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Night #2 USMTS @ Royal Purple Rcway. "Fogged out"


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From what I'm reading the show was postponed until today(Saturday) when they will try to run a double show...



From Bill "hook" Kitchen


Fog canceled the race tonight with 73 USMTS Mods signed in.


They are doing 2 shows tomorrow starting in the afternoon. See www.USMTS.com later for official start time. I think it's 2:30...


Mods pay $2000 to win in the first show and $3000 to win in the 2nd one.


Limited Mods, $700 to win the first show and $1000 to win in the second one.

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The USMTS site has a pic taken from the infield.....it was pretty bad!


Years ago at the Mcallen Miller NationaLs the A main was started--bout 5 laps into

it the fog rolled bad---from the apex of 1/2 down back shoot to apex 3/4 we were

unable to see the cars--Really spooky---They run about 5 or 6 laps like that then it kinda

lifted and was still bad but was able to see the cars thru the fog

Understand there was real "beatin and bangin" goin down back straight--every man for himself


Big AL

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This was my view from the infield just as the pulled the cars OFF of the track.




They did run the race Saturday afternoon but the fog rolled in about 45 mins. earlier Saturday night than it did Friday night and they rescheduled the second race for March.

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