearing salute to the crowd, Vaught beat the pack into turn 1 as green waved on the 40-lap, 22-car main event. Doug Begnaud and Brown trailed, but not for long as Brown swept by both for the point on lap 2. Last years champion, Jack Sullivan brought out the yellow on lap 3 when rolled to a stop in turn 3. Brown got a big jump on green with Morgan Bagley making a charge on the top side to crack the top five.


Jeff Chandler looped it in turn 4 to bring out another caution on lap 4. On the restart, Brown again got away while Bagley began pressuring Bill Moyer jr. for third. A past two-time winner, Kelly Boen got by Begnaud on lap 7 for fifth. Vaught then put the heat on Brown getting along side on the back stretch. Vaught beat Brown back to the line to lead lap 10.


Moyer ducked inside Brown for second then got beside Vaught, but Vaught was able to fend off the challenge. Boen got third from Bagley on lap 14. By lap 15 Vaught had begun to inch away from Moyer. At the crossed flags Vaught had a full straightaway on Moyer, with Brown, Boen and Bagley rounding out the top five.


With the leader easily dicing through traffic, Brown, Boen and Bagley were scrapping it out as they cut in and out of slower cars. Bagley got by Boen in that fight, while Ronny Hollingsworth closed on that trio. Hollingsworth grabbed fifth from Boen on lap 30. Gary Christian stopped in turn 3 with a flat right front to bring out the final caution on lap 32 and erase Vaught's big lead.


Vaught had an 8-car buffer on second place Moyer as green waved again, easily gapping the field. Brown got under Moyer for second on lap 34 with Moyer fading to Bagley and Hollingsworth who took third and fourth. With two to go, Vaught had rebuilt his margin to a full straight and ran unchallenged to the checkers in the Mark Martin Chevrolet, Circle M Auto Sales, Big Dog Motorsports, DW Performance, Port City Racing, Clements Race Engine, Warrior Chassis.


“It was a lot of patience,” said the young Vaught. “Chris Brown got past me and I didn't know the outside was the place to be. When you're leading it hard to tell without radios where the track is working. I finally moved on the outside and the car felt good. I kept the tires underneath me and got back around him.”


“We were actually going to Tennessee to race this weekend. I've always wanted to come down here and race and we got the chance. I've had friends win the cowboy hat before, so I wanted to give it a try.”


“This track drives a lot like our local tracks, so the guys from Missouri can come down here and feel comfortable. This is a new car that we ran in Volusia then took home and changed some stuff. We've got a good baseline set up we go everywhere with. If you choose the right tire and spring combination you're usually pretty good.”


“I grew up around the MARS series and local Late Model at Monett and Lebanon. The last couple years we've branched out and run some World of Outlaws and Lucas Oil Series Late Model shows. We run all the big shows.”



SUPR Late Models

1 Will Vaught, Crane, Mo

21 Chris Brown, Cleveland

14M Morgan Bagley, Longview

18 Ronny Hollingsworth, North Port, Ala

33x Kelly Boen, Henderson, Colo

21jr Billy Moyer jr., Batesville, Ark

20 Kevin Sitton, Baytown

1B Doug Begnaud, Cypress

1S Jack Sullivan, Greenbriar, Ark

88T Wendall Wallace, Batesville, Ark

11c Jeff Chandler, Minden, La

28 Chris Holley, Martin

C8 Timothy Culp, West Monroe, La

77E Robbie Starnes, Magnolia

93 Ray Moore, Haughton, La

8 Skip Oneal, Midlothian

5J Matt Johnson, Arbie, Mo

2 Allen Murray, San Antonio

28B Wendall Bolden, Greenville

71A Allen Tippen, Minden, La

58x Gary Christian, Broken Bow, Okla

F5 Josh Danzy, Heflin, La




SUPR LCQ's(Top 2 to A-main)


8 Skip Oneal

28B Wendall Bolden

18 Bryan Sugg

17 Howard Willis

F5 Josh Danzy

69 Todd Hormel

174 John Sliney

98 Trom Tindall

99 Jeff Crane

88 Bobby Malchus

05 Cameron Wilson

10 Mike Balcaen---DNS




C8 Timothy Culp

71A Allen Tippen

77E Robbie Starnes

R5 BJ Robinson

84 Tom Lorenz

17M Phil Miller

97 Eric Neal

84B Nicholas Brown

49 Scott Baxter

77B Marcus Baxter---DNS



SUPR heats(Top 16 in passing points to A-main)

