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chevrolet instrument cluster


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95 is OBD, it's in the EPROM. Although odometer is not a legislated OBD parameter (as far as I know), it is available on many vehicles, though usually only by request (i.e. it's not broadcast). It must be requested by a module such as the instrument cluster, and this request can be made (and response received) through many OBD reader devices. A low-cost device that would suffice is the ELM327 (available on mp3car.com, and elsewhere such as www.scantool.com). How to get odometer from your vehicle (and whether it even provides it) depends on the vehicle model and model year. When installing a NEW cluster there is almost always a way to set the existing OD from the data in EPROM. usually a one time thing so read the instructions carefully before you even reconnect the battery - once you cycle back off with IGN - it's done!

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