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Icebreaker @ Abilene Spwy. Sat. 2/26

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Icebreaker @ Abilene Speedway, presented by Smileys and Showtime Signs & Designs

By J M Hallas


Abilene, Tx.(Feb. 26Th, 2011) Drivers, teams and fans were treated to warm, sunny conditions as day broke for Abilene Speedway's annual Icebreaker. Several new drivers signed in to try their at qualifying for each of the 20-lap feature events for the IMCA Modifieds, Southern Sportmods, Stock Cars and Hobby Stocks. Also on the nights racing card were the Street Stocks and Jr. Mini stocks running heats and features.



Wiley White Wins Another One

Keith White(Academy) once again showed he was the force to be reckoned with in the IMCA Modified class this year. Much the same as last night White ran in the top five throughout the early stages of the 20-lap main. White caught early leader John Gober then moved to the high side to get by Gober just past halfway. From there White survived a couple restarts while Gober was fighting to fend off Andy Gage for second. Tyler Iverson recovered from an early trip to the back for fourth, with Gabe Tucker rounding out the top five.


As the green flag flew on the 20-car IMCA Modified main Gober was first into turn 1 followed by Caleb Stone, Fred Wojtek and Jacob Anson. Just as Scotty Brown got by Anson for fourth yellow waved for a spin by Iverson. On the restart Anson was forced to check up in turn 2 collecting Monte Bolton. Once back to green White was pressuring Brown for fourth. Wojtek looked under Stone for second taking the spot on lap 3.


Brown and White closed on Stone with Brown getting third on lap 4 and White going past on lap 5. White and Brown then ran wheel to wheel for third, with White taking the spot on lap 8 as Dillon Smith got around Stone for fifth. White then picked off Wojtek for second leaving him side by side with Brown for third. At the halfway point it was Gober, White, Wojtek, Brown and Smith in the top five.


White kept the heat on Gober until he slipped past on lap 11 for the lead. Mark Patterson made contact with Iverson, who marching forward, with Patterson getting up on two wheels and stopping for a lap 13 caution. On he restart White good a huge jump, while Brown pressured Wojtek. Wojtek would spin and collect Chase Jupe and Stone. On the next restart Gober tried to hang with White while challenged by Gage. As those two battled, White eased away.


In the pack, Pat McGuire was able to get past Danny Hogue for sixth, but gave the spot back a lap later. In the waning laps Gage tried and tried to find a way around Gober getting along side at times. This gave White in the Tracys Auto Sales, Braka Operating, Extreme Graphics, Tony's Custom Carbs, Craftmasters, Belton Pipe, Kempner Iron & Metal, BSB Manufacturing, Temple Iron & Metal, AMSOil, TCI, Centex Motorsports, Hughes Chassis smooth sailing to checkers. Gober was able to hold off Gage for second.


“I was able to run the top or the bottom,” said White. “It would go through the middle and through the rough stuff. The car was just awesome. We passed them on the top and bottom. I think you could see my grinning through my helmet.”


“When you car you like you become comfortable with it and it's predictable. I try not not to adjust myself out. The car should be an extension of the driver. You just leave them alone and not change a lot.”


“I'm pretty superstitious about a bunch of stuff, but talking about going three for three isn't one of them. It doesn't bother me. We'd like to sweep the weekend and I'd like to win one in the I-stock. I gave hat one away last night.”