Heat 1

1 Will Vaught

1B Doug Begnaud

2 Allen Murray

8 Skip Oneal

28 Chris Holly

17m Phil Miller

17 Howard Willis

69 Todd Hormel

98 Trom Tindall

10 Mike Balcaen



Heat 2

18 Ronny Hollingsworth

93 Ray Moore

21jr Billy Moyer jr

14m Morgan Bagley

88t Wendall Wallace

F5 Josh Danzy

71A Allen Tippen

49 Scott Brewer

84B Nicholas Brown



Heat 3

21 Chris Brown

33x Kelly Boen

1s Jack Sullivan

C8 Timothy Culp

84 Tom Lorenz

28B Wendall Bolden

88 Bobby Malchus

99 Jeff Crane

174 John Sliney

05 Cameron Wilson


Heat 4

11c Jeff Chandler

20 Kevin Sitton

58x Gary Christian

5J Matt Johnson

18 Bryan Sugg

97 Eric Neal

75 Patrik Daniel

77E Robbie Starnes

77B Marcus Baxter

R5 BJ Robinson



Phillips Flies to Another Big Payday and TWDTC Win

A second Missouri driver took his second TWDTC title as Terry Phillips(Springfield) led all but the first couple laps. Phillips, coming off a huge payday at the Winter Meltdown in Las Cruces, got by early leader and USMTS Southern Series points leader, John Whittington. From there it was Phillips flying through the field lapping up to ninth place on his way to backing up his 2010 win and pocketing a cool $3000.


The front row of Whittington and Clyde Dunn jr. stayed side by side into turn 1, with Whittington coming off turn 2 with the lead. Dunn, Phillips, Cody Smith and Chase Allen fell in line behind the leader. Phillips went to the top on lap 1 to get around Dunn for second and close on Whittington. Phillips and Whittington had a brief wheel to wheel battle as Phillips grabbed the point on lap 3.


Allen followed Phillips tracks on the high side getting by Smith on lap 3 for fourth, then Dunn on lap 4 for third. Smith used the low grove to get fourth from Dunn on lap 6. Behind the top five, Jason Teague and Brad Doherty were running side by side for sixth. Phillips caught lapped traffic on lap 12 with a big lead and was easily making his way when Ryan Whitworth spun on lap 17 to bring out the races only caution.


Phillips got away clean or the restart, while Allen got by Whittington for second. At the halfway mark it was Phillips edging ahead, Allen, Whittington, Dunn and Chris Henigan getting by Smith for fifth. Whittington got second back from Allen as Phillips checked out. Dunn put a slide job on Allen to take over third on lap 22. Allen continued to fall back giving up spots to Henigan, Dunn and Rodney Sanders.


Phillips was back into traffic and lapping his way through the field. In the meantime, Dunn, Smith, Sanders and Allen continued to slug it out. With five to go Phillips had nearly a half track advantage on Whittington who had a gap back to Henigan. Phillips easily ran to the victory in the Andys Frozen Custard, Don Babb Motorsports, Port City Racing, Integra Shocks, Hatfield Racing Engines, GRT Chassis.


“We got the bugs worked out of this new car,” commented Phillips. “It turned out to be pretty fast. It was a good car with a good motor. We haven't made any big changes to our cars in several years. We just do little stuff. Once we found a good combination we haven't messed with it much.”


“We come down to race while it's cold up north, it just worked out that we've picked up two big wins on back to back weekends. I'm ready for it to warm up so we can stick around home a little bit. We've got big Late Model and Modified races coming up. Now we're ready to rock and roll.”


“I'm mainly going to run Late Model stuff. We'll be getting geared up for our MARS Series and run the Modified when we can. The ones that pay more we'll make time for. Our Modified program is real good, we'll get the Late Model program going and have a good year.”




