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Icebreaker @ Abilene Spwy. Sun. 2/27(recaps/results)

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Icebreaker @ Abilene Speedway, presented by Smileys and Showtime Signs & Designs

By J M Hallas


Abilene, Tx.(Feb. 27Th, 2011) It was a beautiful sunny day for the final afternoon of the Icebreaker on Abilene Speedway's semi-banked, red clay oval. Unfortunately warm, sunny, dry and windy conditions are not very conducive to good racing. Teams were forced to break out their best dry slick set ups after two nights of somewhat tacky track conditions.



Newton Notches First Modified Main

After nearly ten years of trying Bo Newton(Bangs) finally found himself in the Winners Circle. Newton, who has won before in other classes, found himself having to fend off one of the toughest drivers in the region, Keith White. Newton was able to hug the low line giving White nothing but the top. White tried unsuccessfully a couple times as Newton secured his inaugural IMCA Modified checkers and denied White a three-peat weekend.


Newton quickly jumped out front in turn 1 as green waved on the 20-car, 20-lap IMCA Modified main. White, Kyle Robinson, Charles Brewer and Ben Ketteman all dove for the bottom. Bill Pittaway went around in turn 1 to bring out a lap 1 caution and let the dust settle. On the restart Newton and White eased ahead of Robinson, Brewer and Ketteman.


By lap 5 Newton and White were checking out as everyone stayed in line. At halfway the top five remained unchanged. Mark Patterson spun in turn 2 collecting Josh McGaha, Fred Wojtek, David Davis and Tommy Fain for a lap 10 yellow. Newton got a good jump on the restart, but White quickly closed back in. White took a couple looks on the high side, but found nothing there.


Newton held steady on the bottom while White lurked waiting for a mistake. Newton made none and White gave him one last try to get the nose under on the final lap. White's attempt came up short with Newton grabbing the victory in the Newtons Welding, Rig Technology, BJ's Pumping, RA.s Outdoor Supply, Danz Designs, Fletcher's Motorsports, Hughes Chassis.


“It was a good run tonight,” replied Newton. “We run this track weekly so we have a good set up for running here. I get a lot of help from friends, some know the track too.”


“It was nice to get my first win in a Modified finally after trying for about ten years. I've won before in Super Stock and Street Stock here at Abilene Speedway. We're just out running for fun this year.



IMCA Modifieds

89 Bo Newton, Bangs

1 Keith White, Academy

102 Kyle Robinson, Aubrey

72 Charles Brewer, Abilene

371 Ben Ketteman, Pflugerville

66 Lance Shaw, Sweetwater

303 Chase Jupe, Waco

28 Gabe Tucker, Carbon

52 John Gober, Poolville

02 David Davis, Sweetwater

441 Joe Spillman, Austin

29 Christopher Simmel, Valley View

90 Tommy Fain, Abilene

37 Bill Pittaway, Corpus Christi

144 Fred Wojtek, Robert Lee

9 Mark Patterson, Abilene

911 Josh McGaha, Abilene

111 Justin Radcliff, China Spring

12 Brett Smith, Fort Morgan, Colo

61 Jason Schoenberger, Gorham, Kan



IMCA B-main(top 4 to A-main)

B-main 1. 90 Tommy Fain, Abilene, 303 Chase Jupe, Waco, 111 Justin Radcliff, China Spring, 441 Joe Spillman, Austin

B-main 2. 144 Fred Wojtek, Robert Lee, 28 Gabe Tucker, Carbon, 52 John Gober, Poolville, 9 Mark Patterson Abilene



IMCA Modified heats(Top 3 to A-main)

Heat 1. 102 Kyle Robinson, Aubrey, 02 David Davis, Sweetwater, 371 Ben Ketteman, Pflugerville

Heat 2. 37 Bill Pittaway, Corpus Christi, 66 Lance Shaw, Sweetwater, 12 Brett Smith, Fort Morgan Colo.