IMCA Modifieds

1 Keith White, Academy

52 John Gober, Poolville

021 Andy Gage, Whiting, Ia

98 Tyler Iverson, Brainard, Nebr

28 Gabe Tucker, Carbon

69 Danny Hogue, Abilene

91 Pat McGuire, Belton

303 Chase Jupe, Waco

9 Mark Patterson, Abilene

371 Ben Ketteman, Pflugerville

6 Caleb Stone, Hobbs,NM

61 Jason Schoenberger, Gorham, Kan

21 Shane Hiatt, Rising City, Nebr

03 Dillon Smith, China Spring

144 Fred Wojtek, Robert Lee

744 Scotty Brown, Seagoville

89 Bo Newton, Bangs

911 Josh McGaha, Abilene

41 Monte Bolton, Lubbock

131 Jacob Anson, Albion, Nebr




IMCA Modified B-mains(Top 4 to A-main)

B-main 1. 21 Shane Hiatt, Rising City, Nebr, 61 Jason Schoenberger, Gorham, Kan, 371 Ben Ketteman, Pflugerville, 91 Pat McGuire, Belton

B-main 2. 303 Chase Jupe Waco, 89 Bo Newton, Bangs, 9 Mark Patterson, Abilene, 69 Danny Hogue, Abilene



IMCA Modified heats(Top 2 to A-main)

Heat 1. 28 Gabe Tucker, Carbon, 1 Keith White, Academy

Heat 2. 03 Dillon Smith, China Spring, 98 Tyler Iverson, Brainard, Nebr

Heat 3. 144 Fred Wojtek, Robert Lee, 52 John Gober, Poolville

Heat 4. 131 Jacob Anson, Albion, Nebr, 6 Caleb Stone, Hobbs, NM

Heat 5. 911 Josh McGaha, Abilene, 744 Scotty Brown, Seagoville

Heat 6. 41 Monte Bolton, Lubbock, 021 Andy Gage, Whiting, Ia



Poor Paces Sportmod Scramble

Bradley poor and Doug Easterling battled early in the 20-lap IMCA Southern Sportmod main until Easterling fell out with a flat. Jesse Sobbing, running a Northern Sportmod caught Poor with the two making contact sending Poor around. By track rules, the leader was awarded his spot back, while Sobbing went to the tail. The race ended with some controversy under yellow on the final lap with Poor taking the win.


Poor beat Easterling into turn 1 at the start only to have Easterling go by in turns 3-4. Behind them Brad Shirley spun to bring out a caution and a complete restart. Poor again jumped out front in turn 1, but was overtaken by Easterling at the other end. Poor fell in line second with Gary Fox and TJ Green in tow. Poor looked under Easterling and got along side when Easterling pulled up with a flat giving the lead back to Poor on lap 3.


Sobbing, Todd Bartlett and Ronnie Welborn tried three wide coming out of turn 2 and contact was made sending Bartlett around, and Welborn to the pits with damage. Under caution Bartlett let Sobbing know he wasn't happy tagging his door and promptly receiving the black flag. On the restart the top four took off leaving Sobbing side by side with Kenneth Graves for fifth. Sobbing then got past Jeff Turner who slowed and pulled off.


Up front Poor was holding a slight advantage as Fox ran side by side with TJ Green for second. TJ Green took the spot with Sobbing now putting the heat on Fox. At th crossed flags it was Poor ,TJ Green, Sobbing, Fox and Matt Mueller in th top five. Sobbing used the top to get along side and by TJ Green on lap 11. Sobbing closed in on Poor for the lead on lap 13.


Sobbing tapped Poor on lap 14 sending him around with several other spinning behind them. Poor retook the point as the top five pulled away on green with Kevin Green getting by Fox for third. Sobbing and Robert Crabtree got in game of tag on the final lap with Sobbing drilling Crabtree in turn 3. With the white already out the race finished under yellow with Poor in the Evan Williams, Coors Light, Braka Operating, Famous Daves, Showtime Signs & Designs, Abilene Powder Coating Clyde Gardner powered, Big Chief Chassis taking the win.


“Being up front is what helped us last night,” replied Poor. “Just trying to stay out of all the rough stuff. The car worked really well. I have a lot of good people putting a lot of effort. I heard about the melee going on behind me, but it was fun. I've got a lot confidence in this car and the people that work on it.”


“I really wasn't that upset when I got spun because I new I'd probably get my spot back. Everyone thought that I'd be mad. I felt like I was probably the fastest one at that point. He may have been faster to catch me, but I knew he wasn't going be an issue anymore.”