75 Terry Phillips, Springfield, Mo

5w John Whittington, Vidor

16 Chris Henigan, Marshall

88xxx Clyde Dunn jr., Sunnyville

18s Cody Smith, Kaufman

20 Rodney Sanders, Happy

30 Chase Allen, Midlothian

117 Jason Teague, Tahlequah, Okla

410 Brad Doherty, Ennis

12x Corey Babbitt, Channelview

707 PJ Egbert, Copperas Cove

121x Bobby Ruffin, Crandall

88xx Bobby Malchus, Red Oak

89 Steve Whiteaker jr., Corpus Christi

32 Shane Clement, Bonham

98 John Allen, Chanute, Kan

25 Craig Moss, Kennedale

1 Dee Gossett, Amarillo

8 Dennie Gieber, Jacksonville

14T Tristan Dycus, Alvarado

15j Jared Webb, McKinney

2G Kenny Gaddis, Hallsville

63 Ryan Whitworth, Humbolt, Kan

9H Shane Hebert, Lafayette, La



Modified Pole Dash

5w John Whittington

88xxx Clyde Dunn jr

75 Terry Phillips

30 Chase Allen

18s Cody Smith

117 Jason Teague

8 Dennie Gieber



Modified LCQ's(Top 3 to A-main)


2G Kenny Gaddis

2x Corey Babbitt

9H Shane Hebert

87M Justin McCoy

71 Robert Baker

86j Travis Johnson

151 Tommy Williams

781 Trevor Egbert

41 Jacob Pirkle

45t Eric Tomlinson

60 Jason Ilich

15b Tomas Blackwell

77x Shawn Greenlee

13x Brandon Byars

74 Jeremy Payne

75 Patrik Daniel




121x Bobby Ruffin

410 Brad Doherty

89 Steve Whiteaker jr

23 Howard Willis

5T Randy Timms

10P Brian Parker

7 Rick Lovelady

18j Chase Junghans

12 Jim Armstrong

12p Jeff Herbers

33x Brad Pannell

22s Scott Hilburn

88H James Harper

78 Billy Jack Brutchin

15x Ryan Humphreys

12g Jeremy Green




88xx Bobby Malchus

20 Rodney Sanders

98 John Allen

05 Rod Slack

14T Tristan Dycus

87K Jimmy Littlejohn

81b Cody Simpson

34N CH Nix

4R Derek Ramirez

25D Donnie Shipp

186 Jeremy Gossett

190 Shawn Stephenson

21 Jason Borlace

60B Mike Bowers

68 Brandon Watson






32 Kevin Clement

63 Ryan Whotworth

1 Dee Gossett

955 Robert Metz

8j Dustin Hyde

77 GW Egbert IV

1S Ronnie Sigman

1A Allen Oliva

00x Chance Bishop

51 Micah Thompson

198 Zach Gossett

74j Jasen Hammond

36T Trent Dorman

160 William Gould

10 Kyle Schmidt

34 Mickey Lassiter




16 Chris Henigan

15j Jared Webb

707 PJ Egbert

12T Tyler Townsend

66 Greg Burt

85 Thomas Tillison jr

82 Brandon Houk

18 Tim Clonch

121 David Winslett

56b Troy Taylor

25 Craig Moss

D11 David Hennan

79 Shane Campbell

311 Neal Debord

19T Tony Osborn



Jones Jousts with Whiteaker for Limited Modified title

Local driver Sean Jones(Mansfield) found himself relegated to one of the last chance qualifiers and didn't figure on challenging for the win. But patience and persistence paid off as he caught race long leader Steve Whiteaker jr. after a caution. Jones and Whiteaker, who won the US Dirt Track Championship title in his Modified last fall, battled it out until Jones took the top spot and motored away for the win and $2000 payday.


Whiteaker beat the pack into turn 1 as the 24-car, 30-lap feature took the green. Last night's qualifier winner Paul White fell in behind Whiteaker with Derick Grigsby and Danny Hebert in pursuit. Behind the lead quartet it was three and four wide in the pack. A two-time champ, Troy Taylor got by Jake Upchurch for fifth leaving him three wide with Rodney Sanders and Jones for sixth.


Jones emerged from that fight with the spot and then took fifth from Taylor. Jones, running up top, continued his march to the front getting beside D. Hebert on lap 7. It took several laps but Jones finally got fourth from D. Hebert on lap 12. At the midway point it was Whiteaker, White, Grigsby, Jones and D. Hebert holding the top five spots.


Jones snagged third from Grigsby on lap 17 and got to close on the leader when Michael Walker expired a motor from a yellow on lap 18. Whiteaker had a lapped car as a buffer as the green flew and Jones got along side White. Jones finally completed the pass on lap 20 with Sanders getting fifth from D. Hebert. Jones caught Whiteaker for the lead, and the fight was on.