Heat 3.89 Bo Newton, Bangs, 1 Keith White, Academy, 61 Jason Schoenberger, Gorham, Kan

Heat 4. 29 Christopher Simmel, Valley View, 911 Josh McGaha, Abilene,

72 Charles Brewer, Abilene



Welborn Wire to Wire for Sportmod Win

Princeton's Ronnie Welborn used a good starting spot and the low line as he went flag to flag in the 20-lap IMCA Southern Sportmod main. Welborn was chased throughout the race by Kevin Green and 2007 SSM Champ, Jeff Turner. Green kept the pressure on Welborn but was unable to find an opening as Welborn snagged the win.


Welborn got a big jump on the initial start, but a multi-car melee brought the yellow out for a complete restart. Welborn again eased out front trailed by K. Green, Paul Norman and Turner. Shane Priddy was able to get by Todd Bartlett on lap for fifth followed by Kenneth Graves to sixth. Turner got under Norman for third on lap 2, with Priddy and Graves putting Norman two more spots on lap 3.


Graves worked Priddy over until sneaking past on lap 6 for fourth. Up front K. Green was on Welborn's bumper as they came to halfway with Turner, Graves and Priddy filling the remaining top five. The top three ran nose to tail, with a gap to Graves, who reeled in the lead trip by lap 15.


With two laps to go the top four were now lined up bumper to bumper looking for an opportunity or mistake. The quartet stayed in lock step around the bottom with no one venturing off the low line. K. Green gave Welborn one look, but to no avail as Welborn, in the Express Fabrication, Baxter Motorsports, Dodge Boys Fabrication, Extreme Graphics, Country Kids Day Care, Performance Auto Supply, HOT Chassis out ran the pack to the checkers.


“I just tried to run good, smooth laps,” explained Welborn. “We worked a lot on the tires and did the best we could. It was slick. If I can start up front it doesn't matter if it's dry slick or heavy. I was just staying on the bottom and as close to the (infield)tires as I could. If they were going to pass me, they would have to go on the outside.”


“Our plans aren't certain for this year. We're going to run Boyd on Friday, not sure about Saturday yet, and try to run all the Lone Star Series shows. We finished second in points behind Keith(White) last year and he's not running a Sportmod this year”


IMCA Southern Sportmods

20 Ronnie Welborn, Princeton

5 Kevin Green, Robinson

44 Jeff Turner, Seagoville

4 Kenneth Graves, Tahoka

766 Shane Priddy, Abilene

690 Todd Bartlett, Abilene

155 TJ Green, Waco

38 Matt Mueller, Stamford

46 Tom Earl, Haslet

88 Doug Easterling, Rle

48 Bradley Poor, Abilene

55 Justin Shaw, Sweetwater

3 Paul Norman, Abilene

97 Julie Boettler, Farmington, NM

001 Jonathan Campbell, Abilene

71 Cody Frank, Lorena

59 Chad Hertel, Shallowater

63 Michael Tennison, Baird

41 Tommy Phillips, Abilene

07 Jeff Kinniard, Mansfield




IMCA Southern Sportmod B-mains(Top 4 to A-main)

B-main 1. 46 Tom Earl jr, Haslet, 07 Jeff Kinniard, Mansfield, 71 Cody Frank, Lorena, 63 Michael Tennison, Baird

B-main 2. 38 Matt Mueller, Stamford, 48 Bradley Poor, Abilene, 001 Jonathan Campbell, Abilene, 55 Justin Shaw. Sweetwater



IMCA Southern Sportmod heats(Top 3 to A-main)

Heat 1. 690 Todd Bartlett, Abilene, 766 Shane Priddy, Abilene, 44 Jeff Turner Seagoville

Heat 2. 5 Kevin Green, Robinson, 3 Paul Norman, Abilene, 88 Doug Easterling, Rule

Heat 3. 97 Julie Boettler, Farmington, NM, 20 Ronnie Welborn, Princeton, 55 TJ Green, Waco

Heat 4. 59 Chad Hertel, Shallowater, 41 Tommy Phillips, Abilene, 4 Kenneth Graves, Tahoka



Turner Tops in I-Stock Scrum

Jeff Turner(Seagoville) wired the 20-lap IMCA Stock Car feature, but it wasn't easy. Turner had to hold off former Sportmod rival Keith White who kept the heat over the second half of the race. Turner stayed glued around the bottom and held off White to take home the win.