IMCA Southern Sportmods

48 Bradley Poor, Abilene

155 TJ Green, Robinson

5 Kevin Green, Robinson

12 Gary Fox, Haslet

71 Cody Frank,Lorena

46 Tom Earl jr, Haslet

55 Justin Shaw, Sweetwater

95 Steve Hayes, Eastland

97 Julie Boettler, Farmington, NM

63 Michael Tennison, Baird

3 Paul Norman, Abilene

118 Robert Crabtree, Clyde

4 Kenneth Graves, Tahoka

38 Matt Mueller, Stamford

44 Jeff Turner, Seagoville

690 Todd Bartlett, Abilene

20 Ronnie Welborn, Princeton

88 Doug Easterling, Rule

00 Brad Shirley, Springtown

99 Jesse Sobbing, Glenwood, Ia---DQ(unsportsmanlike)



IMCA Southern Sportmod B-mains(Top 4 to A-main)

B-main 1. 55 Justin Shaw, Sweetwater, 95 Steve Hayes, Eastland, 97 Julie Boettler, Farmington, NM, 63 Michael Tennison, Baird

B-main 2. 46 Tom Earl jr., Haslet, 71 Cody Frank, Lorena, 00 Brad Shirley,Springtown, 3 Paul Norman, Abilene



IMCA Southern Sportmod heats(Top 2 to A-main)

Heat 1. 88 Doug Easterling, Rule, 5 Kevin Green, Robinson

Heat 2. 48 Bradley Poor, Abilene, 20 Ronnie Welborn, Princeton

Heat 3. 12 Gary Fox, Haslet, 118 Robert Crabtree, Clyde

Heat 4. 155 TJ Green, Waco, 690 Todd Bartlett, Abilene

Heat 5. 99 Jesse Sobbing, Glenwood, Ia. 38 Matt Mueller, Stamford

Heat 6. 4 Kenneth Graves, Tahoka, 44 Jeff Turner, Seagoville



Killen Clips White on Final lap for I-Stock Win

It's not often Keith White gives someone an opening, but when you get it you'd better grab it. Randy Killen, who lead the majority of the 20-lap feature, gave way to White in his new I-Stock. Killen was able able to sneak by White on a late restart beating White to the checkers by a car length.


It was three wide for the lead as green waved on the 20-car IMCA Stock Car feature. Michael Sheen emerged from that scrap with the lead trailed by William Creese, Jesse Taylor, Billy Wade and Killen. Wade got by both Taylor and Creese for second followed by Killen to third. Shane Priddy and Duain Pritchett got hooked together on lap with David Phillips and Cory Davis getting tangled and other getting a piece of the action.


On the restart Killen got ahead while Wade got loose giving up spots to Taylor and White. Taylor and White then ran door to door for position while Ronny Gould made his way past Wade for fifth. Taylor and White both went by Sheen on lap 7 for second and third. As Taylor and White continued to run side by side, Gould took fourth from Sheen. Coming to halfway with Killen out front, White eased past Taylor, with Gould and Sheen holding the rest of the top five.


Creese spun from a three wide mid-pack battle to bring out a yellow on lap 13. On the restart White looked high on Killen as Gould tried low on White for second. White got by Killen for the lead on lap 16 with Killen and Gould making contact that gave Taylor an opening for third. Gould retook third only to spin in turn 4 to bring out a lap 17 yellow.


Once back to green White, Killen and Taylor broke away with Killen taking a look low on White for the lead back. As the white flag waved Killen again gave White a look low in turn 1, and again in turn 3. White appeared to clip a rut and drift up in turn 4 giving Killen in the Dons Tire& Auto, Bobs Transmissions, Jason's Tree Service, Mid-States Machine, Terminator Chassis an opening to outrace White to checkers.