Jones went back up top and got beside Whiteaker on lap 21. The two ran side by side as both lines were working for each driver. Jones finally eked out an advantage on lap 24, while D. Hebert, Sanders and Shane Hebert battled for fifth. Once clear Jones quickly began to stretch out his lead over Whiteaker as the Hebert brothers continued the scrap for fifth, and family bragging rights. At the checkers it was Jones in the Ameritech Automotive, Ameritech Pest Control, Craig Martin Racing, Kim Barr powered, HOT Chassis taking the big win.


I really didn't think I had a chance,” replied Jones. “Starting that far back, with the competition that's out there. We've got all these guys that run Modifieds and get in a Limited ride that are so fast. We hit the right set up and choose the right groove at the right time. This is the biggest win prestige-wise, but we won $10,000 at Cowtown before.”


“I just tried to stay smooth and go where no one else was running to pass. I was just keeping myself calmed own and my car underneath me. It was a matter of keeping the right rear in the moisture on the top to get around those guys.”


“The was a little cushion up there in (turns) 1-2 that allowed me to get along side those guys. There wasn't really anything on top in (turns 3-4). It as just too far around and with these cars so equal on power I had to run the bottom with them.”


Limited Modifieds

94 Sean Jones, Mansfield

89 Steve Whiteaker jr., Corpus Christi

2w Paul White, Temple

69 Derick Grigsby, Marshall

9H Shane Hebert, Lafayette, La

9D Danny Hebert, Duson, La

56 Troy Taylor, Fort Worth

71K Kevin Sustaire, Emory

18 Tim Clonch, Quinlan

02x Rodney Sanders, Happy

103 JC Howell, Mabank

12m Howard Willis, Dayton

B75 Waylon Ball, El Dorado, Ark

124 Jake Upchurch, n. Richland Hills

09 Robert Elliot, Clinton, Okla

188x Doug Easterling, Rule

86j Travis Johnson, Enid, Okla

9 Kinzer Edwards, South, Okla

24 Scott Modl, Reno

241 Dennie Gieber, Jacksonville

18M Wayne Melton, Caddo Mills

34 Michael Walker, Pearland

021 Jason Gore, Seagoville

17 Tommy Davis jr., Seagoville



Limited Modified Pole Dash

89 Steve Whiteaker jr

2w Paul White

69 Derick Grigsby

124 Jake Upchurch

9D Danny Hebert

17 Tommy Davis Jr

02x Rodney Sanders



Modified LCQ's(Top 3 to A-main)


18m Wayne Melton

241 Dennie Gieber

34 Michael Walker

90 Dustin Butcher

3 Paul Vines

188 Derek Rashall

46 David Gailey

5 Steve Robinson

57 Carl Conley II

37 Daylan Reeves

D3 Logan Macy

06 Tommy Bohnstedt

114 Barry Hornbeck

95 Smiley Welborn

1H Cullen Hill

22N Nick Shenberger

10 Billy Melton--DNTG




188x Doug Easterling

B75 Waylon Ball

18 Tim Clonch

7M Danny Morris

30 Joel Couvillion

21B Josh Brock

31 Michael Martin

10g Mike Goodson

83 Mike Shenberger

5c Chris Cogburn

21w Chris Wilhite

175 Anthony Boatman

02 Dillon Burks

72 Bill Burt

211 Chad Fitzgerald

84 Jay Jenkins

38 Matt Mueller---DNS




09 Robert Elliot

71k Kevin Sustaire

9 Kinzer Edwards

39 Jimmy Staats

19 Kyle Slader

BK8 Brandon Kent

73 Shawn Jorski

38F Ed Fowler

21c Barry Codling

15 Craig Ridgeway

76 AJ McCollum

88 RJ Strohman

18T Terry Osburn

08 Sean Glennon

71M Terry Pritchett

K6 Joe Adams





56 Troy Taylor

9H Shane Hebert

103 JC Howell

5A Joshua Beckham

1* Jason Troutman

25x Tony Staats

5 Casey Penn

22 Gene Bryce

22T Darrell Thompson

5xx Nate Gaines

561 Darin Busch

24 Scott Modl

23m Jimmy Day

75 Kyle Nelson

21x Johnie Rauschenberg

62 Randy Bohnstedt




94 Sean Jones

86j Travis Johnson

12m Howard Willis

49 Chris Cleveland

711 Michael Daniels

91 Dennis Slader

85D Greg Deterding

8g Devin Gerrior

05 Ryan Bohnstedt

99 Kristi Byrd

260 Erik Thorne

77 John Jarrell jr.

561 Jimmy Criswell

23G Glen Gordy

1x Brent York

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