Turner was first into turn 1 at he start of the 20-car IMCA Stock Ca feature with Bill Brzezinski, Duain Pritchett, Jesse Taylor and Jim Thorp. Mike Johnston spun on lap 2 for an early caution. Once back to green the top four got ahead clean with White getting Thorp for fifth. Billy Wade, Randy Killen and Jason Adcock followed.


Pritchett got the nose under Brzezinski for second with the two making contact. Brzezinski went around while Pritchett was forced to the pits with a flat tire. This moved Taylor and White up behind Turner for the restart. Turner got out to a slight advantage before Travis Sutherlin stopped on the front stretch. As green waved again Turner got a god run off turn 4 while R. Killen got past Wade for fourth.


Adcock tried to follow through, but Wade was trying to close the door. White got under Taylor on lap 8 for second. At the crossed flags it was Turner, White, Taylor, R. Killen and Wade in the top five. Johnston ended his day after an encounter with an infield tire on lap 10. As racing resumed, R. Killen ducked inside Taylor for third and was looking under White for second.


The final yellow waved o lap 14 for debris after contact between Cory Davis and Joe Colyer. Turner got good on White who quickly closed the gap bringing R. Killen along. Wade was able to get fourth from Taylor on lap 16. As the white flag waved the top three were nose to tail. Turner in the B&B Ready Mix, Braka Operating, Sybesma Graphics, Stephenville Starter, Monster Energy, Motors by Clint, Jet Chassis held off the challenges for the victory.


“Protect the bottom,” commented Turner. “Just stay down there and get off. We just dialed some more front brake into it and tried to keep it glued to the tractor tires. It usually pays off if you can do it.”


“I had Keith(White) pull up along side me on one the yellows, but I didn't know he was right behind me. It was hard to pass on top and I don't know how he got there so quick. He's a good driver and will be real competitive in this class.”


“We're going to shot for a second Sportmod championship. Even though Keith isn't running them anymore, with the motor program the way it is now, it's going to be tough. We figured this rule change on running Modifieds and Sportmods was coming, they do it up north.”


IMCA Stock Cars

144 Jeff Turner, Seagoville

10 Keith White, Academy

81 Randy Killen, Des Moines, Ia

22 Billy Wade, San Angelo

13 Jim Thorp, Mertzon

156 Jason Adcock, San Angelo

221 Duain Pritchett, Combine

03 Doug Kennemer, Boyd

17 Michael Lang, Midland

122 Bill Brzezinski, Roby

9 John Armstrong, Merkel

05 Jesse Taylor, Fort Morgan. Colo

117 Joe Colyer, Abilene

28 Cory Davis, Eunice, NM

14 Mike Johnston, Des Moines, Ia

15 Don Killen, Des Moines, Ia

18 David Phillips, Abilene

55 Mart Wampler, Snyder

59 Travis Sutherlin, Aztec, NM

50 Terry Wojtek, Sterling City



IMCA Stock Car B-mains(Top 4 to A-main)

B-main 1. 9 John Armstrong, Merkel, 59 Travis Sutherlin, Aztec, NM, 03 Doug Kennemer, Boyd 17 Michael Lang, Midland

B-main 2. 117 Joe Colyer, Abilene, 50 Terry Wojtek, Sterling City, 156 Jason Adcock, San Angelo, 55 Mart Wampler, Snyder



IMCA Stock Car heats(Top 3 to A-main)

Heat 1. 15 Don Killen, Des Moines, Ia. 18 David Phillips, Abilene, 28 Cory Davis, Eunice, NM

heat 2. 81 Randy Killen, Des Moines, Ia. 144 Jeff Turner, Seagoville, 13 Jim Thorp, Mertzon

Heat 3. 10 Keith White, Academy, 22 Billy Wade, San Angelo, 221 Duain Pritchett, Combine

Heat 4. 05 Jesse Taylor, Ft. Morgan, Colo, 14 Mike Johnston, Des Moines, Ia, 122 Bill Brzezinski, Roby



Armstrong Aces Hobby Hustle

Making the trip down from Beatrice, Nebraska Adam Armstrong worked his way up to take the lead from Cory Adams after halfway. Armstrong, who finished second Saturday night only to have his carburetor fail inspection, then stretched out his lead running on to take the checkers.


As the final green waved on the Icebreaker, Adams jumped into the lead with Bryan Sewell, Jeff Kinniard and John Watson in tow. Watson got past Kinniard for third on lap hen yellow waved for a spin by Rick Barrett. On the restart Sewell looked low on Adams while Watson was trying the high side. Adams inched ahead to a slight margin on Sewell and Watson, while Allen Montgomery worked his way to fifth.


Montgomery the got past Kinniard for fourth, while Armstrong, Shawn Slezak and Kinniard were three wide for fifth. At the midway point it was Adams, Watson, Sewell, Montgomery and Armstrong in the top five. Ronnie Gregory spun in front of the lead pack sending them scattering and leaving Watson hung on an infield tractor tire.


On the restart Slezak was unable to get up to speed with everyone taking evasive action. Finally under green, Adams got a jump, but short lived jump as Armstrong got by Sewell then along side Adams for the lead. Armstrong took the point on lap 13 and began puling away. From there Armstrong driving the Auto Zone, A 1st Rate Pumping Service, Ace Racing, shop built motor and chassis went unchallenged to finish.


“It was kind of one lane around the bottom,” replied Armstrong. “I tried up high a couple times, but there was nothing coming off(the corners). Luckily there were a couple cars that dropped out and I was able to get the nose inside a couple others and get by. I have some experience on dry slick from our home track. You just have to drive the racecar instead of flying into the corners.”


“This is a brand new car this weekend and we fought it at first. We were able to finish second last night, but then got disqualified. Tonight we wanted to get some revenge and leave with our self esteem. We were real happy with the car. Building our own cars and motors makes this win even sweeter to beat some of the named chassis brands. My dad does all the motor work and I built the car. ”


“My family and friends all came down and helped me out. I'll be looking forward to coming back. The competition from guys down here isn't easy. They've caught up to us a lot. There's some good chassis builder here, and they learn from us when they come up to race with us. They're tough now.”


IMCA Hobby Stocks

6 Adam Armstrong, Beatrice, Nebr

127 Cory Adams, Des Moines, Ia

44 Bryan Sewell, Seagoville

818 Dustin Mims, Dublin

56 Justin Cass, Abilene

177 Tobie Talk, Hawley

63 Andy Roller, Waco

98 Rick Barrett, Joshua

38 Allen Montgomery, Ft. Worth

77 Keith Dragoo, Lincoln, Nebr

35 Shawn Slezak, Milligan, Nebr

85 David Bissonette, Stephenville

43 Barrett Hutchinson, Abilene

07 Jeff Kinniard, Mansfield

96 Jamie Songer, Waukee, Ia

72 Ronnie Gregory, Cross Plains

33 Charles Cosper, Belton

99 John Watson, Des Moines, Ia

21 Aaron Elliott, Hawley

04 Mitch Calvert, Christoval


IMCA Hobby Stock B-main(Top 8 to A-main)

77 Keith Dragoo, Lincoln, Nebr, 177 Tobie Talk, Hawley, 85 David Bissonette, Stephenville, 04 Mitch Calvert, Christoval, 96 Jamie Songer, Waukee, Ia, 72 Ronnie Gregory, Cross Plains, 43 Barrett Hutchinson, Abilene, 21 Aaron Elliott, Hawley



IMCA Hobby Stock heats(Top 3 to A-main)


Heat 1. 35 Shawn Slezak, Milligan, Nebr, 33 Charles Cosper, Belton, 63 Andy Roller, Waco

Heat 2. 56 Justin Cass, Abilene, 818 Dustin Mims, Dublin, 07 Jeff Kinniard, Mansfield

Heat 3. 6 Adam Armstrong, Beatrice, Nebr, 38 Allen Montgomery, FT. Worth, 127 Cory Adams, Des Moines, Ia

Heat 4. 99 John Watson, Des Moines, Ia. 44 Bryan Sewell, Seagoville, 98 Rick Barrett, Joshua

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