“It was just a lot of luck,” replied Killen. “That guy messed up on the last lap. I led it most of the way and let him get around me. I was lucky on that last turn that my car stuck and I was able to get back around him. My mom and dad help me a lot they're my biggest sponsors.”


“This is the first race of the season and we come down here to race. It's in our blood, you know. We want to race as soon as we can and can't wait for winter to get over up there. We don't come down here knowing we can win, e just come to have some fun.”


“These guys down here are tough, especially this year. They've got a lot of nice cars and do a lot of work on them. They've really stepped it up. Before we were quite a bit faster.”



IMCA Stock Cars


81 Randy Killen, Des Moines, Ia

10 Keith White, Academy

05 Jesse Taylor, Fort Morgan, Colo

19 Michael Sheen, Lamesa

221 Duain Pritchett, Combine

144 Jeff Turner, Seagoville

03 Doug Kennemer, Boyd

28 Cory Davis, Eunice, NM

771 Shane Priddy, Abilene

18 David Phillips, Abilene

9 John Armstrong, Merkel

17 Michael Lang, Midland

91 Jason Batt, Harker Heights

22 Billy Wade, San Angelo

117 Joe Colyer, Abilene

16 William Creese

156 Jason Adcock

1 Ronny Gould, Calera, Okla

20 Perry Misner, Garden City, Kan

64 Cary White, Lamesa



IMCA Stock Car B-mains(Top 4 to A-main)

B-main 1, 18 David Phillips, Abilene, 20 Perry Misner, Garden City, Kan, 156 Jason Adcock, San Angelo, 17 Michael Lang, Midland

B-main 2, 28 Cory Davis, Eunice, NM, 144 Jeff Turner, Seagoville, 9 John Armstrong, Merkel, 91 Jason Batt, Harker Heights



IMCA Stock Car heats(Top 2 to A-main)

Heat 1. 221 Duain Pritchett Combine, 16 William Creese,

Heat 2. 117 Joe Colyer, Abilene, 771 Shane Priddy, Abilene

Heat 3. 64 Cary White, Lamesa, 22 Billy Wade, San Angelo

Heat 4. 05 Jesse Taylor, Ft. Morgan, Colo, 10 Keith White, Academy

Heat 5. 1 Ronny Gould, Calera, Okla, 19 Michael Sheen, Lamesa

Heat 6. 81 Randy Killen, Des Moines, 03 Doug Kennemer, Boyd




Montgomery Muscles by on Final Lap for Hobby Honors

In the second thrilling finish of the night, Allen Montgomery snuck past Adam Armstrong on the final lap for the victory. Armstrong, who lead the majority of the laps then gave way the last ½ lap as he slipped up in the final corners giving Montgomery, who worked his way up through the field, the opportunity to eke out the win.


Armstrong jumped out into turn 1 to lead the 20-car, 20-lap the IMCA Hobby Stock feature. Ryan Gilland, Cory Adams, Mitch Calvert and Montgomery fell in line behind the leader. Adams got by Gilland for second on lap 1 with Montgomery taking fourth from Calvert. Debris in turn 1 brought out a lap 2 caution. Armstrong got a good jump as green flew again as Adams retook second from Gilland.


Andy Roller and John Watson both got around Calvert on lap 2 for fifth and sixth. Watson went by Roller a lap later for fifth. Watson caught Montgomery as hey both ran down and passed Gilland for third and fourth. Watson continued his charge to the front taking third from Montgomery on lap 8. At the midway point it was Armstrong, Adams, Watson, Montgomery and Gilland in the top five.


Watson slowed with a flat on lap 10, while Roller and Shawn Slezak went past Gilland. Jackie Dooley spun in turn 2 to bring out a caution. On the restart Adams got under Armstrong for the lead on lap 11. Armstrong got back inside Adams retaking the point on lap 13. Slezak was now pressuring Montgomery for third as Roller and Gilland ran side by side for fifth.


Jeff Kinniard slapped the wall and stopped for a caution. Once back to green Montgomery took second from Adams as he and Armstrong eased away. Montgomery hung on to Armstrong's rear bumper keeping the heat on. As the white flag waved Montgomery took a look low and was able a bite coming of turn 4 to grab the victory in the Stephenville Starter, Ace Tire Service, Extreme Graphics, Texas Star Racing, Master Repair, HDC Fabrication, Niwdog Race Engines, reworked Destroyer Chassis.


“The motor was what got it for me,” commented Montgomery. “I've got a buddy that's helping me out with motors this year. That meant all the difference coming off that last corner. Even hitting that rut it didn't bog, got a bite and just went on with it.”


“There isn't any plan out there on a track like that. I was running the top and really didn't think I had anything for them. After that caution I went to the bottom and it had some bite. You had to run through a rut down there, but their cars pushed up and mine didn't. I was able to get on by.”


“Nyle Godwin out of Iowa with Niwdog Racing Engines brought me motors and I don't know what's in them but it's help close the gap between us and the north guys. I didn't ask any questions, and it runs good.”


IMCA Hobby Stocks

38 Allen Montgomery, Ft. Worth

127 Cory Adams, Des Moines, Ia

35 Shawn Slezak, Milligan, Nebr

63 Andy Roller, Waco

827 Chris Mims, Dublin

818 Dustin Mims, Dublin

85 David Bissonette, Stephenville

33 Charles Cosper, Belton

77 Keith Dragoo, Lincoln, Nebr

56 Justin Cass, Abilene

20 Jeremy Auten, Clarinda, Ia

237 Jordan Lathram, Hobs, NM

10 Ryan Gilland, Beatrice, Nebr

15 Terry Comer II, Hawley

72 Ronnie Gregory, Cross Plains

07 Jeff Kinniard, Mansfield

187 Jackie Dooley, Joshua

99 John Watson, Des Moines, Ia

04 Mitch Calvert, Christoval

6 Adam Armstrong, Beatrice, Nebr—DQ(tech, carb)



IMCA Hobby Stock B-mains(Top 4 to A-main)

B-main 1. 85 David Bissonette, Stephenville, 33 Charles Cosper, Belton, 20 Jeremy Auten, Clarinda, Ia, 827 Chris Mims, Dublin

B-main 2. 818 Dustin Mims, Dublin, 15 Terry Comer II, Hawley, 72 Ronnie Gregory, Cross Plains, 56 Justin Cass, Abilene



IMCA Hobby Stock heats(Top 2 to A-main)

Heat 1. 237 Jordan Lathram, Hobbs, NM, 63 Andy Roller, Waco

Heat 2. 35 Shawn Slezak, Milligan, Nebr, 38 Allen Montgomery, Ft. Worth

Heat 3. 99 John Watson, Des Moines, Ia, 10 Ryan Gilland, Beatrice, Nebr

Heat 4. 127 Cory Adams, Des Moines, Ia, 6 Adam Armstrong, Beatrice, Nebr

Heat 5. 04 Mitch Calvert, Christoval, 77 Keith Dragoo, Lincoln, Nebr

Heat 6. 07 Jeff Kinniard, Mansfield, 187 Jackie Dooley, Joshua



Street Stocks


21 Delmar Sloan, Christoval

57 Steve Marcum, San Angelo

69 Lewis Hammond, Midland

72 N/A

1 Roy Polk, Abilene

71 Bobby Hamlin, Sweetwater

43 Renee Bingham, San Angelo

55 Chris Pepper

444 Luke Lindsey, San Angelo

154 N/A

321 Drew Whitten, Abilene

223 Clint Petzel, Miles

86 Tanner Martin, Clyde




Street Stock heat winners; 444 Luke Lindsey, San Angelo, 57 Steve Marcum, San Angelo



Jr Mini Stocks

6 Jarrett Roberts, Temple

12 Calton Pritchett, Forney

00 Jesney Reagan



Jr. Mini Stock heat winner; 86 Casey Carnes, Malvern, Ia.